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Ariel Atom 3.5R Fully Revealed; To Start at $135,000 (Gallery)

Check out the Atom 3.5R special edition from Ariel.

2014 BMW 2-Series Gets Power Upgrade From Hartge

2014 BMW 2-Series Coupe receives power upgrade from Hartge.

Get A Bird’s Eye View With Parrot’s New Bebop Drone Flown...

Say hello to Parrot's new Bebop drone which can be controlled using the Oculus Rift.

Fiat 2015 500X Spied: Car Based On Jeep Renegade

Spied Image Of the Fiat 2015 500X Reveals It Borrows Looks From Jeep Renegade

Vorsteiner Reveals The Hulk, Their Custom Lamborghini Aventador Roadster (Gallery)

Say hello to Vorsteiner's new custom Lamborghini Aventador Roadster aka The Hulk.

BMW Reveals Goodies In The 30 Jahre M5, A 600 PS...

Check out BMW’s 30th anniversary limited edition model of the M5, the “30 Jahre M5”.

Scientists Make Green Jet Fuel Out Of Thin Air And Sunlight...

A technology to produce green jet fuel by using sunlight.

Chinese Researchers Discover Formula For Winning In Rock-Paper-Scissors

Wanna be the champion in rock-paper-scissors? Check out the story to get the winning formula.

Nissan Tests Self-Cleaning Car, Looks To Make Carwash Extinct (Video)

Nissan testing self-cleaning car which could make carwashes obsolete.

The Simpsons New Opener Takes Us Through Homer’s Hyperactive Gut (Video)

Explore Homer's gut in this new opener for The Simpsons.

Lamborghini Gallardo Catches Fire In Texas Drag Race (Video)

Check out the video which shows a Lamborghini Gallardo catching fire while moving at 200 mph.

Pistachio Shells To Be Used To Power A New Green City...

An upcoming city in Turkey powered by Pistachio shells.

WhatsApp Hits The 500 Million Users Mark; Growth Faster Than That...

WhatsApp, popular in its own right, seems to have been buoyed by its connection with social networking mammoth Facebook. In February this year, Facebook...

Google Compensates Users Who Lost Money Downloading Fake Antivirus App

Google is giving $5 Play Store credits to users who downloaded a fake antivirus.

Try Oculus Rift And Wii To Roam Around On The Back...

Check out how you can fly in virtual space by using an Oculus Rift and a Wii Balance Board.

Volkswagen’s New Midsize Coupé Concept Could Be A Challenge For Mercedes-Benz...

Volkswagen has unveiled its New Midsize Coupé concept car at the Beijing Auto Show in China.

FreedomPop Now Offering Absolutely Free Phone Service

FreedomPop is certainly going to create problems for traditional carriers with its first full-featured free mobile service.

US Army Plans To Save On Fuel Bill With Their Mean-Looking...

Fuel efficiency is the last thing US Army will think of while designing a new vehicle for their ground troops. But I guess, like Bob Dylan sang once: “The times, they are a-changing”.

Audi Makes History At Spa: Fields First-Ever Hybrid Race Car And...

The German car manufacturer has a no frills way to prove their car’s worth, taking it out on the race track for a survival test against the best, and the world is invited to watch the spectacle. But more often than not, Audi end up playing not just a survival game, they end up winning.

1088 HP 92kWh All-Electric Supercar from Rimac

The fastest thing ever to come out of Croatia may just be Rimac Automibili's Concept One electric sports. The electric racer is expected to go into production and their expected performance numbers is threatening to put gas-guzzling Ferarris and Lamborghinis to shame. Rimac brought the Concept One to the Top Marques Monaco event last week, officially opening reservations and deposits for a delivery which will start in 2013.

Ferrari Hybrid To Have Same Performance As Enzo

Ferrari is going to roll out a hybrid. Yes, a green electric-gasoline combo as the successor to their flagship model Enzo. Hope the petrol-heads who read this still have their eyes in their sockets, for Ferrari’s move will be shocking, to most. But it is not time to panic yet. Ferrari’s yet-to-be-named hybrid, set to roll out in 2013, will stick to the sporting traditions of the beauties coming out of Maranello.

Cadillac Kills The Gas Cap

The ‘CUE’ user experience system and interface is futuristic and so is the panel, the touch screen reminiscent of the simplicity we have gotten used to on a tablet PC. That should keep the driver in his comfort zone and in sync while driving, sitting on plush leather seats with vibrating alerts. Wow!

