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HP SlateBook X2: An Android Convertible Laptop

HP has now announced the HP Slatebook X2, a 10.1-inch Android slate that works a lot like the Asus Transformer series – combining an Android tablet with a convertible laptop base.

A Look At Possible Future Uses for Google Glass (Video)

An interesting new video takes a look at some of the potential future uses for Google Glass. What do you hope to see Glass do in the not-too-distant future?

Motorola XT1058 Shows Up In FCC Filing, Could Be The Rumored...

The latest gossip surrounding the X Phone has to do with an FCC filing for the Motorola XT1058, featuring AT&T bands and NFC technology.

Sony Ships 8.1 Million Xperia Devices in Q1 of 2013

For Q1 of 2013, Sony managed to ship 8.1 million Xperia units, with Sony reporting that many of these units were generated by the Xperia Z.

Best Apps of the Week (5/10): A Look at New Apps...

Friday has arrived once again, and that means another Best Apps of the Week roundup here at Mobile Magazine.

Verizon’s Nokia Lumia 928 is Now Official

The wait is finally over, the Lumia 928 is now official! The phone will set you back just $99 with $50 mail-in rebate, and two-year contract.

Rumor: Nook Preparing to End Android Tablet Endeavors, Microsoft Looking to...

An internal document claims Nook is ending its involvement in creating Android-based tablets by 2014, with Microsoft looking to buy the brand.

Ouya Console Launch Slightly Delayed, Arriving June 25th

A little bad news for those interested in the Ouya. The console's retail launch has now been delayed to June 25th.

HTC First: Stock Android for Just $1 With Contract

HTC First
Like stock Android, wish you could pay a dollar to get it? The HTC First is now just $1, with two year contract from AT&T.

Cube U35GT Is Essentially an Android-Powered iPad Mini Clone, For Under...

Want a powerful tablet without paying top dollar to get it? That's where the Cube U35GT could come in.

Not Surprisingly, Caesars Palace Won’t Allow Google Glass To Be Used...

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has officially confirmed that Google Glass will not be permitted, at least for those that are gambling.

Windows Blue Will Get Public Preview in June, Microsoft Confirms

Microsoft has now officially confirmed that they will be releasing a preview version of Windows Blue just in time for its Build conference this June.

Nokia Lumia 928 Starts Showing Up in Ads

It seems that an ad for the Lumia 928 has now shown up in Vanity Fair, as has an official image of the device.

Amazon Leaks New Details About Windows-Powered 8.1-inch Acer Tablet

Thanks to a recent Amazon listing, we now know alot more about the world's first smaller-screen Windows tablet, the Acer Iconia W3-810.

Best Apps of the Week (5/3): A Look at New Apps...

Another Friday has arrived, ladies and gents! Time for our fourth edition of "Best Apps of the Week" here at Mobile Magazine. As usual,...

AT&T Galaxy S4 Bootloader Might Be Unlockable After All

Security researcher Dan Rosenberg has started working on a way to get past the bootloader lock on the Galaxy S4.

FitScales App Allows You to Use Wii Fit Board as an...

FitScales is designed to connect to your existing Wii Fit Balance Board, allowing you to use it as an Internet connected scale.

With Microsoft Tablets Slowly on the Rise, What’s Next For the...

Windows 8 might not be selling like hot-cakes but Windows tablets have seen 700% growth compared to last year. What's next for Microsoft and the Surface?

HTC M4 Will Essentially Look Like A Trimmed-Down HTC One

Loving the HTC One's design but wishing for a smaller, cheaper alternative? Your wish could soon come true, according to a new rumor about the HTC M4.

Could Microsoft’s Next Console Be Called Xbox Fusion?

Microsoft has started registering “” and other domains related to the Fusion name. Could that be the official name for the next Xbox?

VOTO Uses Campfire or Grill As A Power Source

If you are looking for a way to keep that phone charged without paying the cost of an electric campsite, you might be interested in the VOTO.

AT&T Trade-In Promotion Starts Tomorrow

AT&T is now rolling out a new trade-in program starting tomorrow, which could get you at least $100 off on any new smartphone.

Latest Microsoft Windows Phone Commercial Pokes Fun of Samsung-Apple War

Microsoft's latest commercial takes a humorous look at the Samsung-Apple war and weighs in with its own comment about switching to Windows Phone instead.

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Have 5.99-inch Display, Octa Processor...

The latest rumor suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will arrive with a 5.99-inch display, an Octa processor and a massive 3GB of RAM.

Nintendo Wii U Gets Its First Major Update, Helps Improve Performance...

Wii U
Nintendo has now officially released its first major software update for its latest console, the Wii U.

