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Ericsson pulls plug on handset manufacturing


Ericsson has decided to outsource the mobile phone production to Flextronics, an electronics manufacturing services provider. With this new alliance, Ericsson will achieve economies of scale, lower capital exposure and better volume flexibility. Furthermore, an agreement has been reached with the Taiwanese manufacturer GVC to complement the partnership with Arima. ...

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FCC May Remove Cap on Wireless Cos.


The government plans to consider whether it should get rid of or relax a cap on how much airwaves space a single wireless company can own in a market. The Federal Communications Commission said it would take into account competitive changes in the wireless industry and whether its rules could ...

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SSL Encrypted Video Surveillance from Anywhere in the World


eMonitoringSolutions.com (eMS), developer of leading-edge Internet streaming video and audio technology, has allied with ZATRA to offer shopping centers across the country eMS’ RemoteManager streaming media. ZATRA provides next generation broadband solutions for shopping centers. Under the agreement, ZATRA will offer eMS’ sophisticated streaming media to its current and new ...

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Semtech’s Customizable Single IC Provides All Human Interface, Intelligent Power & Battery Management Functions for Wireless Internet Appliances


Semtech’s USAR, a leading producer of Human Interface Device (HID) and System Management electronics, today announced a unique modular approach for implementing Human Interface Devices (HIDs), intelligent power and battery management, smart cards and other features in Wireless Internet Appliances (WIAs) and other RISC-based battery-operated systems. Designers of such systems ...

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CASIO Soft Adds WAP Wireless Support and Advanced Telephony Features to New MobileLink v2.5


CASIO Soft, Inc., today announced it has added real-time wireless connectivity, and integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) using Microsoft’s Web Telephony Engine to CSI MobileLink v2.5, the newest release of its enterprise software solution for field force management, remote data collection, and web-based reporting. MobileLink v2.5 is an easy-to-use mobile ...

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goZing Giving Away Hands-Free Cellular Earpieces to New Members


goZing, the leader in permission-based, wireless direct marketing, announced today a promotion geared towards raising awareness and promoting safety among the cellular phone using community. Starting immediately, consumers who sign up for the goZing Rewards Program are eligible to receive a free cellular earpiece. Consumers will be asked to simply ...

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Next Generation Scalable Transformation Engine Launched By MobileAware


MobileAware, the leading provider of e-business mobility infrastructure for mobile operators and ASPs has launched a highly scalable and performant next generation transformation engine which will significantly enhance the capabilities of its Everix product suite. Everix is an innovative e-business mobility infrastructure platform that enables existing and new web-based content ...

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Novatel Wireless adds GPS to Lancer 3W


Novatel Wireless, Inc., a leading provider of wireless data access solutions, announced today the immediate availability of a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Module for its Lancer 3W™ Wireless 3 Watt Modem, which is used extensively by Public Service professionals. With the additional capability afforded by GPS technology, the Lancer 3W ...

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Two USB Optical mice for Notebooks reviewed


If you own a notebook computer, you definitely want the option of attaching a mouse instead of always being stuck using the standard built in mouse. Both of these mice are Optical scroll mice with a USB connection and additional USB to PS2 adapter for those who don’t want to ...

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