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Microsoft’s $400 Million Deal With NFL


A new deal between the NFL and Microsoft is going to bring the company’s Surface tablet on to the sidelines.

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Russian Mars Research Mission Capsule Returns


Russia’s Bion-M craft which was filled with animals, plants and microflora and put in orbit for a month has returned to Earth.

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Yahoo Finally Giving Flickr The Love It Needs


Yahoo has finally decided to bring changes to Flickr. The photo sharing site is getting a new look, a new Android app, and a new business model to attract new users.

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OUYA E3 Demo In Public Parking Lot


The makers of the Android-based console OUYA have plans to show off their yet to be released device in a parking lot outside the LA Convention Center during E3. Their idea is to attract the players themselves.

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Verizon’s 3G Prepaid Plans With Extended Data


Verizon has quietly increased the amount of data available through their 3G prepaid plans.

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Microsoft Kinect Becomes A Life-Saving Device


A system developed around the Microsoft Kinect could be used in future cars to save children from heatstroke after being left unattended inside a hot parked car.

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White Nexus 4 And Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Coming Next Month


A rumor is suggesting that Google has plans to release a white version of the Nexus 4 in the coming month. The device will be running the next version of Android.

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Archos ChefPad Kitchen Tablet Shipping Next Month


Archos has unveiled their ChefPad Android 4.1 running tablet which is meant to be used in the kitchen.

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Raspberry Pi Camera Board (Video)


The Pi Foundation has released a camera board for their Raspberry Pi computer.

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Google+ Games Retire On June 30th


Google unveiled their Google Play gaming service at the Google I/O conference. They have announced that the old games that users were playing on Google+ will be retired next month.

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Google Wallet Available On More Smartphones (Video)


Google Wallet is now available on more smartphones including the HTC One and Galaxy S4 on Sprint. Google has also announced that they are integrating Google Wallet with Gmail.

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Nokia Lumia 925 For T-Mobile


Nokia has unveiled their new Lumia 925 and it is headed to T-Mobile sometime in the near future.

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Google I/O Conference: Music Streaming Service, Google Glass, and More


The 2013 Google I/O conference begins in a few hours and we are taking a look at what all things are expected to be shown off at the event.

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Why Do We Need A Sony Xperia ZR?


Sony has unveiled their Xperia ZR smartphone which has very good water resistant capabilities. But does it have what it takes to do better on the market, especially since the better specced Xperia Z is already out there.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Image Leaks to the Net


The photos that we have here for you are thought to be that of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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