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Apple iWatch Might Arrive Soon


Need further proof that the iWatch might in fact be a real product? The company has now went on a copyrighting spree, protecting the iWatch name.

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US Department of Defense Getting An App Store


The US Department of defense has signed a year-long contract with Digital Management for developing a mobile device management system and mobile app store.

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Rumor: Next-Gen Google Nexus 7 Release Date And Specs


A new rumor suggests that the next-gen Nexus 7 will be available by the end of this month with Android 4.3 and a 7” 1980×1200 display.

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Google Working On Gaming Console, Smart Watch, Media-Streamer And Low Cost Smartphones


Google reportedly is working on an Android powered games console, low cost smartphones, a smart watch, and a new Nexus Q device. The company might introduce at least one of those devices this fall.

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T-Mobile’s July 10th Event: What We Can Expect


T-Mobile has announced a press event scheduled to happen on July 10th in New York City. The carrier might introduce the Sony Xperia Z and the Nokia Lumia 925 at the event. Also expected are announcements regarding phase 2 of their UNcarrier approach and LTE.

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Outer Space: A New Market For PayPal


PayPal and the SETI Institute have announced their PayPal Galactic project which aims to bring about a good payment system in space.

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New LG Optimus G2 Images Surface, Shows Strange Volume Button Placement


A new leak is pointing towards an LG Optimus G2 with a buttonless front and volume buttons on the back. The device could also be named as the LG G2.

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Kirobo: World’s First Talking Robot-Astronaut (Video)


Developed as part of the Kibo Robot Project, the humanoid named Kirobo is going to be the first robot in space which will communicate with humans.

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Intel’s DIY Programmable Home Automation (Video)


Intel has been working on a platform that will allow users to easily configure devices at home and connect them with each other.

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Three More Super Earths Discovered


Astronomers have discovered three super Earths in the habitable zone of Gliese 667C, one of the stars in the triple star system known as Gliese 667.

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Google Glass-Equipped Surgery (Video)


Dr. Rafael Grossmann of the Eastern Maine Medical Center has performed a Google Glass-equipped surgery.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Hands-On Video


The Sony Xperia Z Ultra phablet is now official. We have a hands-on video here for you to take a peek at the device.

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PocketStrings: Practice Guitar Wherever You Go (Video)


PocketStrings will allow you to practice guitar chord fingerings no matter where you are.

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Aio Wireless 4G LTE Launched; ZTE Overture Coming In July


Aio has announced the launch of their 4G LTE service and the ZTE Overture Jelly Bean smartphone which features support for the network.

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Samsung ATIV Q: The Best Of Two Worlds (Hands-On Video)


Samsung’s new ATIV Q is coming with both Android and Windows 8 operating systems.

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