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HTC One versus Samsung Galaxy S4: Can HTC Compete Against the...

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is just around the corner, and we are all likely wondering the same question: can the HTC One compete against the upcoming handset?

So-Called HTC Tiara Windows Phone 8 “GDR2” Handset Coming Later This...

EVLeaks indicates that HTC has something new in the Windows Phone 8 arena planned for the not-too-distant future called the HTC Tiara.

Asus Memo Pad 7-inch and 10.1-inch Models Launching in the UK...

The Asus Memo Pad is heading to the UK soon enough, in both 7-inch and 10.1-inch variations.

Is Google Worried About Samsung’s Android Dominance?

While not an official report, the Wall Street General says they spoke to people “close to the matter” about Google's concern over Samsung's dominance.

European Commission Investing €50 million into Furthering 5G Research

When it comes to 4G LTE technology, Europe hasn't exactly been ahead of the curve. The European Commission doesn't what that to happen again with 5G tech.

Apple Patent Filing Suggests Future iDevices May Think for Themselves

It looks Apple's iDevices could someday become self-aware. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but a new patent does suggest "situational awareness" for iDevices.

i-Mate Phone Runs On Windows 8 Pro, not Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8? We don't need no stinking Windows Phone 8. The i-Mate Windows Phone runs instead on the power of Windows 8 Pro and an Intel Atom processor.

iOS 6.1.3 Will Stop Evasi0n Jailbreaking Right in Its Tracks

Loving every moment of jailbroken life with your favorite iDevice thanks to Evasi0n? If so, you might want to hold off on iOS 6.1.3 when it rolls out.

7-inch Asus FonePad Runs on Intel Processor and Can Make Phone...

It looks like Samsung isn't the only one adding the ability to make voice calls to tablets. Asus has now officially unveiled the FonePad, a 7-inch tablet with built-in phone capabilities.

ZTE Grand Memo Show Off At MWC, Features Snapdragon 800 Processor

The ZTE Grand Memo has now officially be revealed at MWC as the first smartphone running on a Snapdragon 800 processor.

Huawei Indicates They Could Be Working on Google Glasses Competitor

As Google's Glass marches closer to commercial release, it seems that Huawei could be working on a glasses computer of their own.

Mozilla Firefox OS is Here, Should You Care?

is there room for Firefox OS is the crowded mobile world? Join us for a look at what Firefox OS is and decide for yourself if you should care or not.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Confirmed for March 14th Unveil

Waiting anxiously for 'real' news about the Samsung Galaxy S4, beyond what the rumor mill is churning? Samsung has confirmed March 14th as the reveal date.

Could Supercomputers Someday Replace Physicians?

Is it possible that we could someday have robots and supercomputers in use as a replacement for human physicians?

Researchers Craft Fully Working Robotic Bat Wings

Ever wondered how exactly bats fly? Brown Researchers decided to further research the topic, and have now created biologically accurate robotic bat wings.

Youtube Player Deluxe Listed as $999.99 at Windows Store

Looking for a third-party YouTube player for Windows 8? YouTube Player Deluxe could fit the bill, if you happen to have $999.99 to spare.

Microsoft Patent Application Kills Germs on Your Mobile Device’s Display Surface

It looks like Microsoft wants to protect us from an army of germs in their latest patent, using UV light to get the job done.

Nokia Lumia 620 Coming to Telus, Just $250 Outright or Free...

Those in the US have to go through a retailer like Expansys to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 620, but Telus is now bringing the handset to Canada.

Dennis Tito Planning Mission to Mars for 2018

It looks like man might be making on small step for man and a giant leap for mankind once again, this time onto Mars, at least if American entrepreneur Dennis Tito has anything to say about it.

YotaPhone Planning For Release in Second Half of This Year

YotaPhone is now preparing for production with new partner Hi-P International. A global release of the phone is planned for the second half of this year.

Google ChromeBook Pixel Confirmed, Starts At $1,300

Up until now, it was unclear whether the Google ChromeBook Pixel was a hoax or the real deal, now we have actual confirmation from Google itself.

Playstation 4 Officially Announced

The wait for an announcement is over, now we just have to wait for the Playstation 4 to actually hit stores later this year.

Google Glass Competition Gives You A Chance To Buy Google Glasses

Have $1500 to spare and really want a pair of Google Glass headware sooner rather than later? Google is giving you that chance.

Asus MWC Teaser Asks Us to Embrace the “Metallic Miracle”

It looks like Asus is planning something big for MWC this year.

Samsung Galaxy Star Revealed, Looks to Be New Budget Handset

The latest rumor is all about a low-end Samsung handset under the name Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S5282.

Yahoo Announces Homepage Redesign with More ‘Social’ Focus

Today Yahoo has announced a fresh new look, that Yahoo's CEO Marrisa Mayer says is more “intuitive and personal”.

Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future Now Fully Restored

Just the other day we reported on the Pit Bull hovercraft prop from Back to the Future 2 being listed on Ebay, now we are back with more news regarding one of the most iconic time travel movies ever released.

HTC One Coming to the UK on March 15th, Other Markets...

The HTC One is now official, but when is it coming and for how much? So far the only firm date we have is March 15th for the UK.

Ubuntu for Tablets Officially Unveiled

Today Canonical unveiled their Ubuntu for tablets interface, and it looks every bit as intriguing as what they are attempting to do with Ubuntu for Phones.

HTC One Now Official, Packs Snapdragon 600 Processor

Previously known by its codename, the HTC M7, the HTC One is now official, as revealed at today's dual launch event in New York and London.

Ubuntu for Tablets Coming Today

Recently Canonical unveiled its Ubuntu for smartphone plans, and now it looks like the company is preparing for a tablet version of Ubuntu as well.

Can HTC Reclaim What Has Been Lost with the HTC One?

Let's face it, the last few years haven't exactly been easy for HTC. Can the HTC One help HTC get back on the right track or is it too late?

Rumor: iOS 6.1.2 Coming Within Days, Will Fix PassCode Security Bug

According to iFixit, they believe that it seems likely, based on Apple's history and other factors, that iOS 6.1.2 will arrive in the next few days.

DE-STAR Could Protect Us From Asteroids and Meteors in the Future

A few California scientists are hoping to accomplish a system for destroying asteroids and meteors, which they call DE-STAR.

LG Optimus G Pro Coming to North America, Will Feature Qualcomm...

We are starting to learn more and more about the upcoming LG Optimus G Pro 5.5-inch smartphone, including the fact it will be one of the first Snapdragon 600-based devices. We also now know that it is in fact coming to North America.

Booze Pill Could Someday Make You Sober Up Faster

What if there was a magic pill you could pop that could help you reduce your blood alcohol levels quickly, when the demand needs?

Talking to Aliens: How Pulsars Helped Form Protocol

Ever wonder what would happen if aliens made contact with Earth, besides the likely to follow mix of panic and excitement?

Verizon Version of Samsung Galaxy S4 Spotted in Benchmark?

New rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 seem to be turning out every day now. The latest S4 news is all about the GS4's benchmarks.

Meteor Explodes Over Central Russia, Nearly 1000 Injured

Today a 10 ton meteor exploded over Russia's Ural Mountains, entering the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of at least 33,000mph.

Mystery Nokia Lumia Handset Appears in Dutch TV Commercial

A new commercial for Dutch carrier KPN seems to reveal a previously unknown Nokia Lumia handset with a curved body that is unlike the Lumia 920.

New Android App Brings Ubuntu Phone Dock to Your Device

Found yourself highly interested in the Ubuntu Phone OS demonstrated back at CES? Take the Ubuntu Phone dock for a spin with "Ubuntu Phone Experience" app.

‘The Internship’ Features Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as Google Interns...

The upcoming movie "The Internship" features the comic duo Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as two men who recently lost their job and end up as Google interns.

Pebble Can Pull Anything From iOS Notification Center, If Your iDevice...

The Pebble works great with iOS for SMS, email previews and calendar info, but it can do a whole lot more if you are willing to jailbreak your iDevice.

HP Planning an Nvidia Tegra 4 Android Tablet?

Reportedly, HP is preparing to enter expand beyond the Windows 8 tablet business by creating an Nvidia Tegra 4 tablet running on Android.

LG Nexus 4 Starts to Receive Android 4.2.2, Removes Unofficial LTE...

The LG Nexus 4 is now starting to receive an update to Android 4.2.2, after first being spotted on the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7.

Opera Announces Switch to WebKit Rendering Engine

Today Opera announced they are abandoning Presto and are migrating over to the WebKit HTML/CSS rendering engine for its smarpthones, iOS and PC efforts.

Help Give Names to Pluto’s Two Tiny Moons

No longer content with calling the moons P4 and P4, the SETI Institute is now looking for nominations for new names for Pluto's two smallest moons.

Surface RT Update Fixes Wi-Fi Issues

Yesterday Microsoft started rolling out a Surface RT update that fixes the Wi-Fi issues and brings several other performance improvements into the mix.

LG Optimus G Pro Official Image Released to LG’s Facebook Page

LG Optimus G Pro
Last week we reported on the LG Optimus G Pro, a 5.5-inch G Pro variant. Now the company has posted an official image of the handset to its Facebook page.

HTC Begins Countdown for Event on February 19th

Next week everyone expects the HTC M7 to be officially unveiled, quite possibly under the name “HTC One”. Now a countdown has begun at HTC's website.