Author: Fabrizio Pilato

Reviewed: Telus’ High-Speed EVDO Network is blazing fast

Telus launched their first ever EVDO-capable (for Evolution, Data Optimized) wireless network card for notebook computers one year ago this May. Since the Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 could only operate on the CDMA 1x network at the time, it was just a taste of what Telus had coming. I had a chance to get on […]

First Look: E-Ten’s G500 GPS Smartphone is here

E-Ten Information Systems of Taiwan has sent over the G500 Pocket PC, this solid GPS navigation smartphone that looks as though it fell straight outta Tron, is up next to the review block. About 1% larger in size than the Blackberry 8700, the ETen G500 comes in at mere 119 x 62 x 23 mm. […]

Review: Plustek OpitcSlim M12 Plus is blazing fast

Plustek revealed their OpitcSlim M12 Plus sheetfed scanner just two weeks ago, this USB powered portable device is capable of scanning documents up to A4/Legal size, and at a blazing fast speed. We were able to get a hold of the very first unit, and from my tests I can say this is a tool […]

Apple iPod Hi-Fi is here

At a keynote this morning in warm and sunny California, Steve Jobs revealed the iPod Hi-Fi, a $349 speaker system that runs on D batteries or AC power, and docks your iPod of course. The dock supports all iPods, even the Shuffle, the AUX input will also allow you non-iPoders to get in on some […]

Review: Matrox DualHead2Go external multi-display upgrade

The Matrox DualHead2Go device is the perfect solution for notebook users wishing to have the ultimate desktop experience. It allows you to efficiently output your notebooks display to a dual screen configuration, without compromising video quality. Essentially giving you the best of both worlds and still maintaining mobility. When using the DualHead2Go with dual 17-inch […]

Thomson Lyra X3000 Portal Multimedia Recorder Revealed

Where else, but CES, Thomson will show off their personal multimedia recorder with high-speed video transfer capabilities directly from DirecTV digital video recorders. The DirecTV2Go functionality makes the latest Lyra X3000 a true portable VCR, taking all your programming, films and digital music with you. The PMP boasts of a 3.6-inch TFT ultra-bright color LCD […]

HandHeld Entertainment reveals WiFi ZVUE

HandHeld Entertainment, makers of the pocket sized ZVUE portable media player, have revealed their Model 500 upgrade first to be seen at the upcoming CES conference in Las Vegas. Looking at the original ZVUE, and then the WiFi ZVUE model 500, you would have to think twice to believe that the same company developed these. […]

Google’s Gmail goes mobile

Google today has added portability to their free online email system. Gmail Mobile will give users access to their Gmail account from a web-enabled mobile phone. When accessing from your handset, it automatically optimizes the interface based on your device. You can even view photos, documents, reply to phone numbers while keeping everything synchronized […]

microsoft phones
Nokia 9300i WLAN Business Communicator

Nokia today expanded their business solutions with the release of their 9300i handset, incorporating a full QWERTY keyboard and WLAN connectivity. Nokia’s 9300i smartphone supports E-GPRS (EDGE) and WLAN 802.11g for versatility in any network environment. BlackBerry Connect, Nokia Business Center, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Seven Always-On Mail and Visto Mobile email clients are […]

Pause, a place for your iPod to sleep

Pause, every iPod needs a place to sleep. The latest in design innovation from Dan Gillingham, designmobel New Zealand, is a seamlessly integrated sleep station for your iPod, Bose speaker system and you of course, all together in la-la land. The minimalist bed combines a side lamp and aluminum tray, with shelves that will accommodate […]

CompUSA and eMusic offer 100 free music downloads

eMusic and CompUSA have announced a partnership where CompUSA customers will receive 100 free download tracks with any purchase at a CompUSA retail outlet. No word if this is just an in-store deal, or both in-store and online. But if you have a CompUSA near you, it wouldn’t hurt to stop by and take advantage […]

Xbox 360 Reviewed: High Definition is Key

The Xbox 360 is here, and is much more than a simple gaming machine, Microsoft intends to make it the centerpiece of your digital entertainment living space. MobileWhack has one of the first reviews of the system we have seen, and the system looks quite impressive. Xbox 360 is off to a good start, with […]

