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Weatherproof iPhone bicycle mount sits on your handlbars feeding you data

The Biologic Bike Mount is a bicycle-mount for your iPhone, allowing you to strap your device to the handlebars and keep tabs on GPS location, speed, distance traveled, perhaps all the while playing some good music to keep those quads pumping. The mount is part of a weatherproof case, silicon-lined for protection against water and dust, and able to rotate 360 degrees between landscape and portrait mode.

Amazon to ship Kindle DX with 50% better contrast, 3G still...

Amazon is shipping a new Kindle eReader this week to keep things fresh and interesting in the eBook market, their latest iteration is the Kindle DX. The DX offers new e-ink display technology with 50% better contrast over its predecessor, making for clearer, sharper text and images.

Futurama pokes fun at Apple and obsessed gadget geeks

If this wasn't the least bit true, it wouldn’t be at all funny. But it is, and Futurama’s back at giving us an alternate way of seeing reality. Their latest episode pokes fun at all gadget loving, over-consuming, geekazoids out there.

Verizon iPhone coming January 2011, says analyst

Just about as popular as the iPhone 4G rumors, inevitably leading to the release of the iPhone 4, the Verizon iPhone reports continue; this time it’s coming from Bloomberg. On the TV show “Street Smart”, Rodman & Renshaw senior technology analyst Ashok Kumar explains how the AT&T hold on Apple’s smartphone will be ending this year, giving way for Verizon Wireless to offer the iPhone in the U.S. this January 2011.

Cisco unveils Cius Android business tablet with front-facing camera

A new business focused Android tablet has been announced by Cisco today, they call it the Cius ("see us"). Loaded with every feature we had hoped the iPad would have, the Cius comes with HD video streaming, real-time video communications thanks to a front-facing camera, tricked out 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data and Bluetooth 3.0 so you can pretty much stay connected anytime, anywhere. A 7-inch high-resolution LCD using contact-based touch targets, something called the HD Soundstation, which without a doubt is the best looking docking bay I've ever seen.

Law firm opens iPhone 4 complaint hotline

Have you been in a car accident, injured? Perhaps your iPhone 4 antenna is not performing as it should? Call Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff now. That seems to be the message from a Sacramento lawfirm who have put the word out to disgruntled iPhone owners in order to round up a class-action suit against Apple. "If you recently purchased a new iPhone and have experienced poor reception quality, dropped calls and weak signals, we would like to hear from you," reads a a message on the injury attorneys website.

Samsung Epic 4G destined for Sprint

Giving the iPhone 4 a run for its money, the Samsung Epic 4G destined for Sprint brings dual cameras, with LED flash and HD (720p) video recording to the table. Running on Android 2.1, with a 2.2 update in the near future, and a 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, digital compass, proximity sensor, light sensor, GPS and six-axis motion sensor.

Solar-powered camera strap charges in the sun

I’m not particularly keen on the flashy white strap of this solar harness, but the idea is fantastic and anything leaning towards sustainability gets a thumbs up in my books. The Solar Camera Strap is a concept developed by designer Weng Jie. It capitalizes on the need for a sturdy camera strap for photographers, while trickling you power as well.

Review: TruLink 60GHz wireless HD Kit puts your TV exactly where...

What do you do if you have beautifully exposed brick wall, a hard to place TV scenario, and you just want to set it up in the best place possible. Cables To Go has released the TruLink 60GHz Wireless HD Kit that will transmit your HDMI components, including sound, to your HD 1080p TV. The 60GHz wireless HD Kit is stupid easy to setup. They sent us a unit and it was a little dull to setup, but fantastic to use.

Review: DryCase keeps your beats going underwater

Hot fun in the summer, oh yah. DryCorp sent us one of their mp3 player cases to check out. It fit quite right with the Apple iPod. I’m still kickin’ it to my 3G model, hence the dated looking thing sealed and protected inside the dry case which helps it evade a nasty inevitable liquid death quite common in the summer months. You can take it in the pool, river, or the shower, the dry case is designed to keep your gear happy in the water.

Ballistic nerfs your iPhone 4 with protective case shell

Now that we know how fragile the iPhone 4 really is. Giving it the white glove treatment the moment you pull it out of that shipping box and every moment thereafter is no way to enjoy it. Since it will have to be nerfed almost immediately, ballistic is planning to an iPhone 4 case, the Ballistic HC Case that will provide your device with four layers of protection.

VIDEO: iPhone 4 FAIL – Drop tested, smashed glass and black...

