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AMD Android Tablets Could Be Coming Soon


AMD will be designing chips to run Google's Android and Chrome OS in PCs and tablets.

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Nokia 20 Megapixel PureView Windows Phone Coming Soon?


Newly leaked images are showing a handset which is said to be the rumored Nokia 41-megapixel “EOS” Windows Phone. But it could be an upcoming 20MP phone from the company.

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FairPhone Android Smartphone Made Of Conflict-Free Materials


The FairPhone smartphone made with conflict-free tin and tantalum will start to ship within Europe in October.

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AMES Device For Rehabilitating Paralyzed Patients


The AMES device can help paralyzed patients to regain muscle movements.

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WiSee Uses Wi-Fi To Detect Your Movements (Video)


WiSee, developed by the researchers at the University of Washington, detects human movements using only Wi-Fi.

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Verizon And NFL Extend Streaming Deal


Verizon will be paying the National Football League $1 billion over four years to remain as NFL’s official mobile network streaming partner.

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NVIDIA’s New Touchscreen-Stylus Technology


NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has showed off their new software-based touchscreen technology on an experimental 7 inch tablet at Computex. The new tech enables higher detection rate and improved battery life.

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Toshiba’s New 10 Inch Excite Tablets


Toshiba has unveiled three new ten inch Android tablets: the Excite Pure, the Excite Pro, and the Excite Write.

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Verizon HTC One Coming Soon


Verizon has confirmed that the HTC One will be available on their 4G LTE network later this summer.

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Apple iRadio Might Launch Next Week


Apple is pushing for deals with music publishers to unveil their internet radio service at their annual developers conference beginning next week.

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Future Gaming To Be Frighteningly Real


Today’s technology such as the Oculus Rift, Wizdish, and the IGS Glove is going to take gaming to a new level in the future.

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Acer Liquid S1 Android phone and Iconia W3 Windows 8 Tablet Unveiled


Acer has shown off their Liquid S1 Android Jelly Bean smartphone and Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet at this year's Computex event.

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Muscle-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs That Can Feel (Video)


Two programs in DARPA’s RE-NET program is currently dealing with improving the link between amputees and their prosthetics.

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August: Open Your Door With Your Smartphone (Video)


The August smart lock can be unlocked using an Android or iOS app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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Manned Trip To Mars: Current Radiation Shielding Not Going To Help


Data from Curiosity's Radiation Assessment Detector suggests that current radiation shielding available on spacecrafts won’t be enough to protect human explorers from radiation exposure during a manned trip to Mars.

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