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Apple Power Mac G4 With DVD-R


Now you can burn your own DVD-Video discs. Power Mac G4 models with the DVD-R/CD-RW SuperDrive are the first computers to ship with everything you need to record DVD titles for playback on most standard DVD players. The awesome new DVD-R/CD-RW SuperDrive reads DVD titles at 6x (7.8 megabytes per ...

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Russia Bans Mobile Phones While Driving


By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Russia has put the brakes on drivers using mobile phones without handsfree equipment. Under the government order, drivers may only use mobile phones with earpieces and microphones that leave hands free to hold the wheel. They are forbidden to hold a phone to their ear and ...

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Olympus Introduces the Camedia Brio D-100


Olympus America Inc., the world leader in film and filmless photography, today introduced the first member in its new family of point & shoot digital cameras, the Camedia Brio D-100. Featuring a high quality 5.5mm f2.8 –f11 Auto Focus Olympus lens with digital 2X Telephoto, a super fast shutter release ...

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Verizon Wireless Jumpstarts Smart Phone Market


Taking the lead among wireless carriers, Verizon Wireless announced today that it is launching the nation’s first wireless service for the new generation of smart phone — a Web ready, Palm-powered wireless handset that combines the best of a personal digital assistant (PDA) with the ubiquitous connectivity of a wireless ...

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Ericsson unveils second Bluetooth product


Ericsson Business Innovation launches an entirely new mobile communications concept, Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point, BLIP. With BLIP, the Internet moves onto the street and becomes local. BLIP is a stand-alone local platform, which communicates through Bluetooth technology, and enables users to gain access to information through their mobile phone, PDA ...

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Nokia expands its TETRA handset family


Nokia has unveiled a new TETRA phone, the Nokia THR850, reflecting the latest trends in mobile telephony design and usability, yet providing unrivalled facilities for fast and dynamic group communication and messaging. TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is the only open digital trunked radio standard defined by the European Telecommunications Standards ...

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HP OmniBook 500 with Intel’s Low Power PIII 700Mhz CPU


Hewlett Packard, building on its reputation of providing reliable ultra-portable computing with no compromises, infused the Omnibook 500 notebook PC line with the new Intel PIII 700 MHz low-voltage processor. This is the fastest processor available from Intel in their low-voltage line designed to provide ultra-portables with long battery life. ...

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Palm Pilot helped to send secrets to Russians


Robert Hanssen may be the first spy suspect to use a Palm Pilot electronic organiser to betray secrets. The FBI claimed that he used flash memory cards, computer diskettes, a Palm Pilot and computer encryption techniques to plan meetings and pass on 6,000 pages of classified documents. Hanssen, exhausted by ...

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Microsoft Faces New FTC Charges


Microsoft Corp. is facing federal charges of false and deceptive advertising for the second time in less than a year, casting new light on its business tactics just as it opens its appeal of the government’s antitrust case. Microsoft is already negotiating to settle the charges, pending before the Federal ...

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Motorola Banks on GPRS As Unveils New Handsets


Motorola dismissed concern this week that the mobile Internet will not take off and said it would increase its high speed data handset models in mid-2001 from the present solitary offering. This is likely to be music to the ears of promoters of the new technology General Packet Radio Service ...

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Nokia RoofTop™ Router In North America


Nokia today announced that it has successfully completed its first commercial trials with its new Nokia RoofTop™ Wireless Routing wireless broadband network solution. Nokia will begin delivering the Nokia R240, an all-in-one outdoor router, and the Nokia RoofTop™ Router Management System (RMS), a solution that simplifies the installation and monitoring ...

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Endeavors Technology Leads Small Device P2P Development and Ports Python to the Palm OS


Computer scientists at Endeavors Technology have successfully developed a highly optimized, open source port of Python to the Palm OS® platform to stimulate interest in creating Python-based applications for Palm(TM) handheld computers and other devices that use the Palm operating system. This complements Endeavors’ peer-to-peer software development initiative to make ...

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