Samsung Reveals 7-inch Flexible TFT LCD

Samsung Electronics today revealed that they have developed the largest flexible thin-film transistor liquid crystal display, the 7-inch TFT LCD can display resolutions of 640×480 (VGA) and is made of a transparent plastic substrate which is lighter and more durable than conventional LCD glass panels on the market now. This is being considered the next-generation […]

Apricorn MicroKey Rugged USB memory key Reviewed

Apricorn’s microKey was designed for the true road warrior in mind. Housed in an aluminum alloy body with a 6GB micro drive surrounded by mounting insulation for the ultimate in vibration and shock protection. The silver crush-resistant casing looks as though it was designed as per military spec, with a slim and solid feel, you […]

JJS Ascend PEC-A8 PDA switches to PMP

The latest gadget from China is the PMP/PDA, this is a standard looking personal media player, it can switch into personal digital assistant mode, they call it “switch2pmp”. When in PDA mode you are in a Windows CE OS, not the most exciting OS one could ask for in a PDA, but nonetheless, they are […]

Motorola Keeps Riding the RAZR

Motorola today officially announced two new colors and two new versions of their popular Motorola RAZR series of handsets. “We wanted to evolve the Motorola RAZR without compromising the integrity and philosophy of the original design,” said Leslie Dance, Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications. “These four new phones complement the millions of […]

Samsung SCH-M600 Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone Official

Samsung has officially unveiled the Samsung SCH-M600 multi-function Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 smartphone. The SCH-M600 is Samsungs answer to the many music phones emerging on the market, it’s most notable feature is the 3GB of internal hard drive space for playing, storing and creating MP3s, VOD and MOD files. Samsung SCH-M600 Specifications – Microsoft Windows […]

Canon SD430 Wireless 5.3 Megapixel Digital Camera

Canon has unveiled the PowerShot SD430 Wireless 5.3 megapixel digital camera, also known over seas as the Digital IXUS Wireless. The Wi-Fi enabled camera can transfer and store images via Wi-Fi to your PC or PictBridge compatible printer with the bundled Wireless Print Adapter. It also features a 2-inch LCD, 3x optical zoom, MMC/SD card […]

Motorola ROKR ain’t Rollin’

What was expected to be the next-generation MP3 player, the all-in-one mobile device, the mobile phone of mobile phones, may not have had enough of it all to entice consumers. The Motorola ROKR, which features iTunes and a 100 song limit, has been failing according to Cingular Wireless and Motorola’s CEO, Ed Zander. Cingular is […]

True White LED Light Discovered

A white LED light accidentally discovered by a Vanderbilt University graduate student, Michael Bowers last week, may change the way we light up our lives. This breakthrough couldn’t have come at a better time, the LED light consumes less energy and lasts about 50 times longer then a conventional light, but it also produces twice […]

Apple Sued Over iPod nano Design Flaw

An aggravated American consumer has taken his gripe up with Apple in the San Jose District Court, Jason Tomczak is fed up with the problems he has had with his iPod nano and wants Apple to pay up. The lawsuit alleges that Apple had launched the iPod nano music player with the knowledge of it […]

Griffin iTrip for the iPod nano is out

Griffin Technology has come out with an expected addon for the iPod nano, the iTrip FM transmitter. Why Apple doesn’t integrate these basic features into the iPod is beyond me, but it does leave great headroom for manufacturers to create their attachments. The new iPod nano iTrip taps into the nano’s high resolution LCD, it’s […]

Sony PSP Bundle with 1GB Memory Stick

Sony will be selling a bundled version of their PSP mobile gaming unit with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo card. In addition it will come with a small stand, and the usual accessories like USB cable, case, earphones and remote. A one gig card will run consumers an extra $80 or so dollars, this […]

Lexar Releases Card Readers for Pros

Lexar Media is seriously taking into consideration the needs of professional photography workflow with their new Professional CompactFlash Reader and high-speed multi-card readers ideal for the mobile photographer. “The big trend today for the pros is turning images around quickly, and that means they need workflow tools that will enable the speed of transferring images. […]

Motorola Announces Next Generation of 3G Handsets

Motorola has officially announced the European and Asian launch of their next generation 3G/UMTS mobile handsets. These include the Motorola RAZR V3x, E770v and the E1070. The Motorola RAZR V3x is a clamshell under the famous RAZR brand, it will be available in liquorice black exclusively through 3, ash silver exclusively through Vodafone, and cosmic […]

