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Chrome Experiment ‘Roll It’ Game (Video)


Chrome Experiment’s new Roll It game brings a classic boardwalk game to your Chrome browser.

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Motorola Moto X Smartphone Coming In October


Motorola has confirmed that their Moto X Android smartphone will arrive in October. They have also revealed their intentions to introduce electronic tattoos and vitamin pills.

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Tim Cook Confirms Jony Ive is the Man Behind iOS 7


As suspected by many, Jony Ive is the main man behind the next version of iOS which will be unveiled at WWDC in the coming month.

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Tim Cook On Google Glass


Tim Cook shares his thoughts on the Google Glass and other wearable technology at the AllThingsD D11 Conference.

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HTC T6 Android Phablet Coming Soon


The HTC T6, an upcoming Android phablet, has been leaked. The device is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks and could go against the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III.

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Google Wants More People To Connect To the Internet in Emerging Markets


Google is said to be working to introduce wireless networks for countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia via airborne balloons and blimps.

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T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 For $105


Check out how you can get the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 for just $105 (well sort of) with no contract.

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Mantis And Shrimp: Australian For Robots


Australia is currently developing robots and other technology such as unmanned aircraft for using them in their agricultural sector.

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Do You Want To Play With Maxwest’s $65 7-inch Android Tablet?


Maxwest has shown off their 7-inch Android tablet which costs just $65 at CTIA 2013. The device is coming with decent features for that price tag, but don’t expect too much from it.

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3D Printing Going To Save Many Lives In The Future (Video)


From 3D printed tracheal support splint to 3D printed kidneys, pancreas, skins, prosthetics and more; the 3D printing technology is fast becoming a big part in the medical field.

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Killer Robots, Super AI: Who Controls the Ethics Behind Innovation?


At Google’s Big Tent, several experts came together to talk about the future of robotic tech and AI -- particularly the moral and ethical implications of advancement.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ‘Timecop’ Remake In The Works?


Universal Pictures is reportedly putting a reboot into development for their Timecop, the 1994 time travel action film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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How To Update Your Chrome Browser To Get Google Now Voice Search


Check out how you can update your Chrome browser now to enable Google Now style voice search.

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Apple iOS 7: Deep Integration for Flickr and Vimeo Coming?


A new rumor is suggesting that Apple’s iOS 7 is coming with deeper integration for photo-sharing service Flickr and video sharing site Vimeo.

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Qualcomm Mirasol Display (Hands-On Video)


Qualcomm has showed off their MEMS-based Mirasol reflective display at SID Display Week.

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