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Just 1,100 All-Electric Honda Fit EVs To Be Built In 2012


When paired with a 240-volt charging port, the Fit EV can fully recharge in as little as three hours. A full charge can travel about 123 miles, which is higher than both the Nissan Leaf and Ford’s all-electric Focus.

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New Hypersonic Weapon Travels Five Times Faster Than Speed Of Sound


The US Department of Defense is always on the cutting edge of technological development, creating new weapons and defense mechanisms that would have been considered science fiction just a decade or two earlier. On Thursday such a weapon was successfully tested by the US Army.

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FXI To Pack Full HD Android PC On A USB Stick


How does the idea of having a full functioning ARM PC that you can carry in your pocket sound to you? A new Norwegian startup, FXI Technologies, has such a device on its way.

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Burton Creates “True 3D” Technology


3D has recently become the next big thing, but what Burton is attempting to do really takes the technology to a new level. While most 3D displays today use a form of optical illusion by projecting 3D images onto 2D screens, the True 3D technology is no optical illusion.

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What Is Apple Hiding Within Its Coding?


It has been speculated that iMessage may soon be added to OSX either as a separate program or integrated somehow into the existing iChat program, although just a rumor the arrival of this coding does suggest Apple is working on something.

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Sharp At It Again With Overpriced Galapagos Tablet


It seems like every time I turn around a less-than-popular electronics vendor is attempting to boost their sales through the creation of a tablet. In the United States, the company Sharp would qualify as one of these less than popular vendors, although its tablet line is aimed instead at the Japanese market.

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Introducing The Galaxy Nexus, Google’s ICS Flagship Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Much hype surrounds Android’s newest OS version; Ice Cream Sandwich. Ever since it was first unveiled, Android lovers have waited as patiently as possible for the introduction of a new flagship device from Google. The wait is finally over and Google’s Galaxy Nexus -- a new Android smartphone designed around Android’s newest version -- Ice Cream Sandwich is here.

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Introducing Archos’ Newest Tablet, The Arnova 9 G2


Archos certainly isn't the leader of the Android tablet sector, but they do have quite a few decent budget options for those of us that want a tablet but just can’t afford the iPad or higher-end Android devices.

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RIM Continues Commitment To Its Signature Keyboard-Style Smartphones


We recently showed off the Blackberry London, an allegedly new phone from Blackberry that features a full-screen, the upcoming BBX OS, and no traditional Blackberry keyboard. If the leak proves true it shows off a device that is very different in design from the company’s traditional offerings and follows the footsteps of Android smartphones and iPhone designs. According to Engadget, ...

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Hands On With Newest Version Of Android’s Netflix App


The new interface is very similar to what we’ve seen on game systems like the Xbox, Wii and PS3. The app is simple to use and you can swipe down to look through different categories or swipe the side of any category to scroll through the titles.

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Mobile Devices Capture NYPD Raid On Occupy Wall Street Protestors


If you follow politics at all you have likely heard about the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Essentially, the movement is about protesting social and economic inequality, corporate greed, corruption, and influence over the government by rich corporations.

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New Li-Ion Technology Charges 10x Faster, Holds 10x More


Inside Li-ion there are innumerable layers of graphene, a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms. Lithium ions fill the spaces between these layers and when the bettery is being charged the atoms make their way to the edge of the sheet in order to get down to the next layer and make room for more ions. The speed of recharging is limited by how quickly these ions can get from layer to layer.

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BBX Phone Leaked? Check Out The Blackberry London

Blackberry London

The photo shows the phone running some variation of the PlayBook’s OS, though the coloring and icons are somewhat different. According to the source the photo was of a ‘dummy’ model and so the OS in the screen is likely just a static image.

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Galaxy Tab Update Causes Loss Of Wifi And More

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It appears that the newest feature for the Android 3.2 update for Galaxy Tab 10.1 is apparently the loss of WIFI on a WIFI only tablet.

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New Commercial Super Computer Based on World’s Fastest Computer


The commercial FX10 will be offered globally and can be scaled up to 1,204 rack configuration with a top theoretical processing power of 23.2 petaflops, which is certainly a lot faster than my 3GHz Core 2 Quad PC that I’m using to bring you this update.

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