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Take A Good Look At The LG Nexus 5

Want to take a closer look at the upcoming LG Nexus 5? We know you do.

Scientists Hope to Use Smartphones as Earthquake Sensors

Scientists appear to have found a better tool for sensing earthquakes: the accelerometers in today’s smartphones.

The Microwave Could Charge Your Devices In The Future (Video)

Pizza Rolls and reheated leftovers, that's all a microwave is good for, right? Not necessarily. What if we told you that your microwave could be used to charge your devices? Crazy, we know.

Apple iPad 5: Lighter, Thinner And Narrower (Video)

A new video has surfaced, giving us a better look at how the iPad 5 will differ from its predecessor. Join us as we take a look!

Eurathlon Competition Pits Disaster Robots Against One Another (Video)

At the first ever Eurathlon, special robots recently competed in a series of mock disaster events, to see who performed the best.

Matter Which Behaves Like A Lightsaber

Physicists have created a new form of matter which behaves somewhat like a lightsaber.

Commercial Space Travel Coming Next Year (Video)

According to Sir Richard Branson, commercial space travel is going to be a reality in 2014.

Samsung Smartphone With Curved Display Coming In October (Video)

According to a new report, a Samsung smartphone with a curved display will be unveiled in October.

Surface Mini Rumors: Could Come with a 7.5-Inch Display

The rumored Surface Mini tablet from Microsoft might arrive with a 7.5” 1400×1050 display. Keep reading for more details!

Android 4.4 KitKat Might Arrive In October

Nestle has revealed that October is the release date of Android KitKat. Excited yet?

DARPA’s XS-1 Program Could Make Launching Satellites Much More Affordable

DARPA's XS-1 program aims to develop a reusable unmanned spacecraft which will allow satellites to be launched frequently at low costs.

Intel’s Wine Powered Processor And Other Innovations

Check out Intel’s new wine powered processor and innovations which eliminate the need for passwords for mobile phones.

Tradinno the Dragon: The World’s Largest Walking Robot (Video)

The 51 feet tall Tradinno the Dragon is the world’s largest walking robot. Not impressed by its size? How about the fact that it breathes fire?!

Don’t Have All Day Access to a Wall Outlet? That’s Why...

The BT 4000, BT 4200 and BT 8400 are three new backup batteries from Eton and are designed to keep your phone running when you aren't able to stop and plug your devices into a wall socket.

NTIA Wants FCC To Make Rules Regarding Cellphone Unlocking

The NTIA has filed a petition with the FCC which asks them to communicate to carriers a set of proposed rules regarding cellphone unlocking.

Last Compatible Versions Of Apps Available From The App Store

iOS users who want to download apps that are not supported by the iOS version running on their devices will be able to download the “last compatible version” of the apps.

Nokia Lumia 1520 To Be Unveiled In October

The Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone phablet reportedly will only be unveiled in the coming month.

Google Nexus 7 LTE Sold Out?

The 32GB Nexus 7 LTE is currently not available from the Google Play Store, with no indication as to when it will return.

Are Consumers Actually Interested in the iPhone 5C?

In a strange move for Apple, the company has yet to share 'hard numbers' for iPhone 5C pre-orders. Is this a sign of trouble for the newest iPhone or not?

Using Cellphones On Airplanes Is OK, According To A Pilot

Despite what the FAA says, Pilot Patrick Smith is not against the use of cellphones on airplanes.

Beyond the New Star Wars Episodes, We Will Also See Origin...

Outside of the new Star Wars "episodes", there will also be standalone Star Wars movies that are apparently going to be 'origin stories' for several of the more popular characters in the Star Wars universe.

Google’s Upcoming Chromebooks Are Powerful And Will Last Longer

Google’s upcoming Chromebooks will be powered by Intel's new 4th generation CPUs, so the devices are coming with strong computing power and improved battery life.

Space Launches Happening In The Coming Week (Video)

SpaceX and Orbital Sciences will be launching spacecrafts next week.

Today’s Apple TV Rumors

The new version of the Apple TV might get unveiled in the coming month alongside new iPads.

