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Nintendo 3DS Update Adds 3D Video Recording


The 3DS has received a new update that allows video recording, what is interesting is that the video footage is actually in 3D. The update also allows recording in stop-motion mode.

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Archos G9 Tablet Line Gets Ice Cream Sandwich


As far as Android's new ICS 4.0 OS, you can generally forget it on lower end models, but this time around it seems Archos OMAP4-based Archos G9 tablet line is setting their targets high with a launch of new models in Q1 2012 that support Android 4.0.1.

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iStation Dock Turns Your iPad Into A Retro-Style Desktop


The iStation isn't just a dock that holds your iPad and bluetooth keyboard in place for some serious desktop-style work, it is also a nod back to classic machines like the Apple II and the Apple I (with the woodgrain model).

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Android ICS 4.0 Tablet For Under $100?


The Ainol Novo7 is a new tablet that is actually a collaboration of efforts by such companies as Ingenic and MIPS, available for under $100. The downside is that for now it's only available in China, though MIPS and Ingenic plan to expand its target base to other countries as well.

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HTC Flyer Gets Honeycomb 3.2 Update


It seems that the HTC Flyer 32GB WIFI/3G tablet received an update to Android Honeycomb 3.2 today.

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LG’s Newest X-Note Ultrabook


LG has developed its newest ultrabook, the X-Note Z330. This product will officially be shown off later this month and looks to be a great example of what Intel wishes to accomplish with the ultrabook specification.

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Apple Adding 4G To Its iPad 3 And iPhone 5?


Reports have come in claiming that both the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 with have 4G LTE capabilities. At least for the moment Apple has yet to confirm or deny such future plans.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Coming To AT&T


Exactly one week ago to the date, we reported on the possibility of a white Samsung Galaxy S II that supposedly came from an AT&T source. We are now happy to report that the Galaxy S II Skyrocket will arrive on December 4th.

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New RC Car Hits 0-60 In Under Three Seconds


The new Traxxas XO-1 is capable of going from 0-60MPH in just 2.3 seconds and can hit 100MPH in 4.92 seconds. Traxxas claims that its new device is the fastest ready-to-race RC.

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New Children’s Wish List App From Amazon


Amazon is debuting a new holiday shopping app that is geared towardas kids. “Amazon Santa” is a free app for Android and iOS that allows children and their parents to create holiday Wish Lists to share with friends, family, and Santa Claus as well.

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A New Plug-In Allows SIRI To Start Your Car


If you've ever wished that you could use SIRI to start you car, your wish has been granted. Brandon Fiquett, a developer and engineer, figured out a way to combine Viper's SmartStart program with SIRI, which lets him start his Acura through his phone.

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HTML-Based Phone 7 Demo Runs On Your Current Phone


Microsoft has now released an HTML-5 based demo page that can be used right from your iPhone or Android that will give you the chance to test drive their mobile OS.

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CM7 Custom ROM Running On Kindle Fire


It was only a matter of time before the Kindle Fire would find itself running a custom ROM. XDA Developers Forum member JackpotClavin has now accomplished such a feat using CyanogenMod 7.

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Google Map Update Improves Indoor Maps


It seems that Google Maps is now getting an upgrade that includes indoor maps.

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iPhone 4 Spontaneously Combusts While Aboard Flight


While aboard the Australian Regional Express Flight ZL319, the Apple iPhone spontaneously began smoking and emitting a red glow.

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