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The week of the iPad, a year for the iFad?

This week was the week that Apple unveiled their iPad. The company did such a great job on keeping the device under wraps, that even some bloggers unable to keep their ego in check after Apple more than likely shut down their requests for an advanced viewing, went ahead and made up stories of actually having it. Regardless, it was an interesting week and we do have ourselves a few Apple iPad models to choose from, and what many hope will be the savior for the print industry and their constant battle against rising costs.

Cocoon Gramercy messenger bag for the Apple iPad, ships in April

Cocoon Innovations today unveiled a sleek, messenger sling bag to secure and transport your Apple iPad. The Gramercy is what I like to call “Apple friendly”, with a windowed media pocket for your iPhone, iPod Touch or if you break out of the Apple family, another type of smartphone or MP3 player.

Lunch Break: Video collage of futuristic cars

Here is your daily lunch break. Sit down with your sandwich and let this video roll. It's a compilation of about 34 cars that have had some type of creativity, craziness, and even some dreams put in to them. A couple aqua cars, a police porshce, the eliica, and many more.

50 Android games, 10 minutes, 1 video

Fifty games for the Motorola Droid were compiled in a 10 minute video, although all games are not free, they do show that the Android OS has more going for it than what we initially thought, it's fast and smooth.

Kingston DataTraveler 5000 secure flash USB memory drive features 256-bit AES...

Kingston is shipping their latest secure digital memory product, the DataTraveler 5000 USB Flash drive. It features 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption, XTS cipher mode and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) algorithms to meet Suite B standards.

iCall first to unlock VoIP over 3G on the iPhone

iCall is the first mobile application to utilize new features unlocked in Apple's latest iPhone developer SDK. Previous versions of iCall for iPhone restricted users to makingVoIP calls solely over a Wi-Fi network connection, now you can make VoIP calls over 3G.

Voice encryption for mobile phones cracked: 12 out of 15 methods...

For those of you that use voice encryption products on mobile phones the last thing you would expect is for it to be easily decrypted and intercepted. You may have shelled out good coin for your application and rely upon it for your intellectual security, but what if that security was not as tight as you had imagined, what if a readily available wiretapping utility attainable by anyone, and a simple Trojan slipped on to your device could compromise all of your calls?

Official: Apple iPad is the new Apple tablet

It's official, the Apple iPad is out of the dark and now in our hearts? or not. Was it worth the wait? Basically a modified iPhone with a large display that you can watch Youtube, high-def movies and tv shows, with hybrid iTunes similar to the iPhones but not exactly.

Archos 7 an Android tablet, leaked by UK store

When we first heard of the Archos 7 two years back it sounded quite interesting, our impressions were that it was to be a PMP similar to the Archos 5, but times have changed and so has technology, and now Archos plans to ship it in March of this year as a Google Android tablet.

GM to build electric motors in-house

General Motors (GM) today revealed a plan to become the first major US automobile manufacturer to design and make electric motors, paving the way for a revolutionary future of electrified vehicles.

iPhone electric guitar dock has app with strings

Ever imagined turning your iPhone in to an electric guitar? Well, sort of. The Ezison 100 released today by Bird Electron in Japan, has created an interesting iPod touch/iPhone dock that will allow you to jam out in a wood and acrylic looking guitar thing.

Google Voice mobile sneaks back on to iPhone

Google Voice mobile web app for iPhone OS 3.0+ and Palm Web OS was launched today, regardless of Apple's efforts to keep the phone and SMS software off their device.

Boost Mobile’s Sanyo Incognito by Kyocera is QWERTY-licious

Boost Mobile today unveiled their first clamshell device, the Sanyo Incognito by Kyocera. At a price of $129.99, the Incognito will be available on Boost's new Monthly Unlimited plan on Sprint's 3G CDMA network.

Inmarsat’s IsatPhone Pro phone is the latest in global mobile satellite...

Inmarsat has just revealed new images of their latest global mobile satellite phone, the IsatPhone Pro. It is schedule to launch June 2010 to eleven of Inmarsat's distribution partners around the world. A successful call was also completed today using the odd looking satellite phone.

