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CyanogenMod 10.2 Coming With “Global Blacklist” Feature

CyanogenMod 10.2 is gearing up for release, and according to a Google+ post by David Van Tonder, it will be arriving with a new feature called “Global Blacklist". Read on to learn more.

Apple iPhone 5C Parts Leaked

We have images showing what are supposed to be parts of the rumored iPhone 5C handset from Apple.

Cheaper Moto X Coming Soon

Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside has revealed that the company has plans to bring out a cheaper version of the Moto X.

This Hexapod Doesn’t Let A Little Thing Like Missing A Leg...

Check out the new hexapod developed by researchers at the Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University. The robot is capable of working out a new gait if it loses one of its legs.

Xiaomi Red Rice Quad-Core Smartphone Costs Just $130

Say hello to the Xiaomi Red Rice, a quad core Android 4.2 smartphone which costs just $130. Now close your mouth, click the article link - and read all about it!

PaperDude VR: The Awesome Paperboy Game (Video)

While the combination of the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect is capable of giving you the scariest experiences ever, it seems that a bit of nostalgia can also be achieved. If you grew up playing the Paperboy game, you would certainly love to try the new PaperDude VR developed by Globacore.

Too Much Of Gaming Might Lead To Suicidal Thoughts, Says Study

A Psychiatrist claims that excessive gaming can lead to suicidal thoughts. Read on to learn more!

Panasonic’s Android Powered Cordless Home Phone

Smartphones, tablets, gaming console, and an even exercise bike, we are seeing Android all around us. If you are still feeling that there is something missing maybe this Android powered cordless home phone from Panasonic might cheer you up, provided you haven’t already abandoned your landline.

Windows Phone US Market Share Falls

Sales of devices running Windows Phone on Verizon are at 5%, down from 6.8% in April. This seems to be the major cause for the fall of WP market share in the US.

Canon Introducing Vixia Mini Camcorder, Just $300

Canon’s Vixia Mini has been designed to help you record a video of yourself doing anything, without the need for someone to hold the camcorder.

TouchKeys: The Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard (video)

TouchKeys will allow you to control vibrato and pitch bends with your finger tips while using your keyboard.

AquaTop: Add More Fun To Playing In The Water (Video)

A team of Japanese engineers is using water as an interactive display with a projection system called AquaTop.

Apple iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanning Tech Confirmed?

Developer Hamza Sood seems to have found a folder titled “BiometricKitUI” within the latest iOS 7 beta. According to the description, users will be able to make use of a fingerprint tech feature by touching the sensor on the home button.

Flying Drone Lands And Then Walks Creepily (Video)

Check out a drone which can fly around as any other drone out there, but when it lands it is capable of crawling on the ground.

Apple’s Cheaper iPhone Might Launch As The 5C

Apple’s rumored low cost iPhone might end up being called as the iPhone 5C, and now the first possible 'proof' of that has shown up online.

R2B2 Robot Can Crack Your Android PIN Code

The 3D printed R2B2 robot can find its way through any four-digit PIN code on your Android phone by using brute force.

MetroPCS Offering the Nokia Lumia 521 for Just $99

The Nokia Lumia 521 is available from MetroPCS for $99. They are also offering the LTE-enabled LG Optimus F3 with a price tag of $149.

Lenovo Flagship Smartphone With Snapdragon 800

While most of us are more familiar with brands like HTC, Sony, Samsung and Motorola - in China brands such as Lenovo also have their own smartphone offerings. Join us as we take a look at the latest rumored Lenovo handset, which is said to feature a fast Snapdragon 800 processor!

Google Android 4.3: What’s New?

Android 4.3 is here! So what's new with the latest version of Jelly Bean? Join us as we take a brief look!

How To Exercise In Space (Video)

As we have seen before, it is quite a difficult task for astronauts to keep themselves clean aboard the International Space Station, but they also have to make sure that they get enough exercise out there. So how do the folks at the ISS keep themselves fit? Let’s take a look.

3D printing At Home Could Result In Health Problems

According to a new study, 3D printing could create health problems if done in areas without proper ventilation due to emissions.

Next-Gen Nexus 7: Pre-Order It At Best Buy Now

Ahead of total's expected unveil, the Google’s next-gen Nexus 7 tablet is now available for pre-order at Best Buy.

A Look At Motorola’s New Droid Devices And The Moto X...

Motorola has recently unveiled their Droid ULTRA, MAXX, and MINI handsets. But do they have what it takes to be appealing to the customers?

Rubbee: Turn Your Bicycle Electric In Seconds (Video)

If you already have a bicycle but would like to get electric power support once in a while, maybe all you need is the Rubbee. This unique 'converter' can connect to a regular bicycle in just a few seconds, and comes off easily as well.

LG Teases G2’s Fingerprint Scanner (Video)

LG has released teasers of their upcoming G2 handset, one of which suggests that the device will come equipped with fingerprint scanning tech. Are you excited to get your hands on the G2 yet?

