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A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Mio A201 GPS unit with rotating antenna


Navigators in Europe will be able to pick up the latest GPS PDA unit offered by Mio this holiday season. The new A201 sports a 312Mhz Intel Bulverde processor and 64MB of RAM, and perhaps best of all, it improves on the old 12-channel receivers by featuring the latest 20-channel SirfStar III GPS chipset. This will aid in signal pick ...

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Samsung has launched 164 different phones in 2005


You’re not alone if you think it felt like Samsung Electronics was pumping out a new phone almost every day. It seemed like the latest news out of Korea was always something about a new handset from Samsung. Well, that isn’t that far from the truth, really. Samsung announced Monday that, by their count, they will have launched 164 different ...

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Pez player dispenses music


Just in time for your holiday shopping, the Pez MP3 player is finally shipping. Sure, you can opt for a more powerful player, chocked full of all of the latest features and packed with an insane amount of storage, but that’s not why you would consider picking up a Pez player. I’m sure you can figure out why you would ...

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Bluetooth 2.0 adapters from Iogear


Bluetooth 2.0 is here and many devices are using every megabit of wireless bandwidth they can get from it, this is why Iogear is releasing a couple of adapters to bring older 1.1 and 1.2 Bluetooth spec users up to speed. Both Iogear dongles will offer Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity (as well as backward compatibility to older devices sporting the 1.1 ...

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World’s thinnest USB flash drive


Flash drives are getting smaller and smaller, but it seems like everyone and their mother is releasing cigarette lighter shaped peripherals. Walletex has taken a slightly different approach, cashing in on the ever-popular “thin is in” mindset brought on by such products as Motorola’s RAZR. The company has developed the Wallet Flash 1.1, a credit-card-sized portable storage device that is ...

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Viewsonic addresses “sonic” part of name


If Viewsonic were to release a portable device, you would think that the strength in the unit would be a clear, vivid and crisp display. Unfortunately the company has taken the opposite approach with their latest entry-level ViewPoP MP3 players. No full-color screens will be found on either the new P10 or P20 series. Instead, the P10 has a monochrome ...

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Shuffle-esque RCA Lyra M1001 GB audio player


iPod shuffle too rich for your blood? Well, RCA has come up with their knockoff version of the music player. It does have just a bit of a leg-up on the Apple variety in that the RCA Lyra M1001GB player comes with a monochrome display (better than no display at all, I suppose). Needless to say, there’s not much (if ...

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BenQ not giving up MP3 just yet


BenQ is not willing to bow out of the MP3 market just yet without putting up a fight, despite previous reports that the Taiwanese electronics maker was throwing in the towel. They are reasonably known for a number of different products, from LCD monitors to DVD-burners, and most recently; mobile phones, but their Joybee line of MP3 players was far ...

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Cingular’s HTC Faraday is the 2125


The HTC Faraday is already pretty well-known on the other side of the Pacific Ocean as a more than decent smartphone to suit most of your mobile needs. Well, the quad-band GSM handset is now being carried on our shores via Cingular Wireless, rebranded as simply the 2125. The Cingular 2125 runs off of the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, ...

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HouseParty iPod speakers… in black!


So, you just picked yourself up a snazzy new video iPod or nano, in black, and you couldn’t be happier. Except that you’re having an incredibly hard time finding speakers to match your new music player… all those systems out there seem to only cater to those of us who own the standard issue glossy white iPods. Fear not. The ...

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Siemens says, “Go Linux Go!”


Siemens recently announced that it has joined the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), a group of international companies pushing for increased adoption of Linux worldwide. The mobile phone manufacturer will be participating in OSDL’s Carrier Grade Linux (CGL), Mobile Linux Initiative (MLI), and Data Center Linux (DCL) working groups. Linux is a free open-source operating system based on Unix that ...

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Pupillo keeps an eye on the kids


No, that’s not the latest glossy-white iTrash, nor is it the latest garbage can from the good people at Ikea. This is Pupillo, a surveillance camera designed to communicate directly with your 3G mobile phone. Three Telecom of the United Kingdom is now offering this battery powered “spy-cam” to its customers, allowing users to keep an eye on little mischievous ...

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Sorell’s NF1 is GPS, MP3, and PMP


Sorell’s business is steadily growing, and they are hoping to keep that trend alive with their newest device, the NF1, designed with the rugged outdoorsman in mind. Whereas some GPS manufacturers have started implementing media playback capability in some of their units, Sorell is taking an equal but opposite approach with the NF1. The company is better known for its ...

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T-Mobile launches Samsung’s thin slider T809


Personally, I have a soft spot for sliders. I also like thin phones, more for the look than anything else. Well, Samsung has addressed both of those preferences with their new super-sleek SGH-T809, exclusively carried by T-Mobile. The thin (at 0.61 inches thick, that’s just on the cusp of Moto RAZR territory) slider phone comes with all the modern fixings. ...

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ETRI further develops broadband for fast-moving vehicles


The next logical step in broadband is its implementation in moving vehicles. Sure, we can all take advantage of the WiFi hotspots we find at our local Starbucks, but what about when you’re on the move? Riding the subway perhaps. Well, ETRI, a Korean research institute, has developed a technology that allows for broadband, satellite broadcasting, and VoIP in vehicles ...

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