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7 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your Tablet

Ever wish the battery life of your tablet would run for as long as it claimed to in the product description when you first purchased it? Of course these claims are not simply marketing schemes to get you to buy the product. With a little effort on your part, you can definitely get your tablet to run for much longer between each charge session.

5 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is a Great Solution for Your...

The world of business is growing ever more competitive. The way that we do business is changing as well, in a large part because...

Bond With Your Kids Thanks to Your Tablet

Developing a strong bond with your kids is vital to your relationship with them and to their growth as people. Kids who have a...

Bond With Your Kids With A Tablet

Developing a strong bond with your kids is vital to your relationship with them and to their growth as people. Kids who have a...

How To: Setup Video Conferencing at Your Work Place

Video conferencing is becoming more important than ever before. As such, it’s important to know how you can set up whenever you're supposed to...

FAA Will Soon Allow Mobile Devices to Remain Powered Throughout Entire...

A new ruling by the FAA will soon allow mobile devices to be powered through all stages of flight.

Dell Announces New Tablets, Including Two Android Devices

Today Dell announced a few new tablets, both running Windows and Android - all under their “Venue” brand.

Redsn0w iOS 5 Tethered Jailbreak Released, Still No Support for iPhone...

We gave you the details this past weekend that there was an iOS 5 jailbreak in the works from Pod2g (Chronic Dev-team) and MuscleNerd from (iPhone Dev-team). Well, low and behold, today the group has released Redsn0w 0.9.9b9b, adding native support for iOS 5.0.1 but still unable to crack the iPhone 4s and iPad 2.

Samsung Full HD pocket camcorders upload videos to web

Combining portability with quick and easy use, Samsung has developed two new point and "share" camcorders, the Samsung Full HD HMX-P300 and the HMX-P100. Pocket-sized and fashionable, the sleek, black cameras are designed for all you social-networkers.

DoT “exploring” technology to disable cell phones in cars

The US Department of Transportation is currently investigating technology that would disable a users cell phone while in a car. The report comes after Transportation secretary, Ray LaHood announced that the organization is looking at ways to ensure drivers will not be able to make calls in a car.

Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

This holiday season could be all about tablets and smartphones, as those are easy buys and will guarantee a smile on the face of...

Stylus-friendly capacitive touchscreen developed by Hitachi

Do you quiver at and dread the idea of removing your gloves to answer a call or send an important message from your Smartphone while it’s snowing around you? Are you tired of not getting the accuracy of a stylus on the display? Clearly, everybody who uses a Smartphone would prefer a capacitive touchscreen over the resistive alternative, as capacitive touchscreens offer much better precision and feedback and the uptake from the capacitive touchsceen divulges its superiority over the other.

Fivepoint conductive fingertip gloves for cold winter touchscreen tapping

If you’re not one to be caught perverting your capacitive touchscreen device with a sausage, perhaps these magic finger gloves would be more "proper."

Google comes to Winphone 7 as an app, not an option

Nearly every browser on the desktop, iPhone, or Blackberry, allows the user to choose their search engine. However, Windows Phone 7 has tied up with Bing as its default search engine, which means that Bing would block any attempt to browse using any other search engine from the start screen.

Samsung’s 4.5-inch flexible AMOLED ready for mass production

A number of gadgets, mostly those that are hailed as the technological miracles, do have a tendency of luring us in by popping up at trade shows. Disappointingly, very few of them do manage to make it to the stores shelves while we can still remember them.

NES Cartridge modded as wireless router, exterior sticker and all

The Nintendo gaming system has won fans all over the world with its amazing capabilities. The uniqueness of the games and novelty of the machine makes the NES a must have for every true video game aficionado. If you like to do your own hack jobs and fabricate unique looking products then you should definitely have a look at the NES cartridge wireless router.

Teaser shows up, HTC seems proud of their coming smartphone

A new discussion has arisen from a teaser released this week picturing a smartphone covered with smoke. Next to the device, there is an invitation from HTC: “Come see what HTC has dreamt up 15 September in London”.

Epson’s new Stylus NX420 wireless printer is only $99

In a world without wires, Epson today unveiled a $99 all-in-one printer that gives you wireless 802.11n built-in. When I’m on my laptop I don’t want the hassle of plugging and unplugging every time I need to access the printer, not to mention having to actually move your setup next to it. The Epson Stylus NX420 frees you from that burden. Epson also packed a few enhancements, including exclusive fade3-, smudge- and water4-resistant DURABrite Ultra ink.

iPhone 4G Poll: What features would you like to see for...

Can Apple's iPhone hold their dominant place in the market? Google Android is really doing a number and their shipped units are breaking through the roof. What would you like Apple to include in their next-generation iPhone 4G smartphone in order to keep you from becoming a Droid? Cast your votes now. If there is something we missed, or a feature you would like to mention, please leave a comment.

Protoscar LAMPO2 Electric Sports car to be shown in Geneva next...

The Protoscar LAMPO2 will be unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show beginning next month giving Europeans their own version of the sporty Tesla electric racer.