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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Samsung working on PMP camera


Well, you can’t blame them for trying. Samsung has announced that a number of future digital cameras developed by the Korean company will feature mobile TV and movie playback functionality. A company representative is quoted in the Korea Times as saying, “Our DMB [digital multimedia broadcasting] cameras will compete against ...

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EV-DO BlackBerry 7130e now available from Verizon


Itching for some 3G goodness? Your prayers have been answered: Verizon Wireless is now carrying the brand spankin’ new BlackBerry 7130e. The Research In Motion (RIM) developed mobile device allows you to take advantage of Verizon’s Wireless BroadbandAccess Connect service, a 3G EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) network. The BlackBerry 7130e can ...

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Movement sensing phones by Analog Devices


New technologies come out all the time for mobile phones that eventually become standard features. One of the newest innovations that may one day become ho-hum is gyroscopic technology, or “motion signal processing.” This was first released in the Korean market in January 2005, and it tracks changes to the ...

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Packard Bell jumps on VAP bandwagon with AudioStar


Packard Bell is still around, and now they have decided to enter into the ever-lucrative digital audio and video player market with their new AudioStar MP3 player. The tiny 49 gram player comes with 1GB of memory, and features a 1.8 inch colour LCD screen capable of displaying your favourite ...

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Telus offers $300 mobile phone rate plan


In an age where mobile phone service providers are always battling for market share, it comes as no surprise that many customers are drawn to the lowest-priced plan that offers the most minutes and the most extras. Telus Mobility has opted for a slightly different philosophy for one particular niche—mobile ...

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Creative launches new Zen Neeon line, now with flash!


Creative Technology is set to launch a series of new Zen Neeon MP3 players, including a few flash-based players to compete with the highly successful iPod nano. The flash memory players come in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities, but unfortunately do not have colour screens: Creative has opted for dual-tone ...

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Coccolo to launch $250 head-mounted display


Sure, there’s plenty of portable media players out there for you to watch your favourite videos on the go, but who wants to actually carry those things around? They might look a little dorky, but head mounted displays (HMDs) give you handsfree viewing, and Japanese startup Coccolo is about to ...

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Motorola V557 with SCREEN3 added to Cingular’s collection


Cingular, America’s largest mobile phone service provider, is now carrying the Motorola V557. Featuring the new SCREEN3 technology, the flip phone also has all the usual new features, including Bluetooth connectivity, a VGA camera with digital zoom and video recording, and MP3 ringtones. The SCREEN3 innovation places a ticker at ...

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iPod shuffle to experience a rebirth in January


I don’t think anyone would disagree when I say that Apple is dominating the portable audio player industry with the iPod line. That said, it’s quite clear what is the weakest link in that line-—the iPod Shuffle. Its storage space is substantially smaller than the rest of the iPod line, ...

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RFID system tracks your stallions


Sure, the sport of kings isn’t as popular nowadays, but horse enthusiasts are just as passionate as ever. A horse is an incredibly expensive investment, and so, bioWatch, in a partnership with Unique Micro Design, has come up with an innovative solution that helps you keep track of all your ...

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Ogo on the go-go in Switzerland


Ogo may be down, but it’s not out. After Cingular dropped the Ogo instant messaging handheld, IXI Mobile has been looking to bring their fun little device back to market. Well, they found support from Swisscom to revive the phoneless Ogo, except this time not in the American market, but ...

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Samsung’s YP-C1 series is finally here


It’s been 8 months since they’ve announced it, but Samsung has finally released their YP-C1 MP3 players in the US market. It comes with everything you’d expect from a flash-based MP3 player these days, like MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG support, but not much else. Sure, it has an FM ...

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