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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Nortel and Qualcomm complete 3.6Mbps wireless data call


The battle for 3G supremacy continues. From the GSM side, Nortel and Qualcomm recently announced that they have successfully completed HSDPA calls reaching an astounding data transfer rate of 3.6 Mbps. This was achieved using category 6 handsets using 16 QAM modulation. They combined the test terminals based on Qualcomm’s ...

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TETRA PDA from Motorola for disaster relief


With events like the crushing tsunami in Southeast Asia, the powerful earthquake in Pakistan, and the devastating hurricanes in the southern United States burnt into our memories, the need for the timely delivery of emergency information and services is paramount. Motorola is addressing this issue with a new innovation in ...

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SE W600i music phone now available from Cingular


So, you want a music phone but don’t want to break the bank? Well Cingular is coming to the rescue: they are now carrying the Sony Ericsson W600i. The chic-looking spinner phone comes with 256MB of internal memory, but unfortunately is not expandable, so if you’re looking to load up ...

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Ultrasuede laptops with Intel Centrino technology?


Laptop computers have always been more function than fashion until Apple started making some rather chic-looking iBooks, but for us PC folks, until now, choices have been limited to grays, blacks, and sometimes brushed aluminum. Well, Intel has teamed up with Ultrasuede to make some colourful concepts…wrapped in faux suede. ...

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Linksys launches SRX400-based wireless products


Networking leader Linksys is doing it again, innovating the industry with their new WRT54GX4 Wireless-G Broadband Router and WPC54GX4 Wireless-G PC Card, both with SRX400 technology. This next generation of MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology is said to provide fewer dead spots, up to ten times faster throughput, and ...

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Plantronics ships Bluetooth stereo headset


Wires are ugly. Thus, everyone wants wireless everything. Plantronics, recognizing this growing need in the marketplace, has launched their new Pulsar 590, a Bluetooth stereo headset for listening wirelessly to your favourite tunes, and with the simple push of a button, switching to mobile phone calls. The universal Bluetooth audio ...

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Canon’s Colorful SD-30 Digicams


Looking for a trendy chic-looking phone that still produces awesome looking photos? Well, you can’t really go wrong when you look to Canon, and the PowerShot SD30 (called the IXUS-i outside of the United States) is no exception. Unlike most other cameras out there, this one comes in colours other ...

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No new N-Gage until 2007


Since its launch in 2003, the Nokia N-Gage has been met with very limited success. Well, the mobile phone maker has decided that it will not be working on any new versions of the gaming phone until at least 2007. The N-Gage has only sold two million units thus far, ...

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Look badass with Oakley Thump 2 MP3 shades


Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly the time of year when you’re going to throw on the shades and listen to some tunes on the beach, but Oakley nonetheless has now made available its new Thump 2 sunglass-MP3 player combo. This time around, they’ve boosted the memory, making available 256MB, ...

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Xbox 360 wireless network adapter


Well, you’ve already dropped well over $500 on your brand spankin’ new Xbox 360 and are playing with people all over the world using the Xbox Live service. Why not spend another $100 to get that “dream machine” hooked up to your wireless network and get rid of those hideous ...

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New Forerunner GPS watch from Garmin


Marathon runners and wilderness cyclists rejoice! Garmin will reportedly unveil their new 305, the latest in their line of Forerunner GPS watches, at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. Previous models—the 201 and 301—clearly wouldn’t win any beauty contests, and the 305 actually looks more like a watch, albeit still harkening ...

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Yes! A PMP by Yes…sort of


The ever-popular Portable Media Player (PMP) market has found yet another addition, this time from Yes (no, not the rock band). The Yes PMP-9 comes loaded with a 20 GB hard drive – reportedly enough for up to 85 hours of video or 9000 songs – and for extra storage, ...

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Budget ILO 1GB MP3 player, where else but Walmart


If you’re looking for a cheap MP3 player with some decent storage space, your local Walmart might have exactly what you’re looking for. The Walmart-exclusive Siren brand is now offering a 1GB MP3 player. Manufactured by Siren, the flash-based ILO MP3 player is compatible with playsforsure DRM WMAs, including those ...

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Heat-sensitive keypad on Motorola A732 slider


Chinese blogging sites have unearthed details surrounding the Motorola A732, a slider phone whose keypad may look ordinary, but is touch and heat sensitive, allowing you to essentially scribble directly on the screen. Current incarnations seem to recognize both Chinese and English characters, though a North American version probably won’t ...

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