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Get Your Hands on the Sony Xperia Z for Just $519, Outright


With Sony recently announcing the new Xperia Z1, right now could be the perfect time to buy the Sony Xperia Z at a discounted price!

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Jolla’s SailFish OS Will Support Android Apps – And Even Hardware


On the downside, Sailfish might be a unique, gesture-powered OS, but it also has a major limitations: lack of apps. The good news is that Jolla is working to address this issue by allowing Android apps to work seamlessly with the Sailfish OS.

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Sony Xperia M Arrives in the United States, Just $249.99 Outright


What if you want to pay less than $300 for an Android phone, but for whatever reason aren’t interested in the Nexus 4? While, the Sony Xperia M could be exactly what you are looking for.

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NASA Planning to Grow Lettuce in Space, Starting This Year


Later this year, NASA astronauts aboard the ISS have a new duty: attending to a mini-garden of romaine lettuce. That’s one small step for lettuce, one giant leap for vegetation kind!

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iPhone 5S Official, Will Be World’s First 64-bit Smartphone!


The iPhone 5S has arrived! While the outer appearance might look quite similar to the iPhone 5, the 5S is a game-changer in one major way: its A7 64-bit processor.

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Norton 360 2013 3 PC Edition for Free (with mail-in rebate), Even Includes Free 8GB Flash Drive


For a limited time, Newegg is offering Norton 360 2013 3 PC Edition for free with a $55 mail-in rebate. The offer includes a free 8GB flash drive!

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Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro Coming On September 23rd?


The Surface 2 may be just around the corner, with rumors pointing to an announcement of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 on September 23rd.

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Is Our Universe Really, Really Big or Truly Infinite?


Space is a massive place, in fact it is potentially infinite. But is it really truly infinite, or just extremely big? A new video takes a closer look at our universe, and asks the question whether it is infinite or not.

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uNo uNu DX 2300mAh Protective Battery Case, Just $49.99


A protective iPhone 5 case that also expands your battery life by 2,300 mAh? That’s exactly what you get with the uNo uNu DX 2300mAh Protective Battery Case.

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Daily Deal: Anker Astro E4 13000mAh External Battery Pack For $38.99, Free Shipping


Looking for a great deal on a battery charger? Check out the Anker Astro E4, which is currently on sale for just $38.99.

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Retro Duo Portable Allows You to Play Your Retro NES/SNES Games on the Go


The Retro Duo Portable is an epic solution if you are looking for as authentic of a retro gaming experience as possible for when you're on the go.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Note 3 – How Do They Compare?


The Galaxy Note 3 is official! So how big of an upgrade is it versus the Note 2? Let's take a look at the device specs, side by side to get a better idea.

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Toshiba Introduces Two New Budget Windows 8.1 Tablets at IFA, Starting at $330


Toshiba is taking the opportunity show off two next-gen Windows tablets at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

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Nexus 5 Spotted? It Sure Looks Like It


It looks like the Nexus 5 has now been spotted! Little is known about the device, but this sure doesn't look like any current or past Nexus product.

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Rumor: Motorola DVX On Its Way, Could Cost as Little as $200 Outright


The low-cost alternative to the Moto X has long been known as the Motorola DVX, and it appears that the handset could soon be on its way with an outright price as low as $199.

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