HP iPAQ HW6500 Arrives on Cingular

HP with Cingular Wireless today confirmed the hopes of many, the HP iPAQ hw6500 series Mobile Messenger will be available on Cingular’s high-speed EDGE network throughout the US. This is the first Pocket PC to use EDGE, users will have access to the largest and fastest networks in the country, from 13,000 cities and towns […]

Conflict: Global Storm Mobile Coming this October

Synergenix will be releasing Conflict: Global Storm for mobile phones this October. Licensed from Eidos Interactive, Conflict: Global Storm is a squad-based, tactical combat game which puts the player in charge of the war against terrorism. I’m sure most will do a better job then Bush anyhow. The game is shown from an isometric perspective, […]

Fujifilm Pivi Mobile Printer

Fujifilm Japan is getting ready to launch their new Pivi MP-70 line of mobile printers next month. The small pocket-sized device will connect through infrared of various NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone mobile camera phones, as well as the FinePix Z1 camera to print wirelessly. The device measures 127mm x 99mm x 29.5mm and will print […]

Sony Erisson MDS-70 Home Audio System for Walkman music phones

In conjunction with the Sony Ericsson W900 music phone launch, Sony Ericsson revealed a home audio system dock for the Walkman line of music phones, the MDS-70. Once your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone is connected, the MSD-70 connects to a set of high performance speakers for full, rich sound. “As you build up your favourite […]

Palm gets RIM BlackBerry Connect for Treo Smartphones

Palm and RIM announced that they are working to bring BlackBerry Connect to Palm Treo 650 smartphone users by early 2006. Under RIM’s BlackBerry Connect licensing program, Palm will enable the Treo 650 and future Palm OS Treo smartphones the capability of secure, push-based wireless email under the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Palm Treo smartphones will […]

Sony Ericsson W900 Walkman Phone for UMTS

Sony Ericsson has released their fourth music phone and first UMTS handset today, the W900; it sports 470MB of user free memory space which can be increased to 2GB by adding a Memory Stick PRO Duo card, now that’s a music phone. The W900 features over-the-air (OTA) music download services, allowing tracks to be purchased […]

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Zyxel Prestige 2000W WiFi VoIP Phone Review

The Zyxel Prestige 2000W is one of the first WiFi VoIP phones to get out on the market. It will allow you to send and receive calls as long as you are within range and have access to an IEEE 802.11b or g wireless network. The effective range on the 2000W is one of its […]

Sony PSP firmware 2.5 official

Japan has the latest version 2.5 of the Sony PSP Firwmare, a US release should follow soon, but the 2.5 adds many goodies that most will find hard to stay away from. The main update to PSP users will be the remote video streaming option, with a LocationFree base station, PSP owners can stream video […]

microsoft phones
Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 3G WLAN Phones Introduced

Nokia has added several new models to their E series of handsets today, their E60, E61 and E70 devices all run on Symbian OS 8.1 and include WCDMA seamless roaming, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB 2.0 and best of all, WLAM connectivity. They support most popular and newly announced corporate mobile email solutions like BlackBerry Connect, GoodLink […]

Sony PSP 4GB Harddrive, but at what cost?

Sony PSP users have one common thing in mind, they need more space. Being restricted to the UMD format may be tough for those who like to carry a wide variety of their own content, so a company has released a 4GB hard drive that will add on to your PSP mobile gaming console, the […]

Sony Ericsson P990 WiFi Smartphone Launched

Sony Ericsson today officially announced the P990 global wireless-everything smartphone powered by Symbian OS 9.1 and UIQ 3 software platform. If someone were to release an all-in-one device, Sony has done it just now with the P990. With WiFi (802.11b), Bluetooth, 2 megapixel camera phone with “photo light” and video calling, FM tuner, Mp3 and […]

Samsung and CSR enable MP3 Streaming over Bluetooth

Samsung and CSR announced today that the Samsung SGH-E750 and SGH-E760 mobile phones will use the BlueCore3 ROM with MP3 support. This means that both of Samsung’s handsets will be able to stream MP3 music files wirelessly to Bluetooth headsets. The SBH100 headset uses CSR’s BlueCore and, as with standard mono Bluetooth headsets, also enables […]

