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SDA adopts microSD; SanDisk first to offer 512MB

SanDisk has wasted no time with the release of their 512MB microSD card that measures only 11mm x 15mm x 1mm. They had a slight advantage over everyone else since the TransFlash card design is what the microSD is based on. This means the official phasing out of the TransFlash memory card, but the 40+ […]

Freescale and Motorola extend 3G device developments to 2008

Freescale Semiconductor has been selected by Motorola to develop their future 3G UMTS communications technology and products. 2008 is when these new Freescale powered Motorola devices are expected to hit the market, primarily using Freescale baseband, RF, power management and power amplifier components. “Freescale and Motorola will continue to set the pace for world-class 3G […]

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Fujitsu Develops New Electronic Paper with Image Memory

Fujitsu Laboratories has announced the world’s first film substrate-based bendable colour electronic paper with image memory feature. This new paper is capable of displaying vivid colour images that are not affected even when the screen is bent, the image memory function also enables it to continuously display the same image without any power source. This […]

Motorola RAZR V3 finds its way to T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA has added the Motorola RAZR V3 to their line-up of mobile phones. Up until this week Cingular has had exclusive rights to the RAZR, they still do for the Black RAZR, but everyone seems to still love the silver. The RAZR with quad-band GSM connectivity, Bluetooth and VGA camera is selling on T-Mobile’s […]

Krome Spy PDA with 1.3 megapixel camera

Australian company Krome has launched a reduced size Windows Mobile PDA/Phone to be launched globally next month. Just adding the word “spy” to any devices name will make people more excited about it, that’s why they called this one the Krome Spy. What makes it so Spy-like is obviously its small size; measuring 2.28 x […]

Motorola E815 is now Unavailable from Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has pulled the Motorola E815 mobile phone from their product line faster than it was introduced. The official reason is unknown, but their 1984 like actions of simply deleting all related information from their web site has upset many customers. The E815 is no longer listed in the Verizon available phones, for a […]

Science & Tech
Three Logitech Headphones for MP3 Players

Logitech has released three high-quality headphones, the Logitech Wireless, Logitech Identity and Logitech Curve Headphones for MP3. The wireless headphones will work within 30 feet of your Bluetooth device, they feature the latest Bluetooth 1.2 specification and frequency hopping for crystal clear digital audio. They are priced at $129.99. Logitech’s Identity headphones allow you to […]

Man arrested for Wi-Fi hopping

A man who was outside a Florida residence using his laptop was arrested for accessing a home Wi-Fi network. George Kajtsa called the police department after seeing a suspicious vehicle parked out front of his house, whenever he looked out the window, the man in the 4×4 closed the lid on his laptop. When the […]

Archos Gmini XS200 20GB mp3 player fits in your pocket

Archos this week has unveiled their new Gmini XS 202, it features a large 20GB hard drive for around the same price as smaller 4GB digital audio players. The retail price is $249.99, for that price you get an elegant device that measures only 2.9 x 2.3 x 0.75-inches and weighs 4.2 ounces. A 2-inch […]

Siemens HHB-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headest

A great addition to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone would be a set of wireless stereo-capable headphones. Siemens has released the handsfree compliant HHB-750 Bluetooth headset, it supports A2DP and AVRC profiles, receives audio information on the single-line backlit blue LCD and controls music playback capabilities like start, stop and skip. Whether this will work […]

Motorola and Samsung shake hands

A pact between two mega-phone giants has been announced today, Motorola and Samsung plan to share their technological information to better their products and save themselves what could be millions in intellectual property disputes. A RAZR slim handset with 7.0 megapixel image sensor? It could very well be next. But this is not the first […]

I-mode hits Europe with NEC N600i 3G Phone

Greece is the first country outside of Japan to offer NTT’s 3G i-Mode service. Cosmote, Greece’s top mobile operator is receiving shipments from NEC of their N600i mobile terminal. The N600i is capable of handling dual mode W-CDMA and GSM/GPRS. Ericsson’s mobile platform was used in creating this handset, the first major breakthrough for the […]

