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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

The fantasy is revisited on Gameboy Advance


The Final Fantasy franchise has been around for some time now and has found itself on quite a number of gaming consoles. Well, the tradition continues with Final Fantasy IV Advance for the Gameboy Advance. It’s far from being a brand new game as this is basically a port from ...

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First PC-to-Mobile MMS service launched by 3


Being able to send SMS messages from a PC to a mobile phone is nothing new, but now people can start making use of a new eMMS service, allowing them to send emails and multimedia messages between PCs and cellular phones. General Wireless, the original creator of SMS and MMS ...

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LG takes waterproof phone worldwide


We’ve all dropped our cell phones in the toilet at some point. Okay, maybe not, but we all know that electricity and water don’t mix and it is with that in mind that LG is bringing the waterproof canU 502S to the international stage. The clamshell phone is basically Casio’s ...

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Sharp W-Zero3 PDA with slider keyboard


Sharp Japan has revealed their latest PDA with a huge high-resolution screen and a slider keyboard, the W-Zero3. This PDA phone runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, meaning you can take advantage of Pocket Internet Explorer (which supports xHTML, CSS, and Flash), as well as your standard PC applications like ...

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VK Mobile’s attack of the clones


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be the mantra behind VK Mobile’s latest line of mobile phones, even if it means copying the successful designs of other companies. The cell phone maker has announced the launch of three new cell phones this month, with one more on ...

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VoIP Wi-Fi phone with all the fixings


The NetCodec uVP-2100 is the latest Wi-Fi VoIP handset out of Korea, it looks like the strange lovechild of a mobile and cordless phone but offers features a typical house phone would not sport. With a 240×320 pixel color TFT display is compatible with H 263/MPEG4 video phone technologies, running ...

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JVC headphones for the winter season


Well, maybe not that hot, but at least they’re headphones that’ll keep you warm during these dark, cold winter days. JVC has launched a set of headphones that double as ear muffs so you can keep the sides of your head nice and toasty while jamming away with Kanye West ...

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Chubby U8550 flip phone from LG


Everyone seems to be pumping out the super slim phones these days. Maybe LG Electronics is reacting to that trend with their latest phone, the U8550. The new phone is definitely a bit on the pudgy side, but it does sport dual colour screens. At 39.6mm, the inside screen, LG ...

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Acer jumps into digicam market with CR-8530


Acer is already a company with fairly good name recognition, and it is hoping to parlay that in its first foray into digital photography. Instead of putting out some bargain basement budget cam, Acer has opted to create the pretty sleek looking 8-megapixel CR-8530. The incredibly slim camera weighs a ...

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New DLP projectors from Toshiba


Toshiba has recently introduced two additions to its digital projector line, the TDP-S8U and TDP-T9U. Designed to be high-performance portable tools for all your presentation needs, these projectors are super lightweight at a mere 4.4 pounds. They should work nicely no matter what sized room you find yourself in: it’ll ...

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Edge launches 8GB thumbdrive


Someone once said, “Nobody will ever need more than 640 kB of RAM.” We laugh at that today, but it sounded logical at the time. In an age of USB flash drives pushing capacities higher and higher, you may overhear someone say, “Nobody will ever need an 8GB thumbdrive.” That ...

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Boomtube lives again thanks to Think Outside


I guess it’s not exactly thinking outside the box when you re-badge and re-market a product that has already hit the market and left, but it may not be too bad of a strategy when it comes to reviving Virgin’s Boomtube portable speaker systems. Think Outside has taken the old ...

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Mio A201 GPS unit with rotating antenna


Navigators in Europe will be able to pick up the latest GPS PDA unit offered by Mio this holiday season. The new A201 sports a 312Mhz Intel Bulverde processor and 64MB of RAM, and perhaps best of all, it improves on the old 12-channel receivers by featuring the latest 20-channel ...

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