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Rovio Introduces Four Playable “Pork Side” Characters for Angry Birds Star...

In order to keep us entertained while we wait for some more Angry Bird action, Rovio has now released a few short videos that introduce several new characters on the “Pork Side” of the force.

Microsoft Ditches Points, New Xbox Live Update Switches to Real Currency

It looks like Microsoft Points are now a thing of the past! A new Xbox Live update makes the switch to real currency and translates your existing points to your local currency.

Best Buy ‘Google Glass’ Rumor Debunked

Just yesterday we reported on a rumor that Best Buy and Google might be entering into an agreement to bring a massive 6000 square foot Glass experience to select stores. Now the rumor looks to already be dead.

Buzzy Helps Alleviate Pain from Injections

What if there was a way to alleviate some of the pain caused by a shot? That’s exactly what Buzzy is all about. Developed by a mom and pediatric ER physician, the reusable device naturally blocks pain by using a therapeutic massager and an ice pack.

Google Nexus 7 (2013) Gets a New Update, Solves GPS and...

Earlier this month we reported on a GPS glitch that affected the new Nexus 7's ability to secure and maintain a GPS connection. As it turns out this isn't the only issue affecting the Nexus 7 (2013). Numerous reports have come in about the multi-touch display as well. Apparently some users are experiencing issues with pinch to zoom, ghost taps and other odd behavior.

Rumor: Google Glass ‘Stores’ Coming to Best Buy in 2014

Back in May, Business Insider reported that Google was planning a retail store experience dedicated solely to Google Glass.

Kindle Fire Today Only Sale: Prices as Low as $89! Fire...

If you've been considering getting your hands on a Kindle Fire, now’s the time to do it. All day long Amazon is offering special deals for the Kindle Fire family as part of its “Gold Box Deals” promo.

Verizon HTC One Arriving Tommorow, Better Late Than Never?

Back in June we talked a bit about the HTC One finally coming over to Verizon’s network. Recently Verizon finally let the wraps off on the device’s release date, the 22nd of August - yep, tomorrow.

Sony Playstation 4 Coming November 15th, Will Have 33 Games Released...

Just the other day, Microsoft dropped a big old list of all titles heading over to the Xbox One, now it's Sony's turn. The Playstation 4 will have 33 games right around the launch window, and will arrive on November 15th.

IRIS 9000 Transforms SIRI Into Something More Useful Than Ever Before,...

Looking to get more out of your SIRI experience? With the IRIS 9000, you can use SIRI while on the other side of a room. Even better, you can transform your iPhone into a across-the-room speakerphone system.

Microsoft Releases Big Ole’ List of All Announced Xbox One Games

Considering getting your hands on an Xbox One when it launches later this year? If so, you probably would like to know exactly what games will be available to Microsoft’s next console. Microsoft is more than happy to oblige, providing a very lengthy list of every title that has been announced so far.

LG Nexus 5 to Feature Snapdragon 800 CPU and Glass Back?

The LG G2 and Moto X has landed, that means attention will now turn hard to the iPhone 5S, 5C, Note 3 and the next Nexus phone. Today’s rumor is about the latter.

Just-Add-Water Beer? Yes, Really

Modern technology has solved many of the world's problems, though many are still left unsolved. At least we finally have an end to our quest for the perfect just-add-water beer. Wait, that wasn’t something we were after? No matter, here it is, the world’s first just add water beer.

Nokia RT Tablet Rumored Specs: Snapdragon 800 and 32GB On-Board Storage

A Nokia tablet has long-been rumored, but now the site Microsoft News claims to have the specs for such a device. Apparently the tablet will feature a 10.1-inch 1080p display, Windows RT 8.1, a 2.15GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU and 32GB internal storage.

Windows 8.1 On Its Way, Will Arrive October 18th

Not a big fan of Windows 8 in its current form? Or simply looking forward to additional features that are expected with Windows 8.1? Well you’ll be happy to know that the date for Windows 8.1 has now been set to October 18th.