Samsung D600 Phone Broadcasts MP3 to your Car

Samsung is planning a new type of mobile phone that can play MP3 files directly to the internal speakers of your car. The systems first success was performed at the Audi corporate headquarters in Germany last week. Samsung says their future D600 mobile phone with Bluetooth technology will have 30GB of storage for your music […]

Science & Tech
Mercury and IBM to create powerfull Cell Microprocessor computers

Mercury Computer Systems has joined forces with big blue today. The partnership entails a breakthrough in Cell microprocessor technology to integrate into future computer systems that perform data-intensive applications. “The PowerPC inside the Cell is in roughly the same class performance as today’s IBM PowerPC 970 processors. It is the addition of the eight SPU […]

T-Mobile Starts with Google

T-Mobile users will be pleased to know that when they open up their Internet browser on their mobile phone, Google will be the first to appear. A partnership between Europe’s second-largest mobile operator and Google, will give mobile Internet surfers the award-winning search engine with just the touch of a few buttons. T-Mobile’s web’n’walk service […]

OtterBox Armor 1900 PDA Case Reviewed

We all have accidents with some of our expensive toys, but when your work or even your life depends on them you don’t want to take any chances. OtterBox cases are designed for all environmental extremes; rain, snow, dirt, sand, humidity, shock and impact. If you are on the job and collecting important data you […]

Sun Enters Mobile Arena with Ultra 3 mobile workstation

Sun Microsystems this week announced their first notebook computer, Sun’s move to the mobile marketplace will give engineers that needed power to perform technical operations while on the road. The Ultra 3 mobile workstation starts at US $3,400, the entry-level model sports a 64-bit 550 MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor, the cream of the crop uses […]

Microsoft and Toshiba Join Forces on HD DVD

Microsoft and Toshiba have announced their plans to deliver a new type of media format that will collaborate both their strengths in software and hardware technologies. The technology in development is High Definition-DVD players (HD DVD), using Windows CE technology. iHD, a next-generation DVD interactivity format may also come into the picture, as well as […]

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Nokia Enhances Java for Series 60 Devices

Nokia’s Series 60 based mobile phones will get huge Java enhancement features in and around 2006. The improved Java Platform uses the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) protocol Nokia has envisioned, this will create a more flexible environment for everyone. Without a doubt, the Series 60 Platform is the most popular smartphone platform that we know […]

Quake Mobile next month

Quake, the famous 3D Shooter from id Software that was originally released in 1996 for the PC, is being ported for 3D-enabled mobile phones this July. Quake Mobile is in development by a company called Bare Naked Productions, the game is being specifically designed for a new generation of mobile phones handsets that feature dedicated […]

Samsung Shrinks 5 Megapixel Image Sensor

Samsung Electronics has developed a 5 megapixel imaging sensor for use on mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders. The 5M CMOS sensor has a 1/2.5-inch lens aperture with a pixel measurement of 2.2 by 2.2 microns, developed using 0.13-micron process technology, this new sensor is 50 percent more sensitive to light. This will result in […]

Motorola E895 Linux Mobile at JavaOne Conference

Today at the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, California, Motorola released the Linux-based E895 EDGE mobile phone. The E895 has a 1.3 megapixel camera with pan and zoom capabilities, Motorola is claiming that it will take great photos even in low light; this is a known failing point with almost all mobile phone cameras. The […]

Samsung Digimax i50 MP3 Camera

We’ve seen many mobile phones with MP3 functionality, it seems that digital cameras will be next to be swept with the audio playback technology. Samsung’s i50 is another digital camera to add MP3 file support, if you like to listen to music in the background while you are documenting your adventure, or simply to lighten […]

First HSDPA field trial in China

Lucent has announced the successful completion of an HSDPA field trial in China, high-quality TV and video were no match for the 1.8 Mbps speeds achieved over the W-CDMA network. Peak data speeds of 14.4 Mbps theoretically can be achieved by HSDPA in the future, however the current HSDPA solution is capable of achieving a […]

