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Apple iPhone 6 Release Update

Apple might be planning to release the iPhone 6 in October.

Verizon LG G Vista Now Available

LG G Vista is a decent mid-range smartphone available from Verizon Wireless.

16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Available At Best Buy For...

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (16GB) available from Best Buy for a whopping $120 off of retail.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Tablet With Snapdragon 805 In The Works?

A successor to the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tablet could arrive in the future equipped with the Snapdragon 805 SoC.

History In Color (Photos)

History in color.

AT&T HTC Desire 610 Now Available

Do you want the AT&T HTC Desire 610?

Jimmy Kimmel’s Apple iTime (Video)

Check out Jimmy Kimmel's Apple iTime aka Casio watch.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Semi-Metallic Smartphone

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

LG’s 18-inch Flexible And Transparent OLED Displays (Video)

Videos showing LG's new flexible and transparent OLED displays.

Nokia Lumia 530 Hands-On Video

Check out the Nokia Lumia 530 budget smartphone.

This Is Changyuraptor yangi, The Largest Known Four-Winged Dinosaur

Take a look at Changyuraptor yangi, the largest four-winged dinosaur known to man.

Xiaomi Mi 4: Specs, Price And Availability

Say hello to the Xiaomi Mi 4 and the Mi Band, the Chinese company's first smart wearable device.

Arsenal Branded Huawei Ascend P7

Huawei Ascend P7 Arsenal Edition

Take A Look At The Motorola Moto G2

Check out the image and specs of the Motorola Moto G2.

Goophone WICO i6: The iPhone 6 Clone (Hands-On Video)

Check out this iPhone 6 clone from Goophone.

iPhone 6 Mass Production Starting Next Week?

The mass production of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will reportedly begin next week, while the 5.5 inch iPhone will hit the assembly line in the second week of August.

Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth Speaker

Check out the cute little Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth speaker.

Man Taking Selfie During Bull Run In Spain (Video)

This man wanted to be murdered by a bull while taking a selfie.

Hyundai Empty Car Convoy Ad (Video)

The Hyundai empty car convoy ad is pretty insane, but also cool.

Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon Now Costs $49.99 On Contract

The Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon has just dropped to $49.99 on contract.

LG Introduces A Very Flexible 18-Inch Display

Check out the new panels from LG that are flexible, rollable, and transparent.

World’s Tallest Waterslide: Watch What It’s Like To Ride It (Video)

Verrückt, the world's tallest waterslide, will scare the pants off of anyone who rides it.

LG KizON Wristband For Kids

The LG KizON wristband will allow parents to keep track of their kid's whereabouts.

Google Now Will Let You Use Your Voice To Control Media...

Use Google Now to control media playback with your voice.

Xiaomi Mi 3 To Go On Sale Starting July 15 In...

The Xiaomi Mi 3 will be available on sale starting July 15 in India. The device comes with a price tag of just Rs. 14,999. Xiaomi is also launching its Mi powerbank in the country.

LG G Pad 10.1 Tablet Launched In The US

LG G Pad 10.1 tablet launched in the US. The device will be available in Europe, Asia and Latin America later this month.

Lumia Android Smartphone Bearing Nokia by Microsoft Branding Coming Soon

According to @evleaks, a Lumia Android handset is in the works and the device will bear the Nokia by Microsoft branding.

Earthlike Planets Circling Gliese 581 Might Not Exist (Video)

Gliese 581g, the first potentially habitable exoplanet, might actually not exist.

Apple iPhone 6 Release Date And Pricing (Rumor)

The latest rumors about Apple's iPhone 6.

Dogs Chill On Couch As Burglars Leave With Flat Screen TV...

These dogs are OK with burglars walking around in the house.

Nexus 6 Release Date And Specs (Rumor)

Nexus 6 release date and specs - what we know so far.

How To Put On Your Pants Without Using Hands (Video)

Want to learn how to put on your pants without using your hands?

Solar-Powered Smart Benches

Soofas: solar-powered smart benches.

T-Mobile LG G3 To Launch On July 16 (Rumor)

According to a rumor, the LG G3 will land on T-Mobile shelves on July 16. A week later, the carrier might also launch the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra and the Galaxy Tab 4. Meanwhile, LG has just unveiled the LG G3 Beat in China, and it is said to be the mini version of the G3.

Amazon App Store Giveaway: 30 Most Popular Paid Apps Available For...

Are you going to take advantage of the Amazon App Store giveaway?

Google Cardboard Is An Inexpensive VR Headset (Video)

Google Cardboard: a very inexpensive virtual reality viewer.

Luis Suarez Thought Giorgio Chiellini Was A Tree (Lol)

Luis Suarez could get banned for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini in a FIFA World Cup match. But the internet has been flooded with all kinds of funny pictures related to the biting act.

Nokia X2 Now Available For €99 (Hands-On Video)

Check out the newly unveiled Nokia X2 Android handset.

Rufus: The Wimbledon Hawk (Video)

Rufus the hawk scares away pigeons at Wimbledon.

Fly Over the Waves With This Jet-Powered Hoverboard (Video)

This awesome jet-powered hoverboard is quite expensive.

Iraq Before Saddam Hussein (Video)

Take a look at Iraq before Saddam Hussein came to power.

Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle (Video)

Check out the first electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson.

Conan O’Brien’s Game Of Thrones Finale Recap (Video)

Check out Conan O'Brien's 6 second recap of the Game of Thrones finale.

Amazon Smartphone Will Be Exclusive To AT&T?

According to the latest reports, the upcoming Amazon smartphone will be exclusive to AT&T.

Drone Reportedly Spied On French Football Team

Did a drone spy on the French football team's practice session at the World Cup training base?

Jimmy Lin’s iPhone 6 Leak Is Reportedly Genuine

Jimmy Lin's iPhone 6 should be quite similar in design to the final iPhone 6 from Apple.

Sony Xperia Z2 For Verizon

Waiting for the Verizon version of the Sony Xperia Z2? We have got more info about the device here.

Ricky Gervais Had A Hilarious Chat With God

Ricky Gervais was busy talking with God on Twitter.