Pentax unleashes new Optio lineup, HD and Eye-Fi support

Pentax Imaging Company has released three new compact digital cameras ranging from $99 up to $299 USD. The additions are to the Optio line, including an HD video capable camera that can capture 720p images at 30FPS.

Apple Earnings: iPhone sales fly sky high, iPod slightly down

Apple's iPod shipments declined by 8 percent during this quarter, down to 21 million units just one year ago. But the drop in iPod shipments could be that buyers are just opting for an iPhone instead.

Belkin TuneCast FM transmitter for iPhone now shipping

The wait is over. For those with the Apple iPhone 3G/3GS and an outdated automobile lacking Apple connectivity, the Belkin TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter is just for you.

Conductive energy textiles woven in to your shorts charge your devices

Scientists at Stanford university have come to the table with a solution, how about charging your device from the clothes you are wearing? Their design incorporates ordinary cotton and polyester, dubbed 'conductive energy textiles', these hi-tech clothes will charge your batteries.

A Boogie Board for scribbles, not waves

The Boogie Board is like a futuristic notepad you can keep on your fridge, door, or wherever you want to leave a message. Improv Electronics has designed a pressure-sensitive tablet that runs on a single watch battery and takes blackboards to a whole new level.

BookBook case creates a bit of nostalgia for MacBooks

How do you disguise your shiny silver MacBook as a distinguished old piece of what could possibly be a literary masterpiece? The BookBook case from Twelve South.

Apple iPhone bootleggers nabbed in Shenzhen

Apple Inc. officials have coordinated with Shenzhen police to raid a workshop in the city's business district today where more than 1,000 iPhones and 6,000 phone batteries were seized.

Concern: 10-11 year olds cell phone use grows by 80%

It's interesting that the MRI study did not mention any health concerns, it was more focused on what the different child groups were interested in for what seemed to be a market summary for businesses. We are talking about a large population of developing children being subject to electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation, but I guess big business tends to avoid these issues.

Amazon Kindle Development Kit to perpetuate new app store

Amazon is contemplating a big move from Apple next week, in an attempt to keep their share of the e-book market they have released a software development kit for the Kindle e-book reader today. Developers will be able to build and eventually sell applications for the device like games, puzzles or other useful applications for a portable handheld tablet style device.

Nokia guides users with free Ovi Maps navigation service

Nokia wishes to increase popularity of navigation and location-aware services on its mobile phones, the release of the Ovi Maps service is in direct response to Google Maps Navigation for their Android OS, which Google released in October of last year.

Truphone cuts mobile roaming rates by 90%: GSM phones only

Making calls on your mobile while roaming in another country is usually for emergencies only, otherwise you will be hit with a hefty bill from your carrier. Truphone is cutting that cost by more than 90% with their new global mobile phone service dubbed: Local Anywhere.

Fastest texter in the world does 264-chars in 1:59 on LG...

At the first ever LG Mobile World Cup in New York City, the fastest texter in the world, Pedro Matias, 27, from Portugal completed a 264-character text in just 1 minute 59 seconds on an LG enV3 handset, shaving 23 seconds off the previous world record held by Finland’s Arttu Harkki on April 27, 2005.

Apple to bring the Bing to iPhone?

An increasing rivalry between Apple and Google is developing. With the launch of the Nexus One phone, a situation has arisen where search giant Google may be ditched as an engine of choice for the iPhone.

Cell phone car starter project: Win

A website called Dave Hacks, run by a guy named Dave, who says he doesn't really hack, but 'modifies' things has posted a DIY on the cheap for a cell phone to remote car starter project, allowing you to boot up your bronco by a simple phone call.

Panasonic unveils 48GB and 64GB SDXC cards for Hi-Def video and...

The first SDXC memory card was revealed just less then a year ago in March, a 32GB from Pretec. Others have followed suit, Toshiba came out with the first 64GB SDXC memory card, and today Panasonic with a 48GB and 64GB SDXC card. As the cards keep coming, the devices will hopefully slowly appear.