Nokia Lumia 620 On Aio Wireless Costs Just $99; Available Throughout...

The Nokia Lumia 620 is now available throughout the US on Aio Wireless.

Tizen OS 3.0 Running On The Samsung Galaxy S4 And S3

Tizen OS 3.0 has been spotted running on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3.

Apple Was Apparently Working On A Google Glass-Like Product

Apparently, Apple was working on a VR handset of its own years ago - something semi-similar to Google Glass - but abandoned the project due to other more important projects.

Omate TrueSmart In Trouble?

The Omate TrueSmart is an interesting looking smart watch but it might have one big problem: it may not arrive with Google Play Store support as promised.

Nexus 7 4G LTE Available At Google Play Store

The 4G LTE edition of Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet is now available at the Google Play store.

HTC One Android 4.3 Update Might Arrive Soon

According to a new rumor, HTC is planning to release an update which will bring Android 4.3 along with the latest Sense 5 UI to the One.

Apple’s Upcoming iPad And iPad Mini Leaked Again

Sonny Dickson has given us a chance to take a peek at the upcoming iPad and iPad mini tablets. Join us as we take a look!

Samsung Galaxy Note III And Galaxy Gear Release Dates And Pricing

Wondering when you can get your hands on the Note 3 in the U.S.? We have the release date and pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear on the different carriers.

Newkia Android Smartphone Might Arrive Within A Year

Singapore-based Newkia is planning to make the Android phones that Nokia wasn’t interested in making. The company expects to release an Android phone within a year.

Spacewalk Training At NASA’s Big Pool

Check out Terry Dunn’s story about his experiences at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

Sony’s New Wireless Speaker And Headphones

Sony has introduced a new Bluetooth wireless speaker and new headphone models.

Moto X Available From US Cellular

The Moto X smartphone is now available for purchase at US Cellular’s website.

Nymi Will Replace Your Passwords And Keys (Video)

The Nymi bracelet will allow you access to your smartphone or tablet or computer without typing in any password. In the future, the device could also allow you to use gestures to control smart appliances and other products.

iPhone 5S And 5C Arriving On September 10

Apple has confirmed their September 10th media event. We are expecting the arrival of both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C at the event.

Cellphone Unlocking Still Illegal in U.S., and FCC Wants This to...

FCC is trying to solve the issue of cellphone unlocking. But it seems that the best idea might be for legal action down the road.

Aio Wireless Launching Its Service Throughout US In September

Aio Wireless has announced that they will be launching their service throughout the US in September.

Chinese Man’s House Goes Where He Goes

Liu Lingchao's personal dwelling gives "mobile home" a whole new meaning. Lingchao's house is designed for portability, so he can take it with him no matter where he goes.

Hugo Barra Resigns From Google

Android’s Hugo Barra is resigning from Google to join Chinese phone maker Xiaomi.

HTC One Max Is Indeed Coming With A Fingerprint Scanner?

Newly leaked images are showing a fingerprint scanner on the upcoming HTC One Max.

HTC Working on Its Own Smartphone OS For Release in China

HTC is reportedly working on a smartphone OS for the Chinese market. Read on to learn more!

Gold iPhone 5S Scratch Test (Video)

A prototype case of the gold iPhone 5S is being tested for scratch resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Or S3 Converted Into Tablet And Laptop By...

You can use the TransMaker accessory from Migoal to turn your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3 into an Android tablet and laptop.

UK Prisoners Love Tiny Mobile Phones (Video)

UK might ban tiny China-made mobile phones as they are continually fighting to keep such devices out of their local prisons.

Samsung Galaxy Note III Might Shoot 4K Videos

A new rumor is suggesting that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III might be able to shoot 4K UHD videos.

White Xbox One Certainly Looks Nice – But You May Never...

We are hearing a rumor about white Xbox One consoles which will only be available for a few people working at Microsoft.

Oppo N1 Camera Smartphone Spotted

The upcoming Oppo N1 camera smartphone has been spotted in leaked images. Read on for more details!