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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Sony slashes prices on best-selling PSP games


The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), has been on the Japanese market for nearly one year, and the executives over at Sony have decided to lower prices on a number of their best-selling games, but only over in the land of the rising sun. Thirteen Sony PSP titles in total will ...

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Personalized moment-to-moment care with HeartPOD


The HeartPOD is an experimental device designed for the personal monitoring of heart conditions. It consists of two parts; a permanently implanted intracardiac sensor that continually measures left atrial pressure, intracardiac electrogram, and core body temperature, and a rebranded Handspring Visor called the Patient Advisory Module (PAM). Patients can use ...

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Nokia gets S60 open-source web browser


Many mobile phone surfers are limited to certain web sites that are specifically designed as “cell phone-friendly”. With the latest Nokia and Siemens smart phone, you can utilize a Safari-based web browser that takes advantage of advances in higher speed data networks. No longer are you restricted to websites optimized ...

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Smart colour changing coffee lid prevents scorching


Every coffee drinkers dilemma; finding that perfect balance between a cup of java that is neither lukewarm and bland, nor tongue-scorching hot. Well, after running his own coffee shops for the last 15 years, inventor Nick Bayss has come up with a “smart” coffee lid that changes colour with temperature. ...

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Nokia delivers DSLAM broadband technology to Telus


A partnership has been forged between two of the world’s telecommunications giants. Nokia, a company at the forefront of mobile technology, has teamed up with Telus, a major Canadian provider of broadband internet, cellular phone, and wireless data services. Telus has announced that it will utilize Nokia’s D500 IP DSLAM ...

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Sony fights piracy with rootkit techniques


The music industry is continually searching for new copy-protection strategies. It has been revealed that Sony Corp. of America/Bertelsmann AG artists is now employing rootkit-style techniques as part of their digital rights management (DRM) technology. Indeed, The Sony DRM software is incredibly stealthy, virtually undetectable on Windows-based systems, and does ...

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The Revolution to Begin June 2006?


Ever since the Tokyo Game Show in September, where Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed the Revolution’s cutting-edge controller with gyroscopic technology, industry experts and avid gamers alike have been itching to know when the next-generation game console will hit the market. Well, it’s been announced that the company is planning ...

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