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Study Claims Android Is For Apps, iOS For Games


Android has its positive features (more open, more freeware oriented) and negative (malware and security issues), while iOS has its positives (better games, better security) and negatives (not as open, not as much freeware). It really boils down to what you are looking for in an OS, not which is better than the other.

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Source “Claims” iPad 3 Will Be Unveiled At iWorld In January


As of late, there has been no shortage of rumors regarding Apple products, particularly the iPad. Now it seems that yet another rumor has surfaced, this time courtesy of sources allegedly from Apple supply chain partners.

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Ever Wondered What The Lumps On Certain Cords Are For?


Have you ever wondered what that little cylinder-shaped lump phone on many power cords, monitor cables, and other such devices is for? Is it just there to make us wonder what its for? Actually, it turns out that it does in fact serve a very real purpose.

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LG Prada 3.0 With ICS Arrives In Korea


Not too long ago, we announced that the LG Prada 3.0 was in fact in the works. Now it seems that LG's newest Prada-branded device has finally arrived on scene, at least in Korea.

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Ultrabook Hybrids On Their Way


A new feature article by PC Magazine discusses the future of 'convertible' style tablets. Essentially the article focuses on how convertibles have existed for a while, but with changes in technology and the introduction of Windows 8, they are finally becoming feasible.

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The Nokia 1 Windows 8 Concept Tablet


After positive attention for the Nokia Tab Windows 8 tablet concept, a similar designed concept device is now being shown off by YrOnimuS under the name Nokia 1.

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India’s Second Budget Android Tablet Is Just $57


Not long ago, the Indian government sponsored the creation of a tablet from DataWind that had modest specs but was priced low enough to make it affordable to the public.

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The Retailer That Stole Christmas


A move by Best Buy now has people comparing my favorite Dr. Seuss character to the large electronics retailer.

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Dropbox Version 2.0 Out For Android


There is no denying that physical storage is slowly but surely being relegated to the back burner in favor of cloud solutions. One of the largest mobile solutions is without a doubt Dropbox.

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Android and iOS’ Grand Theft Auto 3 Gets Holiday Price Cut


Rockstar has placed "Grand Theft Auto 3" on sale for the holidays, and for a very limited time it will set you back only $2.99.

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New Apple Store In Palo Alto


Apple is preparing to build a new store in Palo Alto, just one block away from their existing older store.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Macbooks Could Become A Reality


As much as many users love their Macbooks, wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to recharge batteries so often? Apple seems to think so, and has recently raised a pair of Apple patent applications for fuel-cell powered Macbooks and other Apple devices.

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth Comes To Android


Anomaly: Warzone Earth is often considered one of the highest rated and received games for iOS, scoring a 95 at Metacritic . Now Kindle Fire users can join in on the fun thanks to a new port, which presumably should work on any Android tablet featuring 2.3 or higher, despite the release being focused on the Kindle Fire.

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Mydlink App Lets Users Monitor Their Security IP Cameras Remotely


The D-Link app, mydlink+, works for both Android and iOS devices and allows consumers to remotely monitor their home or small office anywhere in the world through the power of the net.

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Multiponk Arrives On Android


For almost two years, iOS users have enjoyed Fingerlab's unique recreation of the Pong experience, Multiponk. The unique game is essentially a version of pong that can have up to four players and has seven different unique game modes. The best part is that it is now coming to Android as well.

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