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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Image Leaks to the Net

The photos that we have here for you are thought to be that of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Sony 13.3-Inch e-Reader For Students

Sony has unveiled a 13.3-inch flexible E Ink prototype device which comes with the new Mobius e-paper display technology.

Is This The Nokia Lumia 925?

Nokia has released a teaser video of their upcoming Lumia device. The device in the clip could be the Lumia 925.

Lockheed Martin’s ADAM High Energy Laser Destroying A Rocket (Video)

We have a video which shows Lockheed Martin’s newly developed ADAM high energy laser (HEL) system taking out a rocket from a range of 1.5 km.

Martian Dust Would Be A Danger To Human Visitors

Researchers and public health experts at the Humans 2 Mars Summit have been discussing the threat of dust on Mars. A manned mission to the Red Planet could happen by 2030.

Using Google Now On The Galaxy S4 (Video)

Here are the ways with which you can access Google Now on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Facebook Home Updates To Bring Big Changes In The Future

Facebook will be releasing an update in the future which will bring features such as an app dock, folders, and more to their Home app.

Othermill: Cut Custom Circuit Boards and More (Video)

The Othermill is a portable computer-controlled mill that can cut custom circuit boards. It is capable of cutting metal, wood, wax and plastic.

iPhone 5S And Low Cost iPhone Rumors

We have the latest rumors regarding Apple’s next generation iPhone and the rumored low-cost iPhone.

Microrobots For Preventing Blindness

A group of scientists have developed microrobots which could be used to prevent the occurrence of blindness caused by insufficient amounts of oxygen reaching the retina.

T-Mobile US Q1 Results Show Good And Bad News

T-Mobile Q1 2013 results are showing good improvements including the first positive branded customer growth in four years. But there is bad news as well.

SoftBank’s War Of Words With Dish Over Sprint Merger

A war of words is going on between SoftBank and Dish over the acquisition of Sprint.

HTC Windows RT Blue Tablets Might Arrive In October

A new rumor suggests that HTC is planning to release two tablets running Windows RT Blue in October.

Terrafugia’s TF-X Plug-In Hybrid Flying Car (Video)

Terrafugia, the makers of the Transition car-airplane, has announced a plug-In hybrid flying car called the TF-X.

Sony Xperia Z Now Available In The US

The Sony Xperia Z is now available through the US Sony Store. But unfortunately there is no LTE support coming with the devices.

Barnes & Noble Mother’s Day Offer For Nook HD And HD+

The Nook HD and the HD+ tablets have become more attractive as they are now available at discount rates from Barnes & Noble. The offer is available through Mother's Day on May 12.

Nokia Lumia 521 From Walmart For $130, But Sold Out Already

The Nokia Lumia 521 is available on the Walmart website with a very low price tag. But it has been sold out within an hour.

BlackBerry 10 Devices Approved By US Department Of Defense

The DoD has officially approved the use of BlackBerry 10 devices and the devices running Samsung Knox on its network.

Video Game Improves Cognitive Skills Of Aged People

New research is suggesting that playing a video game is good for improving cognitive skills in aged people.

Exynos-based Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Fully Power Efficient, Says Developer

The Samsung Galaxy S4 running Exynos 5 Octa is not fully energy-efficient optimized.

Rogers Launches LTE Max, Also Adds Several New LTE Markets

Rogers has launched their new LTE Max, which essentially is just a marketing gimmick. Rogers has also announced expansion to several new LTE markets.

iRobot Hand For The DARPA ARM Program (Video)

iRobot has developed a reliable and low-cost robot hand for DARPA’s Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (ARM) program.

Twitter App For Google Glass

A Twitter app for Google Glass could be in the works, as indicated by a recently twitted image.

Netflix Losing Many Classic Titles Starting Today

Netflix will remove hundreds of classic titles from their streaming catalog starting May 1st. But they are promising the addition of many new titles.

Android Lead Designer On Facebook Home

Although the Facebook Home has received mostly bad reviews at Google Play, the Android UX design chief Matias Duarte has only praises for the app.

