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Google Bans Pornography Apps from Google Glass


It seems that Google has taken a stance against pornography, at least when it comes to their upcoming wearable computer, Google Glass.

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Acer Officially Unveils its 8.1-inch Windows Tablet, Reveals Plans for More Touch Devices


The Acer Iconia W3 is now finally official, making for the world's first smaller-screened Windows 8 powered tablet.

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Asus FonePad Note Set to Take On the Galaxy Note Series


It looks like Asus is taking aim directly at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and upcoming Note 3, introducing the Asus FonePad Note, a new stylus-equipped phone.

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Best Apps of the Week (5/31): A Look at New Apps for iOS and Android


Friday has arrived once again, and that means another Best Apps of the Week roundup here at Mobile Magazine.

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Apple Working on Eye-Tracking Technology, Patent Indicates


A newly discovered USPTO patent indicates Apple is preparing eye-tracking technology of its own.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Now Official


We've been hearing about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for a while, but now the rumor phase is over. The phone is now official!

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Windows 8.1 Will See Start Button Return, But Will It Make A Difference?


Windows 8.1 will also see the return of the Start button, as well as a way to directly boot up each time into the start menu. Will it make any difference?

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Google Glass Getting Porn App


If there is one universal truth on the Internet, it is this: Porn is EVERYWHERE. Soon that will include on Google Glass.

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Raspberry Pi Makes Its Way Into Space, Takes Some Great Pics


The Raspberry Pi and its recently launched 5MP camera were sent up to space as part of Dave Akerman's “Pi in the Sky” project.

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Mercedes-Benz Plans to Use QR Code Stickers to Potentially Save Lives


Mercedes-Benz has something a bit different in mind for QR code stickers: saving lives by providing rescue plans for its vehicles.

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The PR2 Personal Robot is A Real-Life Rosie the Robot – Sort Of


Ever secretly dreamed of having your own Jetsons-style personal robot? The PR2 robot is a personal servant that predicts your needs and caters to them.

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This Just in From the Land of Crazy, Rumors Claim Sega is Working on New Console


A new wild rumor suggests that Sega might be getting back into the video game hardware business with the Sega Spectrum. Yes, we know the rumor is crazy...

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White LG Nexus 4 is Official, Coming In “Several Weeks”

LG nexus 4

There has been talks of a white LG Nexus 4 for a while now. It's official now, with the phone arriving in the weeks to come.

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LG: No Nexus 5 in the Pipeline, but We Could Soon See A New Tablet


Wondering what's next for LG? LG Mobile's European VP Kim Wong has just spilled the beans on quite a bit of the company's plans going forward.

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Foxconn and Mozilla Teaming Up, Could Bring Firefox OS Tablet?


Recently Foxconn and Mozilla announced they were working together on a Firefox OS related project. Now rumors have surfaced suggesting it will be a tablet.

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