Batman’s Grappling Hook Gun Made at BYU

Of all the batman gadgets we have fantasized about, the most common would be the grappling hook gun which the Caped Crusader uses to scale buildings and walls.

Chery’s New Concept: Are Ants The Future Of Motoring?

The most eye-popping of concepts to come out at the Beijing Motor Show must be the Chery Ant. In fact, eye popping will be an understatement for the concept rolled out by Chinese car manufacturer Chery.

Lamborghini For The Family! Urus SUV Concept Unveiled In Beijing

The Italian sports car maker’s new offering neither looks like a bat mobile nor will it be guzzling gas. It isn’t a sports car even, but an SUV. The Urus SUV concept, which Lamborghini unveiled at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, is more a family car, with space for kids, their school bags, shopping bags and all the house hold necessities. It's clear that Lamborghini is looking to re-enter the segment where other sports car manufacturers (more notably Porsche with Cayenne) have already cashed in.

DMC To Make All-Electric Delorean

The company went bankrupt in 1982, but the DMC-12, with its the gull-wing doors, is still revered by the generation who grew up driving gas guzzlers and watching the Hollywood flick Back to the future which, by the way, featured this car as a convertible time machine.

WaveJet: First Ever Internally Propelled Surfboard with 20 lbs of Thrust

Surfers need momentum to come up to pace and successfully ride big waves. Noisy jet-skis are typically what is used to tow surfers now, they will be a thing of the past soon.

Gyroscopic Two-Wheeler Concept Vehicle Is A Head Turner

What would you think about commuting across New York’s central park in a bubble with two wheels? Before making up your mind with an answer, just check out this beauty, a new concept gyroscopic vehicle from designer Sanu KR.

Nuclear-Powered UAV Drones Not Happening Anytime Soon

Reconnaissance saves lives and in modern day war, going into an engagement without the intelligence from UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) drones, which are armed with sophisticated electronics for imagery and sensing, is like walking in blindfolded.

Braňo’s Stealth Bomber Style X9 Bicycle

No, the organizers didn’t allow airplanes as last-minute entries into the bicycle show – it was the X-9 Nighthawk, a one-off design marvel with fighter plane looks that materialized from the drawing board of Slovakian mechanical engineer Braňo Mereš.

Special App Lets Apes Talk to Humans

The apes communicate with the humans by touching the appropriate lexigrams and from the news doing the rounds, the group of seven have become pretty talkative after having gotten the hang of talking to their distant cousins.

Google Plans to Eavesdrop on Phone Calls to Provide “Better Personalized...

I would say, that’s why we are hooked to Google in the first place. And the internet giant is making millions out of it too. Now they are planning to take personalized advertisements and Google’s trademark “search suggestions” to the next level by getting into much more personal realms.

US Researchers Fire Record-Breaking Laser Which Could ‘Fuse’ Out Energy Crisis

Scientists seeking energy solutions have been working relentlessly to find a means to harness an untapped area – the energy source of the stars. Fusion, or Hydrogen fusion to be specific, the secret of longevity of our sun and the stars, could be the answer to the world’s energy crisis, which is struggling between the bleak scenario of dwindling fossil fuel reserves and the moral dilemma of using dangerous nuclear technology.

Mega Range On Offer In Tata’s REEV Concept ‘Megapixel’

The Megapixel, an evolved version of the REEV concept ‘Pixel’ the company unveiled in Geneva last year, uses four 10 kilowatt motors attached to the wheels plus a single-cylinder 325cc range-extending engine that runs on petrol. The engine is capable of generating 22 kw of power while charging the lithium ion phosphate battery and add to that the rather light design of Megapixel means it has a net range of 900km and an electric-only range of 87 km.

DL122: Peugeot’s Concept Bicycle With Laptop Compartment

The concept bicycle has a centrally positioned leather laptop compartment; a safer cocoon for the laptop. It also provides a better balanced bike and the briefcase can be locked in place, claims Peugeot.  The design breakthrough here is that the positioning of the carrying case is such that it keeps the centre of gravity of the bike roughly in the same spot where it is when rode without a bag, therefore making it stable.

Toyota Recall to Replace Faulty Parts In Tacoma, Camry And Venza

The recall includes about 495,000 Tacoma trucks made between 2005 to 2009, around 70,500 Camry sedans (2009 model) and about 116,000 Venza crossovers (2009-2011 models). Apparently, the Tacoma trucks between 05 and 09 have problems with their steering wheel spiral cable assemblies. Toyota said that there is likelihood for friction in some vehicles between the spiral cable and the retainer. This could in the long run cut the connection to the driver's airbag.

