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The Show Review: CES 2009


Like tech reporter Michael Kwan, I spent four+ crazy days on the show floor at CES in Las Vegas as vendors got their game on. I kicked tires – literally – where companies were featuring automotive tech, and I took a ride in an Indy Car simulator. Tech from this simulator is being used by the armed forces to put ...

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inTouch takes on Nextel’s Push-to-Talk


Clarity Communication Systems is breaking into Nextel’s walkie-talkie stranglehold with its inTouch Push-to-Talk solution. The technology combines a portable handset client with VoIP and SIP to deliver push-to-talk capability on standard CDMA wireless phones. According to Clarity’s literature, the solution is being marketed to both businesses and individuals and can be used across disparate wireless networks on a variety of ...

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Review: Sprint PPC-6700 with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0


Smart phones. The phrase evokes both sneers and smiles from the technocrats among us. The beauty of a device that does everything in one hand-held package is that it simplifies your life. The possible detriment is that it doesn’t do everything as well as the individual dedicated devices. Well, you’ve heard those comments before…let’s see if the PPC-6700 is any ...

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Sprint Nextel BlackBerry 7100i Review


Since the first Palm Pilot came out, I’ve been drooling over ways to take all my information with me and be able to connect to other people via the same device. No, the first Palms and other PDAs were woefully deficient in their ability to keep me in touch. But then came the BlackBerry. Let’s skim over the original clunky ...

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Review: S4 MMR1 Wearable MP3 Player


Likely a developmental offshoot of Apple’s iPod Shuffle and the other flash-memory music drives now available, the S4 Styles Co. MMR1 is a minimalist approach to enjoying your music practically anywhere. When I first saw the futuristic curve of the integrated headband, I thought of Jordi on Star Trek’s The Next Generation series. But don’t let yourself be misled by ...

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