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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Streaming video downloads from Apple


ThinkSecret has unearthed rumours that Apple will be launching a revamped video-download service in the coming year, possibly accompanying their potential announcement of a new Mac mini at the Macworld Expo in January. In order to keep Hollywood happy, the consumer will not download the actual video files onto their ...

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Shuffle charger by Heavy Moon


For those of you who actually have an iPod shuffle, Heavy Moon of Japan has released the “smartCharge” adapter, this lets you top up your audio player’s battery while out and about in your vehicle. What is unique to this particular charger is that you wont have to deal with ...

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Kingston unleashes “Ultimate” 100x speed CF cards


There are a couple of things that can make a memory card more attractive: more storage space and faster read/write speeds. Well, Kingston has addressed both of these factors with the announcement of their new “Ultimate” line of Compact Flash cards. The sustained write speed is rated at a whooping ...

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The RAZR, Siemens style


Slim is (or maybe was) in, and now Siemens is jumping on the bandwagon with their rendition of the Motorola RAZR—their triband GSM SLV140. This sleek flip phone mimics the RAZR with its super slim body decked out in glorious silver. It comes with UTMS support, too. In an effort ...

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MacGyver MP3 watch from Skullcandy


MP3 player-watch combinations are nothing new, as evidenced by the Memory Music MP3 watch by Laks almost two years ago, but who doesn’t want to act all cool with the new MacGyver MP3 watch by Skullcandy. According to “experts”, this watch really does look like the one worn by our ...

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Carrier to offer live mobile TV in the US


Real-time streaming video is one nifty innovation in the world of mobile phones, and now Verizon Wireless is on the cusp of launching mobile video services. Implementing the multicasting network by MediaFLO, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm, Verizon will soon offer real-time mobile TV over the CDMA2000 1xEV-DO-based broadband ...

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UTStarcom’s F3000 on its way to Vonage


Although the details are still a little sketchy, it looks like UTStarcom’s new VoIP phone just might be available for purchase by mid-December. But only if Vonage quits messing around, they need to fix their E911 services for customers or the FCC will ban them. The retro-cell designed F3000 WiFi ...

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Wi-Fi missing from HTC 2100 smartphone?


The HTC 2100 Smartphone is expected to come our way via Cingular USA early next year, but rumors are running rampant that the device will come crippled. Looking through the FCC website, which recently posted some information and photographs of the Smartphone in action, there is absolutely no mention of ...

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Finally, PlaysForSure actually plays on Xbox360


When the news hit that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 would play all kinds of audio, everyone got excited at the prospect of hooking up their 20, 40, or even 60GB Ipods to the new gaming system. Then, unfortunately, we all found out that the Xbox 360 won’t play protected content. Well, ...

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MobiBlu MP3 player with RFID transit smart card


Most people listen to their MP3 players while riding on the subway on their way to school or work, atleast that’s how it’s done in most metropolitan cities, Korea in particular. Recognizing this, MobiBlu has launched a version of its DAH-1800T digital audio player that incorporates the RFID smart card ...

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Soak in the rays and charge your PSP


Logic3 has unveiled a solar charger for Sony’s portable gaming unit that, well, looks just like the PSP. If for a moment, you suspend your disbelief and cast aside the stereotype of a hermit-like pasty-faced gamer, this recharging unit for the PSP might come in handy for when those gamers ...

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Holiday priced bundles from Buffalo Technology


Buffalo Technology has launched two modem/router bundles to its lineup: one for those wanting the best in the business, and another for those on a budget. Buffalo was the first WLAN vendor to provide 802.11g, and continues to work with such companies as Intel, Broadcom, and Microsoft to develop advances ...

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SST develops dual power amplifier for MIMO WLAN applications


SST Communications recently announced the industry’s first dual power amplifier for multiple-in-multiple-out (MIMO) WLAN systems. The SST12LP30 utilizes the 2.4 GHz band, and is designed for wireless 2×2 (two transmitters and two receivers) architectures. According to SST, their new amplifier uses two parallel channels, offering superior performance through channel matching, ...

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Colorful Casio Exilim Z-500 cameras


Tired of the same ol’ silver and black digital cameras? Well, Casio is now offering their high quality EXILIM EX-Z500 in red and blue versions. This follows a recent trend in electronics where people are, more and more looking for gadgets that reflect their personal style. Laptops will soon come ...

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Full length movies coming to a cell phone near you


Actimagine has developed a new video codec and DRM solution that will be able to deliver full length movies to video-capable cell phones. The new technology compresses the movie with high quality visuals and sound, onto a 128 MB memory card. Actimagine’s display software doesn’t eat up that much battery ...

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