Dropping your phone is an obvious scenario that everyone encounters, but when it's something created by designers and engineers that "didn’t start with a clean sheet of paper" but ones who had "three years of experience designing and building the phones that redefined what a phone can do," well, we're going to expect a little more from it.

Vuvuzela owned by Elgato EyeTV filter

The first World Cup 2010 game I had watched was different. It wasn’t the broadcast picture, although I was hoping for an NFL quality feed. It was a humming background noise that slowly grew my agitation. I later found it to be a “traditional” instrument of the South African's known as the Vuvuzela. This little $3 horn caused not only grief to me, but the players on the field who had to endure its humming harmonic resonance for no less then 90 minutes per match. I said during the match, “cant the audio technicians over there filter out that frequency?” Well, they probably can, but won’t because of the Fifa President’s official message sent out on twitter “I don't see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country."

EA slashes iPhone games to 99 cents for 48 hours

EA has a blowout on games right now to welcome the iPhone 4. The 99 cent sale has a huge list of games, some might be of interest to you, many may not. Fifa and Need for Speed Shift would be my picks. The sale only lasts 48 hours, so get on it if you're up for gaming.

iOS 4 is here: Prepare for the next generation of mobile...

Apple is pushing the iPhone OS 4 update (iOS) to all iPhone models. The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G will all run iOS 4. Apple will fix a few things that should have been done long ago, like the ability to organize your mail, organize apps with folders, create your own playlists too – this is not rocket science, it's a catch up game. Unfortunately not all features will be available to the iPhone 3G; multitasking has been held back due to a slight lack in the hardware department. Expect hacks to come out the day after. All phones will of course get the most important feature of all: iAds.

iPhone 4 price is roughly $180 out of Apple’s pocket

The Apple iPhone 4 price remains quite competitive when considering that it shares several of the same components that its oversized brother, the iPad does. The same A4 processor, possibly clocked down to conserve battery life, a wireless 802.11N antenna, Bluetooth 2.1 module and 16GB/32GB of memory are some of the common similarities the two devices share. Screen size is obviously reduced on the iPhone, Retina Display technology does give it that extra sharpness, but the iPad's display added roughly $95 to it's manufacturing component cost; more than double that of the iPhone 4.

Wood log changed forever with the Stump Stove

How often does a wood log get some technological lovin? A log is a log is a log, is it not? Not the Stump Stove. It's a log that has been cut according to the specs of the companies patent which allows it to burn five times longer than a traditionally cut firewood log. You can even extinguish it and reignite it multiple times. One single 16-inch log, depending on diameter and density, can burn well beyond 3 hours. Compare that to a typical night out camping, and you're burning anywhere from 2-6 bags of firewood.

Samsung’s super quick 512GB encrypted SSDs begin production next month

If we could only be content with the revolving platters that are host to the gigabytes of precious data we lug around in our laptop's each day, Samsung wouldn't need to begin mass production on these new 512GB SSD. Tucked inside are DDR NAND chips which rather than being spun, are toggled. They are also quicker than the 40nm-class of SSDs, but just as power efficient.

Apple sells 600,000 iPhone 4 units on launch day

AT&T put the breaks on pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 4 yesterday. Apple managed to sell 600,000 units on launch day demolishing iPhone 3GS pre-orders ten fold. Due to the large number of people rushing the websites, a few things got bogged down and many users couldn’t get their pre-order in. So it’s possible Apple could have broken the 1 million mark if they were able to handle the traffic.

iSatPhone Pro gone global

Inmarsat's global satellite phone that we got wind of earlier this year has now become available by various satellite phone providers, Satworx being one of them. Their $495 price tag for the the iSatPhone Pro seems steep at first, but if you're operating an adventure travel business, disaster-readiness operations or just visiting remote locations then this handset is an invaluable investment.

USB typewriter brings a bit of nostalgia to the iPad

The ClamCase was a pretty realistic concept that is basically what we would expect of a product that aims to destroy the iPads true purpose and innovation. Dragging it back in to the notebook or netbook segment, it still got alot of attention, but I don't think it will turn as many heads as the Jack Zylkin USB typewriter mod will.

$130 HTC Aria gets Android 2.1, on AT&T June 20

Up until now, if you were looking at Android phones, but in on an AT&T contract your choices were pretty slim. You could go for the Motorola Backflip, or a reincarnation of Dell's Mini 3, the Dell Aero. Today the Aria enters the Android line expanding AT&T's offerings with another mid-level phone. The soon-to-be iPhone 4 carrier has been pretty hesitant to pick up any high-end Android smartphones that could compete with the Apple's devices.

