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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

Mitsubishi’s lightweight Apricot notebook


The trend these days is for super powerful laptops with 17- or 19-inch screens. Mitsubishi, on the other hand, recognizing the original intention of the notebook in the first place: portability. Their cute little Apricot AL C Series PC takes the idea of super lightweight laptops to a whole new ...

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Ford hopes crossovers will give it an Edge


Following up on the relative success of the Freestyle, Ford is cashing in on the crossover SUV market with another offering, the Ford Edge. Based on the Mazda 6 sedan, this new vehicle puts out an adequate 250 horsepower from the 3.5-liter V6 that it shares with cousins the Ford ...

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“Fashionable” camera cases by Targus


Most camera cases on the market aren’t exactly the most fashionable looking things, being primarily utilitarian in nature, but Targus has decided to take a different spin on the market by unveiling a complete “Line of Fashionable Madison Camera and Camcorder Cases especially designed for Women.” That’s not to say ...

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Pentax drops price on *ist DL DSLR


If you’re in the market for some exceptional Digital SLR picture-taking action, but don’t have a huge load of money to spend, Pentax will open your eyes. The camera maker recently announced a $200 price drop on its *ist DL digital SLR camera with 18-55 DA lens kit. The new ...

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Volkswagen’s 3-wheeled 2-seater GX3 concept


If you thought your tricycle days were long gone, think again. Volkswagen has developed a three-wheeler that looks like a blast to drive, but the single wheel is behind you with two tires in the front. At first glance, the GX3 looks almost like a glorified go-kart on three wheels, ...

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Mitsubishi showcases In-wheel Electric Vehicle hybrid powertrain


Here’s another strange looking concept car that seems to be trying to tap into the crossover vehicle market. Mitsubishi is showing off its CT (Compact Technology) concept vehicle, which sports the company’s innovative Mitsubishi In-wheel Electric Vehicle (MIEV) hybrid powertrain, a technology for more efficient four-wheel drive. How it works ...

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Pininfarina Maserati Birdcage Concept is one sweet car


Here’s another concept car that, if it actually ever makes it to production, you still won’t be able to afford it. Pininfarina of Italy has a history of designing radically different concept cars and with the 2005 Geneva show, they have renewed their pedigree with the Maserati Birdcage in celebration ...

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Flying with cell phones gets the go ahead


They say that they cause too much interference with aircraft electronics and can only pose problems, but it seems like airlines are about to be singing a different tune… like your favourite music ringtone. It seems that come December, your in-flight entertainment will include a mobile phone. The US federal ...

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Kyocera and Marvell work on dual-mode Wi-Fi/CDMA handset


The mating of CDMA with Wi-Fi technology is well on its way with the announcement of a partnership between Kyocera Wireless Corporation and Marvell. The two companies have teamed up in an effort to develop a handset platform that integrates Marvell’s WLAN technology and chipsets into a readily available CDMA ...

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Cingular adds LG F9200 to lineup


Text messaging with Cingular Wireless just got that much easier. The wireless provider has picked up a handset from Korea’s second largest mobile manufacturer. The LG F9200 may look like any other candybar phone on the market, but slide out the side and discover a complete QWERTY keyboard. It goes ...

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Samsung launches SGH-E870 clamshell


In Korea, slim is in. The super thin renditions of cell phones sell like hotcakes, so it comes as no surprise that Korea’s number one mobile phone manufacturer is launching yet another handset, and yes, it’s a thin one. You won’t even notice the 85 gram Samsung SGH-E870 in your ...

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Ford’s hot Reflex concept


It seems like Ford is trying to do it all with its Reflex concept. It looks like something futuristic, yet harkens back to 1980s retro sci-fi. It definitely looks sporty and will probably have the power to match, but Ford is claiming an astounding 65 mpg if this thing ever ...

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