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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Apple’s new iBook to feature Front Row and iSight


As if being Yonah chipset-powered wasn’t enough to get our juices flowing, word on the street is that the new Apple iBook is going to also feature Front Row. The new 13-inch notebook will probably come in the standard issue glossy white, though with the direction the company is currently ...

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Bouncing Ball camera by Satugo


We’ve seen 39-megapixel cameras, ones that can go underwater, even those that can withstand being run above by cars, but those people in R&D never run out of ideas, do they? SatuGo has launched a digital camera that is designed to bounce along the ground and take high quality pictures. ...

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Sony unveils car deck with built-in MP3


Everyone is drooling over iPod connectivity kits for their automobiles, but Sony is taking a slightly different approach. Given that most head units these days come with detachable faceplates, why not integrate some flash memory in there and create a drag-and-drop MP3 player? That’s the thinking behind the company’s new ...

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No WiMax from Nokia until 2008


Don’t hold your breath, Nokia won’t be releasing any WiMax enabled handsets until at least 2008. The company is saying that the technology is still in its infancy, and they would like to wait until mobile WiMax (802.16e) develops into a more substantial market before jumping in. Instead of striking ...

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Audi launches 444 hp S8


In the market for some high-end German bling? Look no further than Audi’s monster of an S8. The German-engineered full-size sedan combines the comfort of a luxury car with plenty of performance juice to hit the Autobahn. Look behind the new VW/Audi trapezoidal grill and discover a whooping 5.2-litre V10, ...

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$40 to Wi-Fi that old Laptop


If you’ve got an old notebook computer kicking around and don’t use it for much other than a word processor or for solitaire, Prismiq Inc. has come up with a cheap solution so you can hop up onto the interweb in all its Wi-Fi glory. The Mini-Fi is a USB ...

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TPod Neo with Video is a Nano Killer


If this thing ever hits the nearest Best Buy, Steve Jobs and the people at Apple just might have their work cut out for them. The 1GB TPod Neo is an obvious rip-off to the iPod Nano, both in name and design, but it’s got a couple of big advantages ...

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Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP


Console veterans of Metal Gear Solid might find themselves in some rather unfamiliar territory when picking up Metal Gear Acid 2 for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Immediately, the hyperactive cell-shaded graphics are quite a different look than the ultra-realistic look of the PS2 counterpart. Moreover, a card-based strategic scheme defines ...

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Walmart stocks Bratz Mobile


It’s clearly the dawning of a new age when mobile phone makers are starting to produce cell phones specifically targeted at the pre-teen market. The Bratz Mobile phone is a far cry from the “keep your kids safe” mentality of the Firefly. The Bratz brand of dolls and accessories produced ...

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USB MP3 FM modulator from Yifang


Yifang Digital of China is launching an FM modulator that instead of using a stereo headphone jack, opts to take all your USB flash drives. The Yifang EM192F will read MP3 and WMA files directly from a thumb drive and pump it out to whatever FM frequency you designate through ...

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First DSLR with live LCD Previews


It actually comes as quite a bit of a surprise that there haven’t already been any DSLR cameras out there that have live color LCD previews. Olympus is launching their new E-330, saying that it is the first to have this feature. The average consumer has already enjoyed the luxury ...

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Sony launches Bluetooth mic for Handycams


Usually, when the talk turns to digital cameras and camcorders, the focus is on picture quality. Everyone loves uber-high megapixel figures and HDTV-level video recording, leaving sound quality on the backburner. Hey, hearing your son’s 1st birthday party is just as important as seeing it, so why not look into ...

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BenQ P50 smartphone is finally for sale


It’s been a long time coming. The BenQ P50 PDA phone was unveiled at last year’s CES, but is only hitting shelves now. Believe me, your patience will be rewarded, my young business-minded padwan. Powered by an Intel PXA272 416Mhz processor, 64MB of SDRAM, and 64MB of Flash ROM, this ...

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