Microsoft Develops NFC Alternative, Uses Microphone and Speaker

It looks like the researchers over at Microsoft have come up with a pretty cool alternative to NFC, which they call Dhwani. Developed by Microsoft India, the system utilizes sound to transmit data. Even better, there is no special hardware required to make it work.

Ran into “Package File Invalid” Play Store Error? You aren’t Alone

For those fellow Android users out there, you might have noticed a strange error once or twice over the last few weeks. When attempting to download or update via Google Play, many folks have ran into a “Package File Invalid” issue. You aren't alone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs LG G2: How do they Stack Up?

Galaxy S4 vs LG G2: How do these two flagship handsets compare to one another? Join us as we take an early look.

Acer Posts Q2 Loss, Plans to Shift Away from Windows

Acer’s Q2 results are in! Acer posted a second quarter loss of a staggering $11.4 million, versus Q2 last year where they posted a profit of $56 million. What's their course of action? Pushing away from Windows as much as possible.

Kindle Fire Tablets Could Soon Feature Mediatek Processor, Claims New Rumor

The latest rumor from Digitimes claims that Amazon will soon be using MediaTek processors to power their lower-end Kindle Fire tablets.

Moto X: Friends and Family of Motorola Employees Can Get it...

One of the secrets to success in life? Having connections. From getting a job to finding a great place to live, or even getting a steal of deal on a new handset. You heard that last one right. It seems that Motorola is giving employees and their friends and family a chance to get up to $200 off on the Moto X!

HTC Desire 500 On Its Way to the UK

A few weeks ago, HTC announced its Desire 500 handset for the Taiwan market, with plans to eventually follow with a global release. As it turns out, the ‘eventually’ was sooner then we thought: The Desire 500 is now coming to the United Kingdom.

LG G2 Official: Here’s What We Know

Now the LG G2 is official! The LG G2 brings with it impressively high-end specs, and quite a few unique “awareness” features as well.

TextNow MVNO Cellular Service Starts at Just $19 a Month!

It looks like a new MVNO is in town! You might already be aware of the free texting/messaging app “TextNow”, now it looks like they are stepping things up a notch by by offering a new VoIP service that utilizes the Sprint Network and seems somewhat similar to Republic Wireless.

HTC Fetch Navigation Tag Helps You Keep Track of Your Stuff

Looking for a better way to track your important valuables? The HTC Fetch navigation tag could be the solution to your problem.

Apple Store Giving Away a Free App Every Week, Starting with...

We all like free stuff right? Of course we do! That’s why we are happy to report that starting immediately, Apple will now offer a new free download every week through the Apple Store app (not to be confused with the AppStore).

Moto X Official: Pricing, Specs and More

After all the rumors, speculation and hype, the Moto X is now official! The latest Motorola flagship brings quite a few interesting features, included the long-hyped customization features.

Xbox One Designed to Run Silently While Also Keeping Cool

In a dramatic shift from the Xbox 360, Microsoft promises the Xbox One will not run into overheating issues and yet will run silently. For those that suffered through the "red ring" experience, this certainly is good news - if true.

Next-Gen iPad Mini Won’t Have Retina Display After All?

Interested in an iPad Mini, but holding out for the next-gen model? If part of your reason for waiting was anticipation of a high-rez “retina” display, you’re going to be more than a little disappointed.

Using a 3D Printer to Create Fully Working Aston Martin DB4...

3D printers are useful for printing unique art objects, life-saving devices and maybe even functioning space colonies some day. But what about creating a fully working automobile? Sounds crazy, but yes, that’s possible too!

Nokia Addresses Concerns Over Lack of Apps with WP8 Devices

Nokia delivers beautiful if not slightly hefty handsets that also manage to pack quite a bit of punch, and people are taking notice. Unfortunately for Nokia, taking notice doesn't necessarily mean buying up the devices in mass. While many folks, myself included, are interested in what Nokia has to offer, one thing gets in the way: Windows Phone 8's lack of apps.

Xbox One to Offer Unlimited Cloud Storage

Not satisfied with the Xbox One's 500GB internal drive or ability to use USB external drives? Don't worry, Microsoft is also offering up unlimited cloud storage. Best of all, Xbox Gold isn't required to use it!

