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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Block out the world with Brighton noise-cancelling headphones


So you’re jamming away, listening to your iPod during your daily commute. Inevitably, the bus hits a big traffic jam in the middle of a construction zone: cars are honking, jackhammers are jackhammering, and you can’t hear a bloody thing. Enter Brighton’s over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones. These chunky DJ-style headphones have ...

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Ultra Wideband 1394 technology demonstrated by ETRI


ETRI, a leading information technology research institute in Korea, recently demonstrated a new chipset that allows a two-hour movie to be transmitted wirelessly to a mobile phone in a mere ten seconds. The wireless 1394 technology is based on Ultra Wideband (UWB). They also demonstrated a video clip from a ...

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iRex to launch Iliad ePaper reader


We’ve seen the news about ePaper technology, which allows images to be displayed on a flexible, paper-thin canvass of sorts. Well, ePaper can now live up to its name with a new ePaper device that’s big enough to read an eNewspaper or eBook. iRex Technologies, a spinoff from Philips, is ...

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More mobile TV from Samsung


More news out of Korea, and yes, it’s Samsung again. Mobile TV is huge, but watching on the tiny 2-inch cell phone screen leaves much to be desired. So, Samsung is set to launch devices dedicated to mobile TV, sporting 4-inch and 7-inch screens for watching all your favourite DMB ...

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Study shows mobile TV beats reading the newspaper


A recent report published by the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) is saying that people (presumably the study was conducted in Korea) would spend more time watching mobile TV than reading the newspaper. These results of “Consumer Behavior 2005” are in line with trends from the last decade or so, ...

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The Pantech paradox


In the world of mobile phones, although Pantech recently took the number two spot away from LG Electronics in the Korean market, they are relatively unknown outside of their home market. On the worldwide scene, Korea’s top cell phone manufacturer—Samsung Electronics—is recognized for its innovations, like the first phone with ...

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Samsung to hit Japan via Vodafone


Korea’s Samsung is already huge, being the world’s number three mobile phone maker, but they have their eyes set on moving up. They are hoping to penetrate the Japanese market by supplying high-speed mobile phones to Vodafone K.K., Japan’s smallest wireless operator, as early as next summer. Vodafone K.K. already ...

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Value-priced 8MP camera from BenQ


BenQ is known for producing relatively high-quality products at more than reasonable prices, and the new DC C800 digital camera follows in that tradition. This digicam sports an 8-MP capture resolution (3264×2448 pixels) in a reasonably small (89 x 61 x 33 mm) and lightweight (140g) package. The standard-looking black ...

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Half an iPod, one-tenth the price


What do you get when you decapitate an iPod, rip out its memory, clone the result, and then, after all of that, clone the clone? You get a pretty barebones, plain-looking MP3 player that will likely only hit the Japanese market. The Taiwanese company Elelux already has an almost identical ...

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C’est LaVie, NEC laptop with Intel Yonah


Sure, Apple’s new line of laptops due next year are rumored to be thinner and lighter than their current incarnations, taking advantage of Intel chips, but NEC doesn’t want a rumor—they want to make an announcement. The new NEC LaVie LR700D and LR900D will be powered by Intel’s new-generation Yonah ...

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Student IDs on mobile phones


The majority of college and university students these days have cellular phones, most of them can’t even fathom how to properly function without one (myself included). It is with that in mind that the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan is planning to do away with the traditional paper-based student ...

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LG silently releases non-Qualcomm SD280


With Qualcomm’s near-monopoly on the CDMA chipset technology, most companies hoping to produce any CDMA mobile phone really have little choice but to turn to the Qualcomm giant. When LG launched the SD280 in late October, they eschewed the usual announcement parties and opted to keep it on the down-low, ...

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Three more phones from Samsung


Samsung keeps pumping out the phones, launching 164 handsets this year, and they just added three more CDMA DMB units to their ever-growing collection. This time around, they’re launching the SCH-B300 swiveling phone (pictured), the SCH-B360 slider, and the SCH-B330 flip phone. The spiffy looking SCH-B300 comes with a twisting ...

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Dedicated portable TV by Pixela


Mobile TV and streaming video are the hottest things these days since sliced bread, but even so, it’s interesting that Pixela has decided to release a dedicated portable TV when many new cell phones are beginning to add that capability. Nonetheless, the Japan-only pocket TV uses its built-in digital tuner ...

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