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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

XM Radio now helps you find a parking spot


In the ongoing battery for satellite radio supremacy, XM Radio has taken another step toward taking Sirius out of the picture . Working with Nu-Metrics and InfoGation, XM Radio has now started testing “Dynamic Parking Information,” a system that works with your car’s navigation system to find you a parking ...

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iCel Extends iPod battery life by 200 hours


Have you ever had the experience where you’re on the bus, or walking down the beach, and your iPod dies on you? Battery life (or rather, lack thereof) keeping you down? Lithium House now offers a solution to keep your head bobbing. The iCel external battery pack charges up your ...

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Fingerprint-protected Sandisk Cruzer Profile


This is an age where we want to store more and more, but not let anyone else have access to it. Sandisk has come up with a handy little solution by combining their uber-popular USB flash drives with biometric technology. The Cruzer Profile locks up your data all nice and ...

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Monstorous storage in a tiny shiny package


We’ve all seen flash drives. We’ve all seen external hard drives. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to combine the minuteness of flash with the capacity of hard drives. Well, US Modular is on the cusp of releasing the Monstor Drive (no, that’s not a typo), ...

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Wi-Fi USB Adapter for Nintendo DS online play


Nintendo’s Wi-Fi service is scheduled to come online next week, and best of all, it’s free. At launch, this seamless connection to the internet will provide online play for Mario Kart DS and Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land, but expect more WiFi compatible games to come. Of course, playing your Nintendo ...

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Xbox 360 to support iPods but not iTunes?


The Xbox 360 should be in a living room near you sometime this month, and one of the coolest features that Microsoft has been promoting is the console’s ability to stream music from iPods on its “dashboard” front-end. Choose your own background music during your gaming session. What they might ...

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ROKR on with the iTunes-enabled RAZR V3i


Well, Motorola’s RAZR line has been out for quite some time, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Just today Motorola announced a series of RAZR models and now, it has just been confirmed that the new RAZR V3i will be ROKR-enabled and have iTunes support, playing music purchased ...

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Konica Minolta zooms out of consumer products


With a constant dwindling market share, Konica Minolta has decided on a major restructuring plan for their company. They are scaling back most consumer operations, with the biggest hits on their film and digital camera lines. Industry experts and a number of picture-taking enthusiasts place the blame on a lack ...

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Cowon A2 Portable Media Player ships


Korean gadget manufacturer Cowon has finally started selling their A2 Personal Multimedia Player in the United States via their online store. The 30-GB version is priced at $449. The A2 was on display early this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, showing off its gorgeous 4-inch widescreen TFT LCD display ...

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Law proposed on banning open WiFi hotspots


Everyone knows that wireless networks inherently have security issues, and as a result, most people take some security precautions to ensure their computer doesn’t get hacked into and their personal information is made available for malicious purposes. Andy Spano and some other Executives over in Westchester County, New York, are ...

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