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Super Talent Intros USB 3.0 Portable SDD Drive


When it comes to external storage, they have never really had the speed and performance of an internal HDD drive. Now the company “Super Talent” claims that its new product will change the way people think about external storage.

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No Brainer: Apple Products To Get ReDesigns In 2012, iPhone 5, iPad 3 Are Certain


On the Apple front, Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, believes that a redesigned iPhone 5 could appear in mid-2012. Such a handset could bring in features that Apple fans have long waited for like the introduction of 4G LTE technology. It takes an analyst to come up with that?

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Four Unique Technology Concepts From 2011


The folks at Ubergizmo have gathered up four unique concept devices that debuted in 2011.

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EDGE Design Releases High-Grade Aluminum Cases For iPhone


For those of you out there that feel your beloved iPhone deserves something better than cheap plastic or rubber for its casing, EDGE Design has you covered with its unique cases. The cases are made from high-strength aluminum and, according to the company, were inspired by the Modulo concept car by Pininfarina.

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QP Lightpad Enlarges Your Smartphone Screen From 11″ to 60″


The new QP Optoelectronics "LightPad" has a folio-style setup that combines a keyboard with an 11-inch rear projection screen.

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Apple Wins Patent Suite Against HTC


One of the most handy features on my LG Android smartphone is the ability to look up numbers through the browser, tap them, and have them launch into the phone dialer. While this certainly isn't the most impressive feature on my phone, I still am glad to have it.

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Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer Out


It seems that the newest Batman installment, "The Dark Knight Rises", has its official trailer up and ready for our viewing pleasure.

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iVigilo iOS App Remotely Monitors IP Security Cameras


The iVigilo Smartcam Pro app has you covered with a truly mobile security camera solution that includes a built-in webserver to broadcast your iPhone or even iPad's camera signal to the internet.

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Nexus S Gets ICS Update


Recently, Google promised that after the Galaxy Nexus arrived, Nexus S users would also be treated to ICS. After a very short wait, Google made good on their word.

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New Amazon App Sparks “Boycott Amazon” Campaign


So what has all these retailers up in arms? Amazon's new price-check app for Android and iOS.

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New Program Allows For Windows Phone Customization


For those of us that have been waiting for Microsoft to do something about this lack of customization options, our wait is finally over. Of course, it is no thanks to the folks at Redmond and the new customization options are instead possible thanks to a new Windows-based application, "Themes for Windows Phone".

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Chinese Vita-Look-Alike Android Gaming Handheld


China, the land of cheap electronic clones, brings us yet another some-what interesting device to the table, the Yinlips "Android Smart Game Player".

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Kindle Fire Update Arriving Soon


Amazon has listened to some of the complaints about Kindle Fire, and it seems that an update is on its way to address some of these problems.

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Bill Gates Considering Return To Microsoft?


A article from Fortune surfaced just today (12/8), discussing the possible rumor of Bill Gates returning to the helm of Microsoft.

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Droid 4 And Nexus Delayed On Verizon


Recent rumors had previously suggested that Droid 4 and Galaxy Nexus were launching this week on the Verizon network, now it seems that Verizon has pushed back this rumored launch point altogether.

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