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Microsoft Unveils Windows 8 Tablet Requirements


The truth is that Vista wasn't that bad if you had the right hardware, unfortunately Microsoft didn't enforce any minimums and so most of us never really saw the 'good side' of Vista (though Windows 7 cured many of these problems). Microsoft isn't repeating any of these mistakes with its Windows 8 tablets, and has already set some specific hardware requirements that all Win8 tablets will have to meet.

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Prototype SIM-LEI EV Gets 190 Mile Range


Recently there has been a much larger push for electric cars, for example, the all-electric Honda Fit EV. While this is good news, the problem with most electric models presented is that there is still some pretty serious limitations when it comes to driving distance and (to a lesser extent) speed. Of course, this isn't the case for the new Sim-Drive SIM-LEI prototype EV.

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Viewsonic’s Windows 7 Oak Trail Tablet


With the touch-optimized Windows 8 soon on its way, you would think that every hardware maker out there would have a big “On Hold” sign over any possible plans for Windows tablets until late-2012. Of course you'd be wrong, as Viewsonic announced at CES that it is releasing the new ViewPad 10i.

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