Personal Analytics: Stephen Wolfram Shows The Way And Scope

But systematic Personal Analytics play a huge role in “self awareness” and it works by recording data concerning an individual’s day-to-day performance pertaining to simple daily chores as well as personal and official communications and interactions. Nowadays, such recordings are easily feasible as most of our professional and personal lives revolve around the internet and the digital realms.

Bio-degradable Transistors Made from Human Proteins Open Door for Implantable Electronics?

The researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU ) are doing exactly that, turning to blood, milk and mucus proteins in their radical quest to develop a transistor, veering away from the traditional ‘top-down’ approach followed in the case of silicon-based electronics.

US Military Looking To Train Soldiers In The Sixth Sense

Every single soldier who has seen action would have one or maybe more than one of those tales describing an incident in battle when his ‘intuition’ or as some describe it – ‘the gut feeling’ – saved his life from a potentially fatal scenario.

Lamborghini To Unveil ‘Batmobile’ Of A Car At Geneva Motor Show

Batman won’t have to go into his cave and hunch on his drawing-room table to design an upgraded ‘Batmobile’. He just needs to walk into Lamborghini.

Japanese Scientists Bring Out Prototype Device To Silence Loud Mouths

The inventors claim that SpeechJammer will be the ultimate tool to subtly resolve or diffuse potential conflict situation that arises from verbal arguments. But one has to say that the rather mean looking device throws subtlety out the window. In fact, the looks of the device is so intimidating that you just need to point it and may not need to press the trigger to silence the loud mouth.

Medical Devices Can Be Easily Hacked With Lethal Consequences, Shows Hacker

Hacking, be it into bank cash machines or websites including social networking sites, is common as hackers find more ways to bypass the upgraded security systems. The results vary from inconvenience to confusion to loss of money among other serious implications. But none has been ones which cause real-life pain. Jack’s demonstration shows otherwise.

Scientists Wirelessly Power Super Miniature Implants Capable Of Travelling Through Blood...

The 1966 Sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage was something wasn't it? A shrink ray let a CIA agent and a pilot enter the human body to perform a life saving procedure to remove a clot. Miniature rays and pilots willing to get shrunk to get inside the human body are likely to remain in science fiction, but electronic implants, tiny enough to be able to travel through the blood stream, may become a common thing in the near future.

Future Apps Will Help Detect Mood And Prevent Depression

Soon, substance abuse could become a thing of the past and those inclined towards addiction and troubled by stress will be able to carry help, be it rehab or therapy or just plain support, in their pockets; in their smartphones actually.

iRobot’s 710 Warrior To Save The World Johnny 5 Style

The heavy weight 710 warrior is just like its predecessors, just more versatile.  It's more capable of performing a wide range of missions including EOD (explosive ordnance disposal), reconnaissance and surveillance.

Many X-Factors In Tesla’s New Electric Car ‘Model X’

Tesla recently unveiled its Model X, an all-electric cross between a SUV and a minivan, that could indeed make some hard-core petrol motorists rethink their loyalties.

Atlantis Disappears Again! Google Removes ‘Image Of Lost City’ In Its...

The lost city of Atlantis disappears again and who else could trigger the vanishing act in the 21st century other than Google!

Vertu’s Constellation Quest Ferrari Phone Makes The Blackberry Porsche P’9881 Look...

The Constellation Quest Ferrari by Vertu derives its inspiration from the sharp curves of the Italian sports car manufacturer’s ‘458 Italia’ car. And yes, it comes with the iconic Ferrari logo too, the prancing horse. Ferrari cars come with custom-made plush leather interiors. Vertu’s Constellation Quest Ferrari doesn’t fall short in that category either: the front portion of the handset has leather exteriors with the Cavellino Rampante logo embossed on it. And it needn’t be said that the leather is the same hand-made Italian calf ones used by Ferrari in its cars.

Scientists Discover Earth-Like Planet 22 Light Years Away

The newest find is courtesy of astronomers Steven Vogt and Eugenio Rivera from the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), led by Guillem Anglada-Escudé and Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institution for Science. The researchers used data from the European Southern Observatory and analyzed it with a new data-analysis method, incorporating measurements from the WM Keck Observatory's High Resolution Echelle Spectrograph and the new Carnegie Planet Finder Spectrograph at the Magellan II Telescope. Initial observations show promising results.