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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

PocketPower by Gear4 recharges all things USB


Access to a USB port is always readily available, so what do you do when one of your little gadgets is running low on juice? The new PocketPower device by Gear4 clearly has some Apple influence in its i-design, but they say it’ll work with anything that needs power from ...

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A 24-bit color scanner at your finger tips


Scanners have come a long way from the days of flatbeds that take up way too much room on your desk. PLANon has launched its new DocuPen RC800, which looks like nothing more than a fancy ballpoint pen, but look a little further and find indicators for battery level, resolution ...

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FM Transmitter for Sony’s Walkman Phones


So, you think you’re all set with your iTrip, but what about that nifty MP3-playing Sony mobile phone you just picked up? No worries because now can jam away on your car radio or nearby stereo with all those tunes you have loaded up on your Walkman phone with the ...

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Pilot pen first with USB storage


New notes stored in a tried and tested note-taking device is the latest innovation from the people over at Pilot. Two things have become an absolute must in any office, one of which has been around for the longest time – a ball point pen – and the other is ...

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Digital cameras see impending DOOM


There’s a handful of PMPs out there already that have integrated gaming capabilities, but I would have never expected the mating of digital picture-taking with world of shotguns, monsters, and rocket launchers. Thanks to some guy that has a little too much time on his hands, you can now upload ...

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Microsoft Windows soon to be integrated into Fiats


Microsoft already has a virtual monopoly on the home PC market, with Apple coming in a distant second. The software maker even has huge penetration in the smartphone market with Windows Mobile 5.0. And now, a version of the Microsoft OS is about to implemented into an automobile near you ...

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Control your home appliances via cell phone


Here’s another nifty gadget that’ll be hitting the Japanese market, but probably won’t ever make to North America. NTT DoCoMo is going to carry the “Remokon Saucer” by Sugiyama Electron, allowing you to essentially “call” your home air conditioner and turn it on before you get home from work. This ...

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Memories in 4.3MP with Canon DC40 DVD Camcorder


Whether you’re going on vacation or celebrating your child’s first birthday, recording those memories as vividly as possible is of great importance. Canon has always been recognized as a leader in photography, and continues to be at the forefront of digital imaging. With the launch of the company’s new DC40 ...

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Nissan Terranaut for the lab on the go


So you and all your scientist buddies are planning a trip to Antarctica to study the march of the penguins, but can’t seem to find the right vehicle for the job? Look no further than Nissan’s latest four-wheel-drive concept. The Terranaut (get it, it’s like astronaut but on the earth) ...

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RAZR slider out in China


A big trend in mobile phones these days is to get them to be as slim as possible, and many will attribute this phenomenon to the Motorola RAZR thin clamshell. Even Motorola itself has taken the concept of the RAZR and made it into a candybar-like design (the recently available ...

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Woize announces new VoIP smartphone technology


It seems like the day is getting closer and closer when anyone can pick up their cellular phone and talk to their heart’s content without paying a penny. Woize International has developed Woize for Smartphone (or SmartphoneWoize), allowing anyone with a Windows Mobile 5.0-equipped PDA phone to make free calls ...

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