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sWap Nova phone gets crystal coated at IFA

I couldn’t help but think of Ben Stiller’s hilariously tiny phone in Zoolander when I hit the sWaP (smart Watch and Phones) booth at IFA Berlin; getting no less than an eyefull of their wearable technology.

Nokia N8 hands-on, loads of pics at IFA

Its anodized aluminum case in silver-white, gray, orange, blue and, my favorite, a kind of retro sci-fi green, is a treat to hold and behold, but where you really find the wow is on the entertainment side of things

IFA: Mini Key keyboard from Nuu converts iPhone into a flipping...

A protective case that also claims to resolve the iPhone 4 antenna issues sounds OK, but the real excitement here is the slide out adjustable hinge that turns your iPhone 4 into a flip phone

Hands on with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab at IFA

If there was one mobile-related pulse-quickener at the IFA Berlin show, it had to be the debut of the Samsung Galaxy tab, which pretty much sucked most of the oxygen out of the mobile electronics category