ATI Radeon X1000 GPUs Revealed

ATI Technologies today launched a whole new line of graphics processors (GPU) under the Radeon X1000 family. ATI’s GPUs are designed to outperform competing products and deliver better image quality in every price category. The top-to-bottom family, built using the cutting-edge 90 nanometer semiconductor fabrication technology, delivers better performance and image quality than ever. The […]

Motorola and Universal bring you iRadio Music Service

Motorola and Universal Music Group have joined forces to offer mobile music listeners a seamless radio experience. The Motorola iRadio uses high-speed internet connections, Bluetooth, or any other way you can get connected to keep your flow of entertainment grooving with you. iRadio will include hundreds of preprogrammed and commercial-free music and talk-radio stations. They […]

ARM Reveals 1GHz Mobile Phone Processors

British semiconductor massive ARM Holdings today unveiled the fastest processor ever designed for portable devices. This new processor will allow mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs and TVs to achieve processing speeds comparable to those now in desktop computers. The Cortex-A8 processor is expected to deliver up to 2,000 DMIPS and 1GHz of processing power, ideal […]

Google WiFi to be free in San Francisco

Late last week, Google submitted a proposal to offer free Wi-Fi services to the city of San Francisco. Under the TechConnect program proposed by the city’s mayor, Gavin Newsom, Google and other large telcos plan to create a universal system to offer San Francisco residents and businesses broadband Internet access anywhere in the city. This […]

AMD Personal Internet Commnicator arrives in the US

AMD has released their Personal Internet Communicator to the US, it was originally designed for third-world countries and was made available in India last year at around this time. Radio Shack will sell the Windows CE PIC for US $299 to $399, it comes pre-installed with many software applications making it ready for customers out […]

VIA and Mini-box Announce the VoomPC

VIA and Mini-box have revealed the ultra-compact x86 VoomPC, a barebones computer system for your vehicle priced between US $299 to $399. The VoomPC integrates the Mini-box M1-ATX 12V power supply unit, this is specially designed for vehicles since it can protect itself from power surges, it can also eliminate car battery drain by monitoring […]

Sony and Sandisk introduce Memory Stick Micro format

It’s never to late in the game to unveil a new memory format, so today Sony and SanDisk announced the development of Memory Stick Micro. This is an ultra-small IC recording media designed to meet the growing needs of small mobile devices with large storage needs. Memory Stick Micro is about one-quarter the size of […]

Kodak Ships First Computerless Wi-Fi Digital Camera

Kodak has announced the first computerless Wi-Fi digital camera. The EasyShare-One has the capabilities to connect to a wireless network and e-mail photos directly to friends and family without a computer. The camera will run you US$599, not including any internet service fees for connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Buyers get a trial period of […]

Toyota Launches James Bond Watch that starts your car

Toyota will be coming close to their own version of a James Bond style gadget this year, the remote car starter wristwatch. Under the Crown brand, the Toyota watch is designed to unlock and lock your car doors, start and stop the engine and pop the trunk. It will go for a couple of years […]

Navman Releases 4GB portable GPS Navigation System

Navman today released two new portable navigation systems for the U.S. and Canada. The iCN550 is their flagship model, it sports a 4GB hard drive and requires no software setup to get cruising. The Navman iCN 520 is an enhanced version of the iCN 510, it features advanced software capabilities, touchscreen LCD, long-lasting internal battery […]

Motorola Announces Five Mass Market Mobile Phones

We all love the RAZR and ROKR phones Motorola has dazzled us with, but these aren’t a reality for many people. This is why Motorola has introduced five new handsets for customers looking for more affordable mobile solutions, but still getting some of the latest features available. Some are thin, some fat, some with FM […]

SanDisk iNAND; The Microdrive Solution

SanDisk today introduced yet another revolutionary memory solution, the SanDisk iNAND. This is the smallest, safest, and easiest integrated high-speed NAND flash storage device that has ever been designed. Its purpose is to replace the slow, bulky and sometimes unreliable micro hard drives. Embedded flash memory will revolution products in the future, it is now […]

HD DVD earns more support

The format battle has just begun. Toshiba has created the first PC with readable HD DVD disc, their next-generation disc format. It will also have the capability to read and write to conventional DVD and CD discs. Toshiba expects to launch the technology through Dell and HP in Japan early next year, this also comes […]