You Can Get Your New Nexus 7 BEFORE July 30th

If you can’t wait the whole four days to get the new Nexus 7, you might want to shop around at some of your local big box retailers. You never know, you might just get lucky.

TODAY ONLY: Parrot AR Drone 2.0 for 20% Off Through Amazon...

Here at Mobile Mag, we are big fans of the Parrot AR Drone. Luckily, Amazon understands just how cool this bad boy is, and so they are now offering it at a 20% discount, saving you $68 and coming in at just $271.99.

T-Mobile Offering All its Devices for Zero Down!

Up until now, most of the handsets offered by T-Mob required some sort of down payment to get started, but a new deal starting tomorrow will allow you to get your hands on any device for zero down.

$99 HP Android Tablet Coming to Walmart?

Thought the HP Slate 7 was cheap? Not cheap enough! If a new rumor from DigiTimes proves to be true, HP is gearing up for an even cheaper tablet, aimed at a $99 price point and partnering up exclusively with Walmart.

Chromecast Dongle Brings Your Multimedia to the TV, Costs Just $35

Today Google has taken the wraps off the Chromecast dongle, which you can kind of think of it as sort of a ‘re-imagining’ of the old Nexus Q. Basically the device connects to an HDMI port on your TV and allows you to easily send over various media to the big-screen.

New Nexus 7 Has Arrived: Pricing, Availability and More!

Earlier today we reported on leaked specs and details from Best Buy. Now we have the official word from Google, the new Nexus 7 is here! Read on to learn more about the features, pricing and availability.

Xbox One has a 2-3x unit advantage over the PS4, says...

Just in from the world of bold predictions, Baird analyst Colin Sebastian says that the Xbox One will in fact have a 2-3x unit advantage at launch, compared to the PS4.

Apple Testing Out Larger Sized iPhone and iPad Displays

According to a new report from the WSJ, Apple is not only working with a 4+-inch iPhone design, but even a massive 13-inch iPad. You have to wonder, will such products ever see the light of day?

Xbox One or Sony PS4: Which One is Right For You?

Sony Playstation 4 or the Xbox One, which is the right system for you? Join us as we take a look at some of the basic specs, exclusives and differences between the two consoles. Hopefully this will help you better decide which system to get your hands on this holiday season.

Moto X Specs Suggest Modest Dual-Core Device, So Why All the...

The Moto X is just around the corner, but should we really be that excited? If you’re idea of a ‘great’ handset revolves around killer specs that push the limits of what is capable - then no.

Motorola Moto X Event Takes Place August 1st

Earlier today Motorola began releasing press invites for a special Moto X event on August 1st, which will take place in New York City.

Sony Preparing ‘Lens and Sensor’ Accessory for Smartphones?

According to the latest gossip, Sony is doing more than just building a high-end “cameraphone”, creating a lense accessory with a built-in imaging sensor.

Rovio Account Lets You Save and Sync Your Game Progress Across...

Rovio is now launching an official “Rovio” account that syncs your save games over to the cloud. The feature currently supports "Angry Birds" and "Croods".

Firefly Online Coming to Mobile Devices in 2014

The cult classic "Firefly" is now making its way over to mobile devices in the form of a socially-driven online mobile game!

Verizon EDGE Now Official, Allows You to Get New Phones Quicker

Right on the heels of T-Mobile’s JUMP and AT&T’s Next comes a new service from Verizon, called Edge - a service that allows you to get new devices quicker.

HTC One Mini Now Official, First Rolling Out in August

We knew it was coming, but the HTC One Mini has finally landed. Join us as a we take a look at what HTC’s ‘mini’ handset has to offer.

Sundar Pichai Hosting Special Google Event on July 24th

Google has something to show/tell us come July 24th! We've also learned that Sundar Pichai will be hosting the event at 9am in San Francisco.

U.S. Cellular Brings Back Repeating Two Year Contracts

While T-Mobile is working hard to rid the world of contracts, U.S. Cellular is doing the exact opposite: bringing them back!