Best Buy joining Apple in iPhone 4 pre-orders tomorrow

Best Buy is getting in on the iPhone 4 groove by announcing their pre-sale which begins tomorrow. That's June 15th, which so happens to be the same day you can pre-order from Apple. iPhone 4 deliveries are set for June 24th. These dates are the same that Apple announced, so no big surprise here.

Waterproof Ultra-Thin piezoelectric speakers are coming

Waterproof devices are gaining in popularity across America. Over in Japan, mobile phones with the feature are already hot sellers. Over the last two weeks here in Calgary its been raining pretty sporadically, a waterproof phone would be a good solution if I spent much time walking and talking in the rain. After a bit of exposure normal devices with speakers get soggy, damp, and become eroded; effecting the sound quality giving your calls that dreadful crackling static sound.

Samsung SP-H03 pico projector is their smallest yet

Samsung’s keeping the big picture in mind, and shrinking the footprint of what provides you that picture. The latest Samsung pico projector is the ultra-compact SP-H03, measuring only 2.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches it’s still capable of delivering an image size of up to 80 inches.

iPhone 4 display smashed, but was it the real deal?

When Apple announced the iPhone 4 and all the miraculous new technology it had to offer, our jaws dropped to the floor thinking this would indeed be another revolution. However blinded by marketing fluff, fancy names like high-tech aluminosilicate glass, and unthinkable correlations between "windshields of military helicopters and high speed trains" we figured this thing was a tank and a real game changer.

First iPhone 4 case hands on

This is the Gumdrop case for the iPhone 4. It's made by Hard Candy Cases who already have quite a few tasty treats for the iPhone 4, iPad, MacBook and HP Netbook line of devices. The Gumdrop MOTO SKIN case will be available in Blue, Gray and Black for about $30. It's made of silicon that is super soft, with little tire tread-like nubs that will protect your iPhone 4 against drops and glass breakage.

809 motor components later, the Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One watch

Ferrari seems to be expanding their brand in many directions, we've seen their 64-bit netbook computer, Android phone, now the Italian race car maker has teamed up with the Swiss watchmaker, Cabestan. The Scuderia Ferrari One slipped past us on the radar, but we've finally caught up to it, and oh boy, it's a beauty.

Motorola Flipout phone not available in the USA, shaped like a...

Catering to the explosive widespread adoption of “social media,” Motorola has yet again released a new phone, this time it's a “compact” and pocketable “social package” you may or may not be eager to get your hands on. Shaped like a square, or a woman's compact, is the Motorola Flipout. MOTOBLUR integrates your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, as well as your emails, messages and friends; as a hub for you to socialize your entire flipping life to the world. Spilled your mocha latte on your lap? Perhaps someone just cut you off on 27th.. Flipout will surely let you Flipout efficiently, all from one seamless interface. The Motoblur battery manager also optimizes the Flipout's settings so you can get the most flipping use out of it.

Speakal iCrystal’s UFO orb docking station for the iPhone 4

What floats, shaped like an orb and has a glowing blue light? Not a UFO ship, it's the Speakal iCrystal docking station. It's designed to cradle all iPhones, even the new iPhone 4 and iPods through the Apple connector, or a 3.5mm headphone jack for unsupported gadgets.

Sprint launches Samsung Restore “green phone”

Sprint’s latest green cell phone dubbed the Samsung Restore, is now available from the US carrier. Using 77% recycled materials inside, a 27% recycled plastic outer shell, the Restore aims to minimize our footprint on the environment so long as we don't throw out our old phones to get this one. The inexpensive handset with a slider QWERTY keyboard, fashionably colored green or midnight blue, meets the Sprint Device Eco Critera.

AT&T to lose iPhone 4 exclusivity in 6 months?

I’m just as tired as you are about hearing that Verizon or Sprint is going to get the iPhone 4. The rumor has been going on for quite some time. Even with the Wall Street Journal reporting on it, there hasn’t been a whole lot to back that up, until now. What AT&T is calling “another very exciting day for customers,” could be a ploy to lock you in to another contract. With the iPhone 4 release, new plans from the exclusive carrier were announced offering current iPhone owners the option to upgrade early; the clincher, you are with them for another 2 years.

Apple iPhone 4: All you need to know

It’s been leaked, peaked, and sneaked, but now we have it for real, and its got just about everything we expected, with a bit of unsuspected tweaks; the iPhone 4 from Apple. This is Mobile’s definitive guide to the iPhone 4, we hope it helps you understand what is coming; it will change the very way we communicate.