Best Apps of the Week (4/26): A Look at New Apps...

Friday has arrived once again, and that means another “Best Apps of the Week” roundup here at Mobile Magazine.

New Rumor Claims Sony Xperia ZR is in the Works

If a new rumor is to be believed, the Sony Xperia Z and ZL are getting a smaller screened little brother in the not-to-distant future: the Sony Xperia ZR.

Washington State Attorney General Takes Issue With T-Mobile’s UnCarrier Marketing

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has now ordered T-Mobile to alter its advertising methods, calling them out as deceptive.

Google Glass Battery Life Might Not Be So Great After All

Google Glass is now arrived in the hands of developers and early adopters, with a wider commercial release expected in about a year.

The First LG Flexible OLED Smartphone Could Be Out By the...

According to LG Vice President Yoon Bu-hyun, flexible screens are coming our way by the year's end.

Scientists Identify Neuron that Causes Itching

Ever wonder what causes you to start itching? According to scientists Lian Hong and Xinzhong Dong, it is actually a specific neuron that causes the trouble.

Mobile Magazine Gadget Roundup (4/24)

Join Mobile Magazine as a we take a look at some of the week's most unique gadgets and gizmos, from the practical to the totally off-the-wall.

Google X Phone Allegedly Turns Up In Benchmark

For months now the net has been ablaze with rumors about the so-called Motorola X Phone. Now a new AnTuTu benchmark screenshot has surfaced for the handset.

First Braille Smartphone Could be Out by the Year’s End

It seems that the first Braille-enabled smartphone could arrive to retail by the year's end, thanks to the hard work of Sumit Dagar and his collaborators.

Blackberry Patent Shows Off What Could Be A BB10 Torch

We could soon be seeing a BB10 device that features a sliding keyboard and looks like it could be a new BB10 member of the Blackberry Torch series.

New Research Indicates Voice-to-Text Driving Could Be Just As Dangerous As...

Using a voice-to-text service or digital assistant is safer than regular texting, right? Not according to research by the Texas Transportation Institute.

Next Xbox: Is Always-On Functionality All Bad?

Rumors continue to swirl around the next Xbox, also called the Xbox 720 or Durango. Most of these rumors deal with always-on DRM, but is the idea all-bad?

Acer iconia W3-810 Leaks to the Net as the First 8-inch...

Apparently a new Acer tablet has leaked to the net. The Iconia W3-810 is an 8-inch Intel Atom tablet, and the first Windows slate with a small display.

Google Glass to Be Consumer Ready Within A Year, Says Eric...

When does Google see the product becoming a true consumer item? According to Eric Schmidt, about a year from now.

Looking For A Unique Case for Your iPhone 5? Check Out...

Looking for a great way to protect your iPhone 5 and show your love for Star Wars? You might want to check out these new limited edition Star Wars cases.

Microsoft Confirms They Are Working on Small-Screen Tablets

We've heard rumors more than once about the idea of Microsoft moving beyond the 10+-inch tablet form factor, but now Microsoft has confirmed it.

Best Apps of the Week: A Look at New Apps for...

Friday has arrived once again! That means it is time to take a look back at some of the best new apps that arrived this week to iOS and Android devices.

Rumor: Intel and Partners Working on Android Convertible Push

Intel is allegedly preparing to help push new convertible notebooks running on upcoming Haswell processors with the power of Android.

Alleged Image of Budget iPhone Hits the Net

If this latest 'leak' is to be believed, the so-called budget iPhone might indeed be coming sooner or later.

Blackberry 10.1 Beta Arrives to Developers, Brings Several New Features

Blackberry 10.1 has now arrived as a Beta for developers, bringing with it quite a few improvements.

Nokia Ships 5.6 million Lumias, May Be Considering 5-Incher

Nokia might be interested in following the 5-inch smartphone trend with a new Windows Phone 8 Lumia device sometime later this year.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Coming to 7 U.S. Carriers Soon

There are seven carriers in the United States that will see the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrive between late April and into early May.

ABI Research Suggests 1.2 Million Smart Watches Will Ship By Year’s...

A market forecast report by ABI Research suggests that by the year's end, 1.2 million smartwatches will have shipped.

Xiaomi Planning to Ship 15 Million Phones This Year, Hints at...

According to the CEO of Xiaomi, the company's goal is to ship 15 million handsets this year. The company is also interested in going global.

Custom Diamond Encrusted iPhone 5 Valued at Around $15 Million

Your iPhone 5 just isn't fancy enough for you? You follow in the footsteps of one Hong Kong business man that decided to bling up his iPhone with diamonds.