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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Motorola launches candybar RAZR L6


Everyone can appreciate the sleek appeal of Motorola’s RAZR line of mobile phones, and now the company has added a candybar version to further broaden its appeal. The L6 has been launched for the Indian market and is targeted at emerging markets. Sure, there are a few variations of the ...

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Zippered up boombox with the iFusion


There is no stopping the flow of iPod accessories these days, and one of the more popular innovations is the advent of portable speakers to accompany your favourite glossy white portable audio player. Well, even though Sonic Impact may be better known for high quality amps at bargain basement prices, ...

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Iqua’s Smart Badge Blueooth headset and ID


I won’t say that Iqua’s new Smart Badge is going to dramatically change your nine-to-five, but it can’t hurt it. Most corporate employees need their ID badges to get past security in the morning, just as most carry around their cell phones to keep in touch with the rest of ...

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RIM not selling to TRC Capital


Research in Motion Limited (RIM) recently received an offer from TRC Capital Corporation to purchase up to 0.5% of the outstanding common shares of RIM. This unsolicited “mini-tender” offer made on November 2 outlined TRC’s proposal to purchase up to 1,000,000 of RIM’s common shares at a price of $69CAD ...

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Infineon innovates WCDMA market with MP-EU


Although WCDMA phones are widely recognized as generally high-quality high-end mobile phones, the production time and cost has often turned manufacturers the other way. Until today, Infineon, a leader in the semiconductor industry, has announced the creation of a new reference design platform that cuts production costs by a full ...

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Bell announces mobile streaming video and Sanyo 8300


Got a cell phone? Wanna watch video clips on it? What if you don’t even need to download the video first? Well, Bell Canada has partnered with QuickPlay Media to provide Canada’s first mobile streaming video clip service. Available in two packages—Fuel ME 15 and Fuel ME 25—this innovative solution ...

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Apple iPhone next creation to dominate?


With their iPods dominating the portable audio market, and iTunes growing in popularity among music downloaders, it seems like Apple is on top of the world. In an effort to expand, it comes as no surprise that rumours are abound of Apple attempting to penetrate the incredibly lucrative mobile phone ...

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Get a new phone every four months with Voce


Faith Inc. of Japan is marketing a new cellular phone service for people with too much money on their hands. For a $1500 signup fee and a $500 monthly bill, you can be one of the elite with Voce, a super luxury MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator: a company that ...

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Gigabyte Einstein is sheer genius


Gigabyte is well-respected for their motherboards, and this past summer, they announced their plans to enter into the realm of mobile phones. Focusing on combining cellular phone functionality with PDA functionality, Gigabyte has released Einstein, a powerful Windows-based smartphone. Running on Windows Mobile 5.0, the Einstein features QVGA resolution, a ...

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Move over WiFi, here comes Samsung’s WiBro


The APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference takes place this week in Busan, South Korea. Next door to the forum, at the IT Exhibition in the Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre (BEXCO), Samsung will demonstrate its new WiBro service, along with new devices that make use of it. WiBro (Wireless ...

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Share experiences, Embrace the bracelet


The Embrace interactive bracelet, dreamed up by student Lisa Thomas, features a small LCD screen, a minute camera, and Bluetooth capabilities in a nifty little design. Still in the developmental stages, the Embrace will allow pre-teen girls to “share experiences,” by taking pictures and immediately sending to their friends’ bracelets ...

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Gamepark’s GP2X Linux PMP with Homebrew


Many companies have designed portable media players that simply play your favourite video content, or your library of MP3s, but what if you could double that device for gaming as well? No it’s not the Sony PSP, but close. Gamepark’s GP2X PMP powered by Linux will be shipping soon. And ...

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FunTwist D-Chord 800 makes Bluetooth fun


Funtwist’s new D-Chord 800 combines two of the hottest trends today: Bluetooth and portable MP3 players. Supporting MP3, WMA and WAV formats, this new digital music player also features 7 equalizers, ID3 tag display, and plenty of life out of its 720mAh Li-Polymer battery. When using the Bluetooth headphones, you ...

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Mario Kart DS pros and cons


Everyone is looking forward to the forthcoming online play for the Nintendo DS, and one of the most anticipated games capable of online play, Mario Kart DS which is shipping this Tuesday. The staff over at IGN.com had a chance to test it out, saying the online play is no ...

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