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Blackberry Z10 Getting Price Slashed, As Little as a Penny on Amazon

It still remains seen whether or not BB10 has what it takes to eventually renew interest in the platform, but the Z10 is now getting several price cuts.

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Rovio Announces ‘Angry Birds Star Wars II’


You aren't sick of Angry Birds just yet are you? No, we didn't think so! Rovio has now announced Angry Birds Star Wars II.

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Tizen Not Dead After All? Here’s a Look at a New Prototype Tablet


Recent rumors have suggested that Tizen is already dead, long before arrival. That hasn't stopped a new Tizen tablet prototype from showing up, though.

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Sony PS4 Aims to Return to a Diverse Age of Gaming, Similar to the PSone era


With the PS4, Sony hopes to usher in a new “renaissance of gaming” that will feel somewhat familiar to the ‘golden age’ of PS1 gaming.

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Daily Deal: Ematic Jelly Bean Tablet for Just $59.99


A Jelly Bean tablet for just $59.99? That’s what today’s daily deal brings you!

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Samsung: Is There Such Thing As TOO Many Options?


With the multiple Samsung S4 variants, the Galaxy Mega, and rumors of 4+ Note variants - we have to ask: is there such thing as too many options?

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Droids Incoming: A Look At the New Motorola Droid Family


The next generation of Motorola Droid devices are incoming! Now we have a shot of all three upcoming models side-by-side.

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Sega’s Crazy Taxi Lands on Android


Back in October 12th of last year, Crazy Taxi landed on iOS. Now that many months have passed, Android fans finally are seeing some Sega lovin’ as well!

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RUMOR: Xbox One Getting A RAM Upgrade?

According to a new rumor, the Xbox One is getting a RAM upgrade - jumping from 8GB up to 12GB.

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Daily Deal: HTC One for Just $49.99 with Contract

An HTC One for just $49.99 with two year commitment? Not a bad price at all. Even better, you can choose from either AT&T or Sprint.

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Motorola Droid Maxx: 48 Hours of Worry-Free Battery Life


Imagine if you were able to break away from the wall charger for well over a day. It might sound crazy, but that's exactly what the Droid MAXX will do.

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A Laptop for Just $170? Yep, Here it Is


A working laptop for $169.99? Too good to be true? Nope, not if you are willing to try out a Samsung Chromebook instead of a typical Windows PC.

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An SLR Made with a 3D Printer? Yes, It is Possible


An SLR made with a 3D Printer? Might sound crazy, but it's actually quite possible, thanks to the design of French design student Leo Marius.

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HTC 8XT: Windows Phone 8 Arriving to Sprint on July 19th


The day is finally here! On July 19th, Sprint will finally get it's first WP8 handset, the HTC 8XT. Shortly after, the Samsung Ativ S Neo will also arrive.

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‘Prince of Persia: Shadow and Flame’ Arrives on July 26th With Remastered Graphics


Prince of Persia 2: Shadow and the Flame has now received an official release date for the total remake, July 26th

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