Google Now For iOS (Video)

Google Now is now available for iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.

NASA spacecraft ‘Cassini’ Captures Massive Saturn Hurricane On Video

NASA has released images and video of a massive hurricane at Saturn's north pole.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z With Free Cradle Now Available For Pre-Order...

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is now available for pre-order. They are offering a free cradle with the 32GB white version of the Android tablet.

T-Mobile Lumia 521 Now Available At HSN

The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 is now available at the Home Shopping Network.

OpenMobile ACL For webOS Coming In July

Phoenix International Communications is attempting to resurrect OpenMobile's ACL for webOS and they are looking for help via Kickstarter.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Stolen iPhones, Especially in San Francisco

Undercover cops in San Francisco have started using a new tactic to discourage people from buying stolen iPhones.

Samsung Leading The Smartphone Race, As BlackBerry and Nokia Fall Behind

According to the IDC, sales of smartphones have surpassed that of feature phones in Q1. Samsung is having the highest market share, followed by Apple, LG, Huawei and ZTE.

AT&T Will Not Delay Galaxy S4 Release Unlike Others

Despite Sprint and T-Mobile delays, AT&T announced via Twitter that their Galaxy S4 smartphones will arrive in-store on the earlier announced date.

Swype Now Available In The Google Play Store

Swype is finally losing its Beta tag and is currently available in the Google Play store as a 30 day free trial version and a 99c version.

Verizon Preparing $100B Bid For Vodafone’s Verizon Wireless Share

Verizon is reportedly preparing a $100 billion cash and stock bid to take full control of Verizon Wireless from Vodafone.

Robot Factory’s 3DLPrinter Costs A Fortune (Video)

The 3DLPrinter can 3D print objects with a very fine resolution, but it comes with a very high price tag.

Future Cars Might Stop You From Texting While Driving

The Department of Transportation has released guidelines which recommend the use of tech inside cars which would block several common cellphone functions when the car is in motion.

Rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 Might Arrive Soon

New info suggests that Samsung might be planning to release a rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 sometime in the near future.

Netflix Introduces $12 Streaming Plan, Allows 4 Simultaneous Streams

Netflix’s upcoming $12 monthly plan will allow users of the same account to stream to 4 devices simultaneously.

Windows 8.1 Bringing Back Start Button

New info suggests that Microsoft has plans to bring back the Start button with Windows 8.1, largely due to the strong amount feedback asking for its return.

Google 32GB Nexus 4 With LTE Might Arrive In May

Google might introduce the Nexus 4 with more storage and upgraded network capabilities at Google I/O in May.

Facebook Home Installed 500k Times, But How Many Times Has it...

Facebook Home has surpassed 500k downloads nine days after it hit Google Play. But reviews about it have been mostly bad.

Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 Leaked

Press shots of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon have been leaked. Take a peek at both the black and white versions of the 928.

Kepler Spots Two New Planets, One is A So-Called ‘Super Earth’

Kepler has found two exoplanets which are in the habitable zone in the new Kepler-62 exosolar system.

Twitter #music For iPhone (Video)

The newly released Twitter #music app puts more fun into music discovery while offering a beautiful user interface.

Nano-Suits For Future Astronauts (Video)

The new nano-suit which protects insects in a vacuum could be developed to create a more flexible space suit for astronauts.

Google Very Strict About The Use Of Google Glasses

Google’s terms of service regarding the use of the Google Glasses suggest that the developers won’t be allowed to resell or loan the device without the company’s permission.

Injectable LEDs For Studying The Brain (Video)

These new LEDs can be used to understand more about how our brain works.

Cheap Windows 8 Tablets To Take On Android

Intel is promising that the future Windows 8 tablets running the Bay Trail chip will cost as low as $200.

Nanosponges That Remove Toxins From The Bloodstream (Video)

Nanosponges, developed by scientists at the University of California, can soak up lethal toxins from the bloodstream.