Nortel first in seamless 3G WiFi switching

Nortel today has completed the first demonstration of seamless network switching between UMTS 3G and an 802.11 wireless LAN. This may be the first seamless handoff of voice and data services that we know of between the two networks. The test calls were completed on a live UMTS 3G cellular network and a standard 802.11 […]

HP Compaq nx6125 with Biometrics under $1000

HP introduced their AMD Turion 64 powered notebook PC today with advanced security features, the HP Compaq nx6125. The nx6125 is being offered to small and mid-size businesses, it will provide a secure mobile office at an affordable sub-$1000 price tag. With a 15-inch display, ATI Radeon Xpress200M, integrated biometrics, and wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g not […]

LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Fingerprint Authentication

LaCie has begun securing their mobile hard drives with biometric technology. I’m not sure if the fingerprint authentication sounds similar to IBM’s na na na na na na, but it will do an equal job of keeping unauthorized users from accessing your data. The LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive unlocks when you swipe your finger […]

Acer Ferrari 4000 Carbon-Fiber Notebook

Acer is announcing another contender in the ultra-fast Ferrari notebook line, the Ferrari 4000. This carbon-fiber combination of superior computing technology and innovative design is the successor to the Ferrari 3200 and 3400 notebooks. The Ferrari 4000 is based on AMD’s Turion 64 Mobile Technology, this processing unit is specifically designed for thin and lightweight […]

SMS Evolves Into Interactive Search Service

KTF today launched an SMS search service that interactively provides stock market reports, horoscopes and dictionary services to mobile phone users. When sending a text message requesting information to the assigned search service number, a search result will be received in the form of MMS, also if you send a date of birth you will […]

Text it, don’t say it

Results have come in from the latest IDC survey which asked travelers their opinion of cell phone use on airplanes, the survey found that only 11% of 50,000 participants said they would use a mobile phone for voice calls when in-flight. 64% approved of using their mobile phones for other activities such as text messaging, […]

Rok Brings Mobile Entertainment to Mobile Phones via Memory Cards

TV on mobile phones is slowing becoming a common feature, but what about full-length movies? ROK Entertainment group is a mobile content provider, they have released Shawshank Redemption last week for smartphone, and ‘Liverpool – Champions of Europe’ on memory card for mobile phone play. Shawshank Redemption is the first full-length film on memory cards […]

Mauritius may be first wireless “Cyber-Island”

A tropical island off the east coast of Africa, could be the first nation to have coast-to-coast wireless internet coverage. Mauritius is a 40-mile long island filled with white-sandy beaches, palm trees and spicy restaurants. ADB Networks is the company installing the wireless radio network across Mauritius, it’s a small place and very manageable. If […]

Widescreen iBook rumours surface

Asustek is being rumored to be the chosen manufacturer of Apple’s next widescreen iBook laptop. Apple’s current widescreen offerings are limited to the PowerBook G4 line-up, as notebooks continue to takeover the desktop market; the demand for widescreen notebooks slowly grows. This information was found in Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, possibly sooner than Apple had […]

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Nokia and Wayfinder offer first Nokia Navigation Bundle

Nokia and Wayfinder Systems have begun offering a bundled version of the Nokia 6630 mobile phone with the Nokia Wireless GPS Module and Wayfinder Navigator software. The navigation pack covers all of Western Europe, Wayfinder does have map packs for North America, but it does not look like it will be bundled in this package. […]

Google Unveils Mobile Search Engine

Google Inc. today unveiled a new mobile search engine that enables mobile phone users to search web pages designed specifically for viewing on mobile devices. The Google Mobile Web Search indexes sites using XHTML technology to deliver content. XHMTL combines HTML and XML (extensible markup language) to deliver content specially designed for mobile applications. To […]

