Best Apps of the Week (4/26): A Look at New Apps for iOS and Android

Friday has arrived once again, and that means another “Best Apps of the Week” roundup here at Mobile Magazine. In our usual fashion, we’ll take a look at five of the best apps that landed for iOS and Android earlier during the week. So without further ado, let’s dive right in: Best Apps of the Week – AndroidRe-Volt This... more →
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New Rumor Claims Sony Xperia ZR is in the Works

Sony Xperia
If a new rumor is to be believed, the Sony Xperia Z and ZL are getting a smaller screened little brother in the not-to-distant future. The so-called Sony Xperia ZR is said to feature a design akin to the ZL, though it features a 4.6-inch 720p display instead. The rumor mill says that this is the same device that has previously been... more →
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Washington State Attorney General Takes Issue With T-Mobile’s UnCarrier Marketing

T-Mobile’s new “unCarrier” initiative has certainly attracted quite a bit of attention – not all of it positive. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has now ordered T-Mobile to alter its advertising methods for its new Simple Choice plans, calling their current approach “deceptive”. The problem is that... more →
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Google Glass Battery Life Might Not Be So Great After All

Google Glass is now arrived in the hands of developers and early adopters, with a wider commercial release expected in about a year. There is a lot of impressive technology inside the handset, but all the features in the world won’t matter much if the battery isn’t good enough to back up the experience. Previously Google... more →
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The First LG Flexible OLED Smartphone Could Be Out By the Year’s End

According to LG Vice President Yoon Bu-hyun, flexible screens are coming our way by the year’s end. While no official product or specs have been released, LG has been working hard to beat Samsung to the market with their own flexible technology. Of course just because LG ships a flexible display doesn’t mean the whole... more →
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Scientists Identify Neuron that Causes Itching

Itching, how I hate you. Sometimes you itch for reasons like coming into contact with outside irritants, but other times you just think about itching or hear someone else talking about it and you start itching. So what exactly causes itching? According to Lian Hong and Xinzhong Dong, nueroscientists from John Hopkins, it is actually... more →
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Mobile Magazine Gadget Roundup (4/24)

Gadgets, gadgets are everywhere! We live in a world where ideas run free and people have the power to turn them into real projects. Sometimes these ideas are by big companies, sometimes they are by independent designers. They range from extraordinarily practical to devices that leave you thinking, “WTF is the point of this thing?” Looking... more →
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Google X Phone Allegedly Turns Up In Benchmark

  For months now the net has been ablaze with rumors about the so-called Motorola X Phone. Now a new AnTuTu benchmark screenshot has surfaced for the handset. Marked as the “Google X” in the benchmark, the the screenshot shows a decent benchmark score, if not as outstanding as you’d expect with something like the Snapdragon... more →
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First Braille Smartphone Could be Out by the Year’s End

It’s amazing what technology can do, and what it can help us accomplish. Today this is highlighted by a truly impressive breakthrough, it seems that the first Braille-enabled smartphone could be ready for stores by the year’s end. Apparently the Braille-enabled smartphone is the work of interaction designer Sumit Dagar... more →
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Blackberry Patent Shows Off What Could Be A BB10 Torch

At the moment, Blackberry’s two main focus seems to be on the Blackberry Z10 and the QWERTY-powered Blackberry Q10. What does the company’s future hold though? According to a new patent, we could soon be seeing a BB10 device that features a sliding keyboard and looks like it could be a new BB10 member of the Blackberry... more →
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New Research Indicates Voice-to-Text Driving Could Be Just As Dangerous As Regular Texting

Using a voice-to-text service or digital assistant is often promoted as the “safest way” to ‘text’ while driving. Is that really true though? According to a new survey by the Texas Transportation Institute, it actually dulls your reaction just as much as actually using your fingers to type out messages. The study... more →
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Next Xbox: Is Always-On Functionality All Bad?

Microsoft needs to hurry up and confirm its new multimedia gaming system, the Xbox 720 (or Xbox 3 or Durango or whatever have you). Why? Because similar to gossip around Windows Blue early on, things are getting pretty wild when it comes to speculation regarding always-on DRM, used gaming abilities and other related issues. IF Microsoft... more →
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Acer iconia W3-810 Leaks to the Net as the First 8-inch Windows Tablet

Microsoft recently confirmed that it was in fact working on smaller-sized Windows tablets for the not-too-distant future, something we’ve been expecting for a while now. With the market making a push to 7 and 8-inch tablets it was only a matter of time. Still, when will we see the first tablet with a smaller display? The newly... more →
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Google Glass to Be Consumer Ready Within A Year, Says Eric Schmidt

Google Glass
Is Google Glass the next big thing or just a silly trend that will see a loss of interest in time? That’s a good question, and one with no easy answer. In Science Fiction movies we often see wearable computing play a major role, but it’s hard to say how big that role will really be in the next few years. What we do know... more →
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Looking For A Unique Case for Your iPhone 5? Check Out These Special Star Wars Cases

Star Wars
Looking for a great way to protect your iPhone 5? There are tons of cases out there that can protect your iPhone 5 from scratching or scuffing but many of them largely look the same. If you want something a bit “different”, you might want to check out these new limited edition Star Wars cases. The new cases are available... more →
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