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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Mazda 5 goes hybrid with hydrogen


Building enviro-friendly vehicles has become a major component to many automakers’ strategies, and now Mazda is working on a couple of hybrid vehicles of its own. However, unlike the others on the market with gas-electric engines, Mazda has opted for a hydrogen-gasoline option. The company is working on implementing a ...

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Laptops go 5.1 and 7.1 with Turtle Beach Roadie


For me, a notebook computer is meant to be as portable as possible. For others, a laptop is a mobile desktop computer — for playing Counterstrike — and having true surround sound may seem like a lost cause. Not so, says Turtle Beach. Now you can take advantage of watching ...

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Python for S60 now open-source


All you homebrew artists now have another toy to play with. Nokia has released Python for the S60 Platform software package to the community at large, in line with its continued commitment to mobile open-source software application development. The S60-platform, based on the Symbian OS, is a popular one among ...

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Alltel gives you whatever plan you want


Well, maybe not whatever you want, but they are certainly aiming to meet every consumer need out there as far as cell phone plans. Alltel has launched what they call the “U” personalized prepaid wireless service, allowing you to make a plan that is right for “U”, fulfilling your specific ...

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CDMA2000 was huge in 2005


The world of 3G has become a heated battleground for market supremacy with CDMA enthusiasts on one side and GSM aficionados on the other. The CDMA Development Group (CDG) officially announced some major success for the CDMA2000 standard in 2005, with penetration into 67 countries across 6 continents. Indeed, there ...

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Honda UK develops Accord that drives itself


It seems like we’re getting that much closer to the day that you can sit down in the car, say “Take me to the mall,” and have the vehicle automatically deliver you to your destination. Honda UK has developed a cruise control system that is inching toward full auto-pilot status. ...

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Mazda exhibits aggressive-looking Kabura coupe


The Detroit Auto Show this year, as with every one that preceded it, is filled with some crazy looking concept vehicles. Mazda is exhibiting an aggressive looking coupe with some definite West Coast flavour. The Kabura, Japanese for “first arrow shot into battle”, was dreamed up under the supervision of ...

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BMW joins hybrid SUV market


Toyota might have the Highlander hybrid, and Ford has its Escape hybrid, but when BMW enters into the hybrid SUV market, you can be sure they will be a force to be reckoned with. The German automobile manufacturer has taken its compact X3, and has mated the sport utility with ...

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Aston Martin unveils 2007 Rapide four-door


James Bond fans rejoice! At the Detroit Auto Show, Aston Martin unveiled a four-door sedan with a monstrous 480-horsepower engine. Dubbed the “Rapide”, this new sporty ride is based on the DB9 coupe, stretching the body by 11.8 inches. Just like the V8 Vantage, this car makes use of the ...

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See-through OLED technology


Remember when regular old LCD monitors hit the market and everyone was wowed by just how much thinner your screen could be compared to the chunky CRT alternative? Well, cellphone screens are getting thinner and thinner these days, to the point of reaching transparency. A couple of companies thus far ...

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Enterprise-class Wi-Fi from ADC and Xirrus


A new agreement between ADC and Xirrus was announced today, forging a relationship that will bear a “complete family of enterprise-class Wi-Fi solutions.” Expect the new Xirrus-manufactured WFX W-LAN Array products to have a huge service area and plenty of Wi-Fi bandwidth. In fact, with the network going at 864 ...

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Korean handset makers set to do battle in Japan


The war that’s about to erupt in Japan will probably only lead to more North Americans drooling over devices that we will never see on our side of the Pacific Ocean. Korea’s big three cell phone manufacturers — Samsung, LG, and Pantech — are about to compete for market supremacy ...

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Portable cell phone jammer


We’ve all been to the movies and some moron decides it’s a-okay to have a super loud conversation his cell phone. Well, now you have the option to jam his signal (as well as anyone else in a 3-metre radius) with the CX 200 Portable Director II Cell Phone Jammer. ...

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