Ubuntu Edge Hits $3 Million In A Day (Video)

The good looking device that you see above is the Ubuntu Edge, a ‘super-phone’ powerful enough to give you a full Ubuntu desktop when connected to an external monitor. Now Canonical is looking for YOUR help to make this phone a reality.

Say Hello To Google’s Next-Gen Nexus 7

Google’s much anticipated next-generation Nexus 7 tablet should be unveiled this week, but that doesn't mean we won’t see any more leaks related to the device. This latest leak, which seems to be a press image of the Asus-made tablet, comes from @evleaks.

Nokia Lumia 625 Might Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Earlier today, Nokia took to their "Conversations" blog to tease us about an upcoming big announcement tomorrow. From the looks of things, they might be planning to reveal the rumored Lumia 625.

How Gene Therapy Could Eventually Cure Down Syndrome

Each human being carries 23 chromosome pairs, but when there is the presence of a partial or full extra copy of chromosome 21 the result is the Down Syndrome. The good news is that new research could potentially help treat or even cure DS in the future.

PS4 Games On The Oculus Rift (Video)

We have seen how amazing the virtual world created by an Oculus Rift is. But it will be the greatest thing ever for gamers if the headgear is developed to work with the PS4. Already trying to imagine how it will be like? The folks over at T3 were thrilled by the idea and have created the concept video of the PS4 Rift by Oculus.

More Apple TV Rumors

Here we have some of the rumors circulating about Apple’s HDTV and their TV service.

How To Wash Your Hair In Space

Ever wondered how hygiene works in space? Check out how Karen Nyberg washes her hair on the International Space Station.

Driverless Cars Coming Soon To A Road Near You

Driverless cars are certainly going to be a part of our not too distant future. With automated vehicles being tested by countries around the world, the UK government is expecting to begin testing self driving cars in city streets later this year.

Verizon To Unveil Motorola Droid Ultra, MAXX And Mini On July...

Verizon is expected to unveil the Motorola Droid Ultra, MAXX and Mini at a press event scheduled to happen on July 23rd.

HTC One Mini Spotted

The HTC One Mini has been spotted in China's TENAA database.

Xbox One: Do We Really Need The Kinect With It?

Microsoft seems to have had no other way but to make the Kinect mandatory with their Xbox One, but gamers won’t probably have too many uses for the new motion sensor.

BlackBerry A10 Mid Range Smartphone Surfaces

We have a leaked image of the mid range BlackBerry A10 smartphone.

Android-Powered Peloton Exercise Bike (Video)

The Peloton exercise bike is here powered by Android and equipped with a 21.5 inch Full HD 1080P LED screen.

Motorola: Google’s Insurance Against Samsung

With Samsung’s continuous growth, Google’s only hope to avoid problems in the future might be the success of Motorola.

HTC M8 And Upgraded HTC One In The Works?

HTC is reportedly planning to introduce the M8 flagship smartphone in 2014. An upgraded HTC One with a Snapdragon 800 CPU could also be in the works.

Moto X For Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile And Sprint

The upcoming Motorola Moto X will reportedly be available on all four major carriers in the US. Google is said to have plans to spend over $500 million on marketing campaign for the handset.

NASA 2020 Mars Mission: Aims to Seek Out Past Alien Life

NASA’s new Mars rover, which will be part of an unnamed 2020 mission to the red planet, will search for signs of past life which existed when the planet was much warmer and wetter.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Specs Leaked; 64GB Version For Telefonica

A leak has revealed the full specs of the unannounced Nokia Lumia 1020. The handset will also have a 64GB version, which is said to be an exclusive for Telefonica.

New Google Maps for Android (Video)

Google has released a new Google Maps for Android and it will be available to iOS users sometime soon. The new app is coming with a lot of interesting features, though the update also removes certain items that were available earlier.

Getting Rid of Malware the EDA Way: Beat the Heck Out...

A US Agency called the Economic Development Administration appears to have found a bizarre way to take care of computer viruses.

iPad Mini 2 Might Arrive In Q4 2013 With Retina Display

Apple might release their next-gen iPad Mini in the fourth quarter of this year with a Retina Display, and the iPad 5 is said to be coming this September.

A Look at Real Pictures and Video Taken with the Nokia...

If you can’t wait any longer to know how the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera looks, maybe you are in luck. We have now found several pictures and videos allegedly taken with the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Arriving in Four Versions?

A new rumor is suggesting that Samsung might be preparing four versions of the Galaxy Note III which will be available at various price points.

Take A Look At The Motorola DROID ULTRA

Curious to see what the upcoming Motorola Droid Ultra is going to look like? Join us as we take a peak.

Brazil Also Under NSA’s Radar

The NSA has allegedly been doing their spying works on Brazil for the past decade.