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Jet-powered Bike Gets Up to 50MPH, Looks Incredibly Unstable [Video]


Here's a crazy video for you: Colin Furze takes an old bike, rigs it with a pulse jet and speeds around at 50MPH on its unstable, old wheels.

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Sony’s 6.4-inch Xperia ZU Coming June 25th?


According to a new report, the Sony Xperia ZU will officially be announced June 25th, bringing with it a Snapdragon 800 processor and 6.4-inch display.

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New Image of the HTC One Mini Leaks to the Net


While we’ve known about the HTC One Mini (aka M4) for a while now, we've yet to see a clear, credible image of the device - until today.

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Rovio Teases “Angry Birds Go”, Promises To Be Something New


We’ve seen countless reiterations of the Angry Birds already, so what’s next? Apparently “Angry Birds Go”, which promises to be a whole new kind of game.

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Report: Nokia Finally Plans to Kill Off Symbian This Summer


Symbian is dead. I know it, you know it. Nokia knows it. Now they finally are preparing to pull the plug for good, or so it is reported.

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Sony PS4: No DRM For Most Games, But 3rd Parties Can Technically Implement It


Will the PS4 enforce any kind of DRM like the Xbox One? The quick answer is no. The long answer is that Sony won't promote DRM, but 3rd parties could.

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How Do iOS 7 Features Compare to Android, WP8 and Blackberry?


Wondering how new features in iOS 7 compare to Android and other mobile OSes? We have a chart that helps you get a better idea of the differences.

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Xbox One Will Cost $499, Launches in November


With E3 underway, we have learned that the Xbox One will cost $499 and will launch sometime this November. Is this is a fair price or not?

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Apple Unveils Redesigned Mac Pro, Also Refreshes Macbook Air


After years of essentially ignoring the Mac Pro, Apple has now introduced a major new update and total redesign.

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Apple’s iOS 7 is Official, Brings Major Design Changes


We’ve known it was coming for a while now, but its finally official: iOS 7 is here. So what’s new this time around? As expected, the latest version features a completely redesigned look with flatter icons, a new lock screen, thinner lettering and more. The design goes edge to edge on the display, and seems to have improved multi-tasking as ...

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Best Apps of the Week (6/7): A Look at New Apps for iOS and Android


Friday has arrived once again, and that means another Best Apps of the Week roundup here at Mobile Magazine.

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Xbox One Requires You to Check-In Daily, Won’t Initially Allow Rentals or Swapping of Games


Microsoft has now further clarified its stance on used games and checking in online. What do you think of these policies? Interested in the One or not?

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How Much Will Xbox One and PS4 Cost? One Analyst Suggest $349 for PS4, $399 for Xbox One


How much will the Xbox One and PS4 cost? One analyst seems to believe the PS4 will price around $349, with the Xbox One costing $399.

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O3b Launching Satellites As Part of Plan to Bring Net Access to Remote Places


O3b is now preparing to launch 4 satellites into space, as part of its initiative to bring high-speed web access to remote locations across the globe.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Officially Announced


After countless rumors and hints, Samsung has now confirmed that the Galaxy S4 is getting a rougher, tougher brother, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

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