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B&N Throwing in the Towel: Will Stop Making Nook Tablets


It looks like B&N is throwing in the towel when it comes to Nook tablet hardware. The company plans to instead turn towards partners for its tablet line.

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OUYA Arrives to Retailers for $99


The day has finally arrived, the little Android console that could has finally made its retail debut. Yes, we're talking about the OUYA.

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Huawei Officially Announces MediaPad 7 Vogue Tablet


Today Huawei confirmed it would be bringing a new 7-inch Android tablet to the market, the MediaPad 7 Vogue.

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New Sony Xperia ZU Pictures Leak to the Web


Official word or not, we now get yet another sign of proof that the ZU is indeed real: a clear look at the front and back of the device thanks to newly leaked images.

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HP Announces 21.5-inch All-in-One That Runs on Android, Slate 21 AIO


Can you imagine a desktop machine that forgoes the traditional desktop OS and instead makes use of the power of Android? Enter the HP Slate 21 AIO.

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Xbox One Restrictions Removed: Why, and What Does This Mean Going Forward?


In a total 180-degree turn from its original plans, Microsoft has announced it will no longer require any form of DRM or online-check-in with its Xbox One.

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PSA: Do NOT Install PS3 Firmware 4.45, Could Brick Your System


If you get a notification for PS3 firmware update 4.45, you should avoid it. Many reports are coming in that the update is bricking consoles!

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Zuckerberg Hoping To Partner with Samsung for New Facebook Device?


According to a report, Zuckerberg has met with Samsung to discuss possible plans for a Samsung smartphone that would feature deeper Facebook integration.

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Get Your Bat On: Seeing in the Dark with your iPhone


Imagine if you had the powers of the bat, the ability to see in the dark. How would you use your gift? You might soon enough find out!

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Flying Bike Goes Up to 25MPH While in the Air


Wish you could grab your bike, take off and fly through the sky? Might sound crazy, but that's exactly what the XploreAir Paravelo bike is capable of.

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Could Blackberry Playbook Be Getting BB10.1 Support?


Interestingly enough, a new listing showing devices supported with Blackberry OS 10.1 has an unexpected entry: The Blackberry PlayBook.

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Afraid of Being “Watched” Online? Raspberry Pi Can Help


Does privacy really exist on the net? It can, with the help of a Raspberry Pi proxy system.

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T-Mobile Moving to “Phase 2″ to its UNcarrier Effort in July


Apparently what we've seen so far with T-Mobile’s UNcarrier approach is just the beginning, at least if the latest rumor proves correct.

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MM App ShowCase (6/14): A look at Android, iOS, BB10 and Windows Phone Apps!


This week we are trying things a bit different, giving you a look at some of the best apps released during the week for Android, iOS, Blackberry and WP.

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U.S. Prosecutors Calling For Tighter Anti-Theft Measures for Smartphones


Apparently various U.S. prosecutors are teaming up and calling for tighter anti-theft measures to be put in place for smartphones. Do you agree? Read on!

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