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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Relax and learn with Neomind Brainwave Visor


At first glance, this visor sold by Coregem of Korea looks like it might be a head-mounted unit to watch videos off your favourite multimedia player. Apparently, not so, because i4u.com is reporting that this contraption is a “brainwave consumer product.” Although you cannot gain supernatural powers like Scott “Cyclops” ...

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Stephen King makes for a thrilling Cell


It’s a natural tie-in for Stephen King’s latest book. Titled Cell, the Scribner published novel will be marketed via your cell phone, taking advantage of the possibility for the thriller-writer himself to interact with his audience. Before the book even hits shelves on January 24, look for Flytxt—a mobile marketing ...

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“Ultimate mobile jukebox” by Pantech Group


Korea’s second largest handset maker is set to release its newest mobile phone, the IM-U110, which they call the “ultimate mobile jukebox”. With 1GB of built-in flash memory, users have enough storage space for over 200 MP3 songs. Music is probably the biggest selling point of this boxy-shaped handset, but ...

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What’s mobile TV without mobile ads?


Watching your favourite sitcoms wouldn’t truly be complete without a commercial for the newest Nike sneaker or the latest in feminine hygiene. So, with mobile TV set to be the next big thing, it should really come as no surprise that advertisers are jumping all over this growing market with ...

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Moody phone wins Motorola’s MOTOFWRD competition


Motorola’s first-ever MOTOFWRD competition saw a lot of interesting ideas, all geared to move the mobile phone industry to the next level of “seamless mobility.” After careful consideration, John Finan, a graduate student of Duke University, was awarded the grand prize for his concept of a phone that could interpret ...

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Core Duo hurts your battery?


So, you thought you could take advantage of the ultra powerful graphics offered by Core Duo without having to sacrifice anything? *Buzz* Wrong. It really should come as no surprise, though. According to tests conducted by Tom’s Hardware, the beefy graphics engine that accompanies Core Duo laptops is to blame. ...

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Rumours of XLink Kai commercial PSP gaming network


For some time now, XLink Kai has been satisfying need of Halo players for online multiplayer goodness. The popular tunneling service is now rumoured to be expanding its horizons, and is on the cusp of offering a commercial gaming network for PSP users. The current rumoured launch date is some ...

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BenQ-Siemens launches with three high-end handsets


BenQ and Siemens announced their partnership some time back, but now the merger is official with the first dual-branded set of mobile phones, all of which are targeting the premium side of the market. The three new BenQ-Siemens handsets are the EF81, S68, and S88. Considered by some to be ...

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iClear iCase for the iPod nano


So, you want to protect your tiny little digital audio player, but don’t like the look of having a green, black, or blue rubbery cover on your iPod? Look no further than Griffin and their newest addition to their iPod iAccessory line: the iClear. Protect your nano from bumps, drops ...

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More battery life on the way for cell phones


With increased speakerphone use as a result of PTT, as well as the higher power draw from multimedia playback and downloads, extending the battery life of mobile phones is a very timely issue. STMicroelectronics has developed a compact Class D power amplifier chip designed for high audio power output, and ...

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Motorola’s strategy for Q1 2006


As one of the world’s forefront mobile phone manufacturers, Motorola is known for releasing models with wide-reaching appeal. The company is focusing its efforts in Q1 in promoting what it considers to be the four most promising handsets during this period: SLVR, PEBL, CDMA RAZR, and V325. UBS Securities recently ...

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China invites Korean TD-SCDMA video telephony


Many economists have recognized that China will become one of the world’s largest and fastest growing markets in the coming years, and as such, everyone wants to cash in on their piece of the pie. Samsung Electronics, the worldwide leader in CDMA handset sales, announced yesterday that it has demonstrated ...

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High fidelity audio mic for iPod Video


Yet another accessory has been announced for the iPod. This time around the 5G Video version gets a new voice recorder set from XtremeMac. The MicroMemo latches on with a Dock connector at the bottom of the iPod, and reaches out with an included flexible-neck microphone to capture some high ...

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Soap Operas invade mobile phones


So, you’re a big fan of daytime soap operas, but you’re stuck at the office all day? Or maybe you can’t bear to sit still for on your morning commute? CBS Broadcasting has just what the doctor ordered—a made-for-mobile phone soap opera (“mobisoap”) that will get broadcast for a short ...

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