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Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

SmartShopper makes sure you don’t forget the eggs


When your significant other hands you the grocery list, sometimes it can get so hard to make out the chicken scratch and last minute additions. SmartShopper Inc. has come up with a solution to this problem with an automated device complete with voice recognition, so there is no confusion whether ...

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Grab yourself a NAVTEQ GPS mobile


Soon you won’t need to call your buddies to figure out where to go, because Benefon is announcing a mobile phone with a fully integrated GPS system. In co-operation with NAVTEQ, the industry leader in global positioning technology, Benefon has developed the TWIG Discovery. Not only will you get your ...

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NEC jumps into MP3 game


The company may not have much of a presence in North America, but apparently NEC is huge in its home of Japan. Adding to the recent launch of some LaVie laptops and uber-slim cell phones, NEC now wants a big slice of the MP3 pie as well. The company recently ...

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iPod clad in aerospace carbon fiber


I guess when they heard that the iPod was out of this world, the people at C6 MFG took it a little too literally. But hey, who’s complaining? The company known for superbly elegant products is releasing a set of High End Hot Carbon Fiber iPod Cases. You won’t find ...

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Better GSM, UMTS, and HSDPA coverage from Nortel


So you have yourself the latest in high speed mobile phone technology, but because you’re stuck in the concrete jungle every day from 9 to 5, you suffer from reduced coverage, basically defeating the whole purpose of your UMTS or HSDPA-enabled handset. At the upcoming 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, ...

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A real Motorola RAZR slider materializes


Remember a little while back when we reported a RAZR clone in China that was a slider? Well, looks like Motorola really was working on a sliding version of its popular thin phone and it is on the cusp of releasing it to the public. Seeing how they already have ...

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Nokia’s boxy Bluetooth headset coming soon


Tired of sporting a generic made in China headset? Well, if you have yourself a Bluetooth-capable Nokia, you will soon be able to get the company’s square-form BH-800 as the FCC has officially approved the Bluetooth headset. You might not even notice this thing on your ear as it is ...

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TTP Communications working on sub-$20 cell phone


Sure, everyone’s drooling over phones that offer multi-megapixel cameras and mobile TV, but in order for the industry to experience some real growth, it’ll have to look at the Ultra Low Cost (ULC) handset market segment. TTPCom Limited, a subsidiary of TTP Communications, has completed a reference design that can ...

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Samsung launches SC-DC164 DVD Camcorder


With the growing availability of hard-drive based camcorders, the price of those that use DVDs are starting to come down. That’s not to say that they are not a viable option, though, especially when you look at the new SC-DC164 from Samsung. For all intents and purposes, if you’ve got ...

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Cingular picks up the Pantech PG-C120


If you like slim candy bar handsets, Cingular will soon have another option for you other than the Motorola SLVR L7. The nation’s number one service provider looked to Korea, and came home with the Pantech PG-C120. This dual-band GSM (850/1900) mobile weighs in at a mere 75 grams, and ...

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Heartbeat detector in new Volvo S80


As a company with a strong reputation for safety, Volvo has released information about another feature of its flagship S80 sedan. The incorporation of a heartbeat detector sends a warning to drivers’ wireless fobs if there’s someone waiting for them in the backseat. It seems that their marketing scheme is ...

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Mercedes-Benz announces 500+ hp R63 AMG


I can’t imagine why a family vehicle to be used for vacations and grocery getting would ever need 505 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque, but that didn’t stop the good people over at Mercedes-Benz from dreaming up an AMG version of their R-class. The name of the 2007 R63 ...

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3G subscribers to hit 1 billion by 2010


It should really come as no surprise to hear that the mobile phone business is booming. WCDMA is quickly catching in popularity for its high-speed data and multimedia capabilities, and according to ABI Research, 2006 is looking like “The Year of the 3G Phone”. The expansion of 3G services is ...

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Bentley goes topless with Continental GTC


Volkswagen-owned Bentley is known for its super elite status and understated sophistication. The latest edition to the British car maker’s lineup is the Continental GTC convertible, a beautiful classy roadster that can hit speeds in excess of 190mph. The only other production convertibles capable of that level of performance are ...

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