Motorola i265 and i275 from Nextel Reviewed

Nextel has exclusive distribution rights to both the Motorola i265 and Motorola i275 mobile handsets. These phones are very similar in design and features and have a typical Nextel design considering their hefty, curvy form factor. They both function with Direct Connect push-to-talk on the Nextel 800MHz IDEN network. Design and Durability Being candybar phones, […]

Retinal Implant gives vision to blind

The retinal implant designed by IIP Technologies is a unique microchip that is implanted in the eye, it gives stimulation to the optic nerve through optical glasses. The glasses take pictures of the environment, the neuro-computer chip converts the images to pulse sequences, which excite the remaining intact ganglion cells and evoke visual perception in […]

IPdrum develops Skype to all mobile phones cable

A new company from Norway called IPdrum, is planning to bring Skype to all mobile phone users worldwide by using a simple cable they have designed. The IPdrum Mobile Cable connects Skype to a mobile telephone via the mobile telephone network, Skype users will be able to take advantage of worldwide calling for local rates. […]

Freescale advances 3G subsystem design

Freescale is announcing their fourth generation multimode 3G WCDMA/EDGE cellular RF subsystem. A new slimmer design uses 70% less space than previous designs, allowing manufacturers to create elegant feature-packed 3G handsets. The dual-mode RF cellular subsystem will offer a three-to-one component reduction. Integration of MP3 players, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, digital cameras, DVB-H, GPS and micro harddrives […]

BT launches first combined and fixed mobile phone service

BT has launched the world’s first fixed and mobile phone service based around the Motorola V560 handset, calls will automatically be transferred from your mobile to your home service when you walk in the door. In this case, to your BT Home Hub which routes your calls via your broadband Internet connection. Ian Livingston, CEO […]

Mio 269 Sports 2.5 GB of Storage and MP3 Player

Mio Technology has released a multi-capable GPS device that gives users 2.5 GB of storage space and built-in MP3 player. The Mio 269 is a palm-sized navigation system for anyone wanting to get around and have some fun listening to their music within North America, even Alaska and Hawaii. Ready to go, the Mio 269 […]

FujiFilm F10 Underwater Housing

For anyone wanting to get a taste of underwater photography, Fujifilm has released a sub-aqua case for their FinePix F10 Zoom digital camera. The 40-meter pressure resistant case will stay sealed and keep your camera dry for 24-hours, since the camera uses Fuji’s ‘Real Photo Processor’, you will be able to shoot clear, noise-free images […]

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Nokia Reveals 7 New Phones, Pushing CDMA

Nokia has released seven new phone models today including a 3G handset and several high-resolution camera phones. Four of which are slide phones, two folding and one monoblock design. All models are expected to begin shipping by mid-2005. The 6280 is their 3G slide phone, it has a 2-megapixel camera, they also introduced three CDMA […]

Ericsson Enables In-Flight GSM Calls

Wireless device manufacturer Ericsson has introduced a GSM base station that allows travelers to use their mobile phones while in flight. The RBS 2708 is an upgraded version of Ericsson’s terrestrial RBS 2000, it would appear to the mobile phone as just another cell in the network, the call would then be routed to a […]

Holographic Versatile Card

The battle between recordable media formats will always be, however recent advances have somewhat kicked a trail of dust in the face of the well-known DVD and Blue Ray formats. Optware has come out with a high capacity Holographic Versatile Card, it’s about the size of a credit card, and holds an impressive 30 GB […]

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Intel, Nokia to Jointly Develop WiMAX Products

Intel and Nokia have collaborated their efforts to deliver high-speed Internet over long distances. The key wireless technology in question is WiMAX IEEE 802.16e. The infrastructure and marketing efforts will be geared specifically to mobile devices and notebook platforms. Together, they plan to create base station deployment strategies for an effective WiMAX network and provide […]

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Nokia Sensor Connects People Via Bluetooth

Nokia Sensor is the latest user networking application developed by the phone giant Nokia. The application will allow Nokia mobile phone users the chance to communicate with new people in the same location. The application utilizes Bluetooth wireless to share your user profile with other Sensored users, for example; in a café, bus, train or […]