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LG and Samsung Adding Kill Switch Technology to Future Devices?


It looks like LG and Samsung devices may soon be coming with a "kill switch" function in the event of your device being lost or stolen - at least in South Korea.

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Kyocera Hydro Elite Arriving to Verizon, Available August 29th


Earlier today Verizon announced the Kyocera Hydro Elite will be heading to its network on August 29th for $99.99 with contract, after $50.

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Linda the Robot, Not Just a Giant Chess Piece: Could Help with Security and Nursing Home Assistance


Here at MM we are always covering the latest about security robots, noodle making robots and anything in between. Now comes Linda, a robot that could take security and elderly care to a new level.Wait... Security and elderly care? Certainly an interesting combo.

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Looking for a 5.3-inch Phone for Under $250? Check out the Maxwest Telecom Orbit 5200


Looking for a 5+ inch device without paying a fortune? Enter the Maxwest Orbit 5200, a 5.3-inch smartphone with dual-sim capability.

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Nokia Tablet Poses For the Camera


We've been hearing about Nokia tablets for a while now, and just recently even reported on some alleged specs for such a device. While now we finally might have an actual look at the device.

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Rovio Introduces Four Playable “Pork Side” Characters for Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

In order to keep us entertained while we wait for some more Angry Bird action, Rovio has now released a few short videos that introduce several new characters on the “Pork Side” of the force.

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Microsoft Ditches Points, New Xbox Live Update Switches to Real Currency

Xbox Live

It looks like Microsoft Points are now a thing of the past! A new Xbox Live update makes the switch to real currency and translates your existing points to your local currency.

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Best Buy ‘Google Glass’ Rumor Debunked


Just yesterday we reported on a rumor that Best Buy and Google might be entering into an agreement to bring a massive 6000 square foot Glass experience to select stores. Now the rumor looks to already be dead.

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Buzzy Helps Alleviate Pain from Injections


What if there was a way to alleviate some of the pain caused by a shot? That’s exactly what Buzzy is all about. Developed by a mom and pediatric ER physician, the reusable device naturally blocks pain by using a therapeutic massager and an ice pack.

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Google Nexus 7 (2013) Gets a New Update, Solves GPS and Touchscreen Issues


Earlier this month we reported on a GPS glitch that affected the new Nexus 7's ability to secure and maintain a GPS connection. As it turns out this isn't the only issue affecting the Nexus 7 (2013). Numerous reports have come in about the multi-touch display as well. Apparently some users are experiencing issues with pinch to zoom, ghost taps and other odd behavior.

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Rumor: Google Glass ‘Stores’ Coming to Best Buy in 2014


Back in May, Business Insider reported that Google was planning a retail store experience dedicated solely to Google Glass.

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Kindle Fire Today Only Sale: Prices as Low as $89! Fire HD 8.9 4G for just $250!


If you've been considering getting your hands on a Kindle Fire, now’s the time to do it. All day long Amazon is offering special deals for the Kindle Fire family as part of its “Gold Box Deals” promo.

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Verizon HTC One Arriving Tommorow, Better Late Than Never?


Back in June we talked a bit about the HTC One finally coming over to Verizon’s network. Recently Verizon finally let the wraps off on the device’s release date, the 22nd of August - yep, tomorrow.

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Sony Playstation 4 Coming November 15th, Will Have 33 Games Released During Launch Window


Just the other day, Microsoft dropped a big old list of all titles heading over to the Xbox One, now it's Sony's turn. The Playstation 4 will have 33 games right around the launch window, and will arrive on November 15th.

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IRIS 9000 Transforms SIRI Into Something More Useful Than Ever Before, and It’s Just $49.99!


Looking to get more out of your SIRI experience? With the IRIS 9000, you can use SIRI while on the other side of a room. Even better, you can transform your iPhone into a across-the-room speakerphone system.

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