Apple iPhone 4 official, has HD but no 4G

With leaks coming from California bars to Taiwanese manufacturing plants, the newest iPhone 4 release by Apple will definitely go down in history as one of the worst kept secrets the company has ever had. Was it all marketing, or just carelessness? No one will ever know, but legal actions against Gizmodo for revealing the device ahead of schedule can only lead us to believe it wasn't intended. At the WWDC today Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 and it appears to be just as we thought it would. A front facing camera allows you two-way video communication over VoIP with other iPhone 4 users, this is done through a new app called FaceTime (see video below). HD video (720p / 30fps) can be recorded on the back side camera with the new iMovie app that will cost an extra $5. Still shots have been upgraded with a 5 megapixel sensor and 5x digital zoom from the rear which is accompanied by an LED flash.

Motorola Droid Xtreme pics leaked, coming to Verizon soon

Some shots of the upcoming Motorola Droid Xtreme were released this week. The handset destined for Verizon Wireless has a massive 8 megapixel camera with HD video support and an HDMI video output port. Digital imaging tech in smartphones are really getting out of control as of late, we are expecting the next iPhone 4G to get some HD mc’lovin from Apple. If they don’t serve up some high-def goodness than they may be playing catch up to Android yet again.

Samsung Android Galaxy Tablet, aka “sPad” photo leaked

With Apple hitting the 2 million mark on their iPad sales, it’s clear that tablet computers are going to be the 4th screen. Rumors of Samsung releasing several tablets are this year rampant, and with their AMOLED technology they could really give Apple some serious competition. The rumors indicate an 8-inch tablet will be announced in October, and a 10-inch two months later in December.

Hitachi reveals 7mm ultra slim drives for mobile devices

With the evolution of portable computing, manufacturers live by several common principals; one of those is making devices an unthinkable size. Staying in line with Seagate’s 7mm Momentus thin 2.5-inch hard disk drives, Hitachi today unveiled their own trio of slim line drives. Upping the anti in respects to storage capacity, Seagate offers a 150GB and 250GB, while Hitachi has announced a 250GB of their own, and has pushed the envelope forward with a 320GB as well.

Acer, Ferrari unveil Liquid E Android smartphone, 64-bit Ferrari One netbook

Acer has teamed up with Ferrari to manufacture the Liquid E Ferrari special edition smartphone. The device comes loaded with Ferrari-themed content, like videos, photos and ringtones of Ferrari engines, in addition to the obvious external themed Ferrari red color and emblem.

MSI Wind Pad conforms to “traditional” tablet standards

Closer to an actual tablet that we would recognize, when compared to the frankenstein Sketch Book, MSI brings you the Wind Pad. Cramping on the iPad moniker, the Wind Pad is a 10-incher running on either Google Android OS or Windows 7. MSI actually plans to release the Wind Pad 100 later this year, with future iterations to come. Model 100 will be first, it’s going to run a 1.66GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, 2GB RAM, and a 32GB SSD. Priced at $499 the model 100 will also sport HDMI output, dual USB 2.0 ports and a front-facing camera.

Apple sells 2 million iPads in under 60 days

When Apple first launched the iPad in the United States, it was relatively unknown how it would perform in the open market. Being the first device of its kind, Apple took a gamble by yet again giving us technology that we didn't know we needed, until of course we shelled out some coin to get it. The iPad is a rock star, it sold 1 million units in the first month, beating the companies very own iPhone smartphone.

LaCie Rugged Safe is an all-terrain secure storage hard drive

A Rugged Safe HDD case from LaCie has been released. If your subconscious mind needs 128-bit AES hardware encryption, biometric fingerprint access all bundled in a cute little silver shock-proof enclosure in order to sleep better at night, then the sub-$200 unit will probably fit nicely under your pillow. I’m more worried about losing my data and not ever getting it back then it landing in the hands of a stranger.

Elgato EyeTV HD PVR records, edits, slings live TV to your...

Elgato’s latest device is the EyeTV HD PVR, a small $200 silver box that taps into the component feed of your digital cable box or satellite TV, giving you the ability to record and stream live TV to your iPhone or iPad. Of course, standard features like just plain old recording for later viewing, pause, and rewinding, the EyeTV goes ahead to even let you edit your programming. Now with HD streaming via the H.264 format, you can get a resolution of 1920x1080 at 30 fps; this sounds good, but I would be concerned with any encoding artifacts and lag (both on the desktop and streamed device).

