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Concept Device Envisions The Future Of iPhone Photography


ADR Studio envisions the concept device, iCam, as a special accessory that works in conjunction with the iPhone 5 to bring photography to the next level.

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AT&T Withdraws Its FCC Application For Merger With T-Mobile


Amid the concerns of the anti-trust claim AT&T completely withdrew its application for approval with the FCC, stating that they wished to focus all their efforts into the Department of Justice case first.

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Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots Coming To Android


Recently, the very popular game “Fruit Ninja”, got itself an upgrade in the form of “Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots”, made with the support of Dream Works studios. Initially, it arrived only on the iOS platform.

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Sony Asks Aaron Sorkin To Write Steve Jobs Movie


No matter what Sony puts together, its likely that a movie about Steve Jobs will do very well but Sony isn't just aiming to do well, they want the best. The studio recently asked Aaron Sorkin to take charge as the script writer for the new film.

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Apple Switching To Sharp For Displays


It seems that Apple's partnership with Samsung is finally coming to an end. Apple is moving its display production away from Samsung in favor of Sharp Corporation, at least according to Analyst Peter Misek.

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Black Friday Deals: Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet For $160


As we all know, tablets have become a hot item since the launch of the iPad in 2010. For those of us that have been considering making the jump to a tablet, Black Friday certainly offers a great opportunity to get a good deal without breaking the bank.

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Lenovo’s 22mm Thin-Frame Media Center


In recent times, much attention has been given to PC makers for their ability to create highly portable, mobile solutions that use miniaturized components such as netbooks and ultrabooks. Despite the attention given to the mobile scene, mobile technology like the Atom processor has also helped make today’s desktops and multimedia machines smaller than ever, as well.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming This Year


Ever since we first got the juicy details of the Galaxy Nexus, many Android fans have been waiting to get their hands on the flagship phone. According to Samsung, the wait is almost over and the phone will hit the market by the end of this year.

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Otherlab Develops Inflatable Robot You Can Ride


The Ant-Roach is completely inflatable, including its muscle structure. The robot weighs only seventy pounds and is easy to carry around, but due to its design it can support up to 1,000 pounds.

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Loytr Releases A New Timeline Facebook App For iPad


Loytr, the developer behind the popular MyPad for Facebook app, has decided to take Timelines to a new level with his iPad app dedicated to browsing through these new profiles.

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Navmii iPhone Navigation App Now Free on Android Too


When it comes to GPS apps, Navmii is regarded as one of the best for the iPhone. Now, Navmii has decided to take their service to the Android platform in the form of NavFree. NavFree is a new free navigation service that offers a fully functional GPS app ,completely free. No money, nothing.

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Facebook Phone In The Works?


Despite Facebook's struggle to develop into something more than an app, the company is now launching its own phone running on a customized version of Android and utilizing HTC hardware.

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ESRB Ratings Going Mobile


The CTIA Wireless Trade Association issued a statement today that they are entering into a partnership with the ESRB to start rating mobile applications.

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Google Updates Its Search App For iPads


There was no denying that the previous Google iOS/iPad app needed a makeover, badly. Google announced today that such a makeover had finally arrived with major interface enhancements and overall better performance.

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Kindle Fire Sold At A Loss?


Before we start applauding the millions of pre-sales that are already behind Amazon’s Kindle Fire, keep in mind the expensive involved in developing the tablet. According to HIS iSuppli they performed a detailed breakdown of the Fire and have concluded that it would cost about $201.70 to manufacture each device.

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