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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Tough decision: Buy a BMW or Hasselblad’s super camera


Clearly not marketed at the average point-and-shoot shutterbug, Hasselblad has announced what seems to be the world’s first 39-megapixel digital SLR camera. Of course, one of the major selling points is that absolutely insane 39-megapixel CCD, presumably provided by Kodak (who supplies Hasselblad with other CCDs). The medium-format H2D-39 features ...

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Lifepod announces one bumpin’ bag


Portable speakers may be all well and good, but there’s got to be an easier to way to carry them around and look good doing it. In light of this week’s MacWorld Expo, Lifepod of New York has unveiled what may look like your average chic handbag, but look a ...

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5-megapixel cameraphone wars: Samsung vs. LG


Although we here in North America have yet to experience the multi-megapixel goodness that the people over in Korea are enjoying, the 5-megapixel (or more) cameraphone wars are heating up between the two worldwide leaders in CDMA: Samsung and LG. The two companies have sold more than 300,000 handsets sporting ...

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Pump up the volume with Tango iPod base


I guess there can never be enough speaker sets designed for all things iPod. More glossy white goodness comes from XtremeMac with the name: Tango iPod base. Pump up the volume and feel the ground vibrate with the independent downward firing subwoofer. The 21-watt thumper responds to a range of ...

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Dell’s Dual Core Power 17-incher


The trend these days isn’t so much about business applications as it as multimedia entertainment-geared laptop computers. Dell has jumped all over this growing phenomenon with the announcement of the new Inspiron 9400. Expect a more than ample 17-inch display (1920×1200 pixels) to watch all your favorite multimedia content, powered ...

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Samsung’s take on Core Duo


If you’re in the market for a Core Duo laptop, Apple’s MacBook Pro isn’t the only option you have. Out of South Korea, Samsung Electronics has announced its spin on the processor technology with the announcement of the X60 platform. This is the next generation of notebooks for Samsung, and ...

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More iPod gear, including AV connection kit


With the doors to MacWorld Expo now officially open, it comes as no surprise that a full onslaught of iPod accessories are being unveiled at the trade show. One of these is the Apple-branded full AV Connection Kit. In the package, you’ll find a whole slew of goodies, including an ...

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Check, raise, go all-in with mobile WSOP


Don’t expect to be able to play a satellite tournament from your cell phone just yet, but you can expect to be able to download exclusive World Series of Poker (WSOP) branded mobile content some time this year. Harrah’s License Company, LLC, has teamed up with Glu Mobile in this ...

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MTV is still “like a Virgin”


From ringtones and games to exclusive graphics and sweepstakes entries, Virgin Mobile USA has renewed their relationship with MTV Networks to continue to provide users with the hottest content and entertainment programming straight to their cellular phones. This will include not only the popular stuff from MTV we’ve come to ...

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Nvidia ups the ante on laptop graphics


One of the major hurdles that notebook computer owners traditionally have had to overcome was the platform’s relative weakness in the graphics department, compared to what you could find on a desktop computer. With the rapid advancement in laptop technology, Nvidia is developing a dual graphic card design for your ...

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Never see your iPod again with the fabric sensor case


MacWorld 2006 has yet to officially open its doors, but the news is already starting to pour in. First up, self-anointed “world leader in touch sensitive interactive textiles for electronics interface design”, Elekson Ltd., has designed a case for the iPod with external controls. That’s right, shove your favourite glossy ...

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Function meets fashion with LaCie Skwarim external HDD


Whereas everyone else is putting out portable storage devices in bland silver, it’s-been-done glossy white, or plain-Jane black, LaCie has opted for a different path. The company’s new Skwarim external drive, quietly unveiled at CES, comes in either blue or pink. But that’s not all, it’s textured. Literally, feel the ...

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