Surprise, Flash 10.1 shown to slow down Android 2.2, dramatically

There's been a debate whether or not Adobe Flash would be suitable for the mobile environment, its a big issue in our realm. So how else do you determine such a thing with all this industry bias in our way? How about running some good hard tests? Well, here they are, first speed tests of Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1. And unfortunately with Flash, it's sluggish and choppy according to PocketNow who tested a Nexus One running Android 2.2, against an iPhone 3GS and Opera Mobile 10 on an HTC HD2.

Review: Aleratec 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser hard disk drive duplicator

When I first saw Aleratec’s 1:1 harddrive PortaCruiser I was totally in awe. I thought, damn, if I had this thing back in the day I would have been the shop wizard in no time. My first impressions were that it was portable, so hey, were Mobile so we can definitely check it out. And it is portable, lightweight, and doesn’t take much other than a standard power plug to get it running. It has multiple interfaces for either an IDE harddrive, SATA, even USB 2.0 and can make perfect copies of the drives from any, to any, of the multiple interfaces. Basically what once needed a computer to duplicate with, can now be done standalone with a tiny device that will fit in your gear bag.

The true iPhone killer revealed

Nokia didn't make it, nor HTC - not even Motorola; this device unlike the last iPhone killer is a block of laser cut steel finished with a beautiful mahogany axe handle. The designer thought he would poke fun at all the company's trying to take on Steve Jobs, so he decided to make a tool to destroy one thing and one thing only; the iPhone.

Fujitsu T730 LifeBook Tablet PC gets Core i5 and i7 processors

Two new LifeBook flip-style tablet PCs have been released by Fujitsu today. With Core i5 and Core i7 processors, these 12.1-inch convertibles ship with 2GB of ram, a 160GB harddrive, dual-layer DVD-R, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a battery packing "5.5 hours" of estimated life. What makes these special is their processing power, with the i5 you can go up to 2.53Ghz, or 2.66GHz with the i7 upgrade. Remember, they weigh just under 4 pounds and it's not going to be your eBook replacement, but touchscreen will allow you to flip that cool Google streetview map around with your finger in front of your pals.

D-Drive infinitely variable transmission system: Is it the future?

If transmissions took a turn and became one of the most efficient components in our vehicles we would be getting a heck of a lot better mileage. The technology remains somewhat archaic and is in the majority of vehicles today; either a geared transmission consisting of automatic, semi-automatic or manual, and the most recently innovative alternative: Continuously Variable Transmissions, or CVTs. What they have in common is they are friction components, with clutches grabbing plates and spinning them, or belts and pulleys inevitably failing from typical wear and tear.

Wi-Fi Sync wirelessly syncs jailbroken iPhones with iTunes

Wi-Fi Sync is an app for the iPhone that allows you to sync your iTunes library on your Mac over a Wi-Fi connection; the clincher, it has to be jailbroken. Apple doesn't allow wireless syncing for god knows what reason, but if they were planning on it than we would have probably heard of it in the iPhone OS 4 update. Until then, you will have to resort to seedy methods; the app sells for $10 from the hacked app store Cydia. A program similar to Wi-Fi Sync was started back in 2007 called uSync, it required executing shell scripts and libs: "SVN GTKPod/libgpod and SVN GNUPod (with a couple extra modifications)," and hasn't gone anywhere since.

Google to work on iPad killer with Verizon Wireless, HTC too?

Apple may be the first to sell a million tablet computers, in part due to their massive application portal and market penetration, but Google says they are not far behind. We knew the Internet giant was planning a Google tablet, it would without a doubt run on a modified mobile Android OS, but the details were slim. Verizon Wireless CEO just announced they plan to work with Google on it; perhaps with what could lead to an interesting device, giving them a chance to make right what the iPad did wrong. "We're working on tablets together, for example. We're looking at all the things Google has in its archives that we could put on a tablet to make it a great experience." Verizon’s chief executive, Lowell McAdam told The Wall Street Journal.

Android ousts iPhone in US Q1 sales

Although Apple is the biggest American phone company, that doesn’t automatically give them the seat for the most US smartphones sold. RIM has the number one place, followed by Google’s Android, and iPhone coming in third. According to NPD, a market research firm, Google’s Android operating system had a 28 percent market share in the first quarter of this year, RIM’s BlackBerry OS had 36 percent, and the iPhone sat in third with 21 percent.