11 year old boy writes iPhone app, donates proceeds to charity

iPhone apps are always being released each day. After long development times, testing, more testing, then Apple's final say, you may be privileged enough to have your app in the iTunes store. Here is an 11-year old boy who wrote his own app, got it approved, and is now donating some of the proceeds to the children's hospital charity.

Wi-Fire long range WiFi USB adapter reaches Macs

Ever have trouble with a good strong wireless connection? Sometimes a dead spot or intermitent connection? hField Technologies today launched their Wi-Fire long range WiFi USB adapter for the Macintosh to address this problem.

Sony drops a bomb, Vaio Z Series ultra-mobile’s with Quad SSDs

What was Sony thinking when they designed the Vaio Z series? Perhaps something along the lines of “let's see how many people we can knock off their seats with this one.”

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 features revealed

Some details about the iPhone OS 4.0 have fallen from the Apple tree. Hopefully no one will get bruised with the release of this information, as it is possibly scheduled to be announced next week with the mystical Apple Tablet.

Guess the specs, win an Apple Tablet, or iPad

Our friends over at Gizmodo have launched a sweepstakes to give away an Apple Tablet, or whatever it may be called, once it is released. The contest is really simple, you just have to be a bit psychic.

FCC clears 700MHz wireless band, paves the way for wireless 4G

In preparation for 4G services from Verizon and AT&T, 4G will be for ultra-broadband (gigabit-speed) Internet accessible devices, like the next-generation iPhone, possibly the Apple Tablet and who knows, maybe a baby Android too.

V Phone VoIP app for iPhone cuts LD to International destinations

VPhone is a SIP client which will allow you to utilize a VoIP service provider on your mobile handset, the iPhone version was just released today.

Apple Tablet to be unveiled January 27th?

Apple has sent out invitations to reporters to "come see our latest creation" event, which is taking place on January 27th 2010 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theatre, San Francisco at 10AM PST.

iPhone controlled quadrocopter is the Parrot AR.Drone

So that AR Drone Quadrocopter we saw at CES just the other week, well, it's made by a company named Parrot and we've managed to get a hold of some exciting footage of it buzzing around the streets.

Cellphone plan war: AT&T vs. Verizon

The two have always been at battle, but with AT&T's response so closely timed with Verizon's, its a complete price war and we don't know when it will stop, or what other carriers plan to join in. Undercutting each other to maintain a larger market share, both companies unlimited voice plan package prices were cut, that goes for the iPhone too.

Nokia 2010 Symbian user interface concepts revealed, built on Qt

Nokia today let loose on their Symbian S^4 concept. More of a proposal and call for feedback allowing users and developers to have a chance to share their two cents worth.

FDA tries to stop NJOY electronic cigarette company from entering US

The US Government's FDA arm is trying to keep NJOY, an alternative electronic smoking product, out of the US market. However just last night, the District Court of Columbia issued a decision granting NJOY's motion for preliminary injuction to prevent the FDA from detaining or refusing admission of their product.

Ultimate Ears six-speaker custom monitors fit in your ear, made for...

At $1350 a pop these little buds have six-speakers inside and are not even considered headphones, they call them monitors because they are so acoustically tight and reduce ambient noise by 26 dBs.

Apple iPhone 4G rumours: Due out in May with ‘touch sensitive’...

Apple's iPhone always gets loads of attention in the media, especially when we get an inkling of an idea that Apple is up to something soon. The release of the iPhone 4G is being anticipated, with a possible release as early as May

Rogers customers: BlackBerry outage set for January 17th

Yes that's right. BlackBerry handsets for Rogers customers will be limited on January the 17th for official maintenance from 2:00AM to 6:00AM EDT on the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) systems.

128GB Compact Flash card from Silicon Power is huuuge

This thing is huuuuge. Most camera's right now don't even go past 32GB cards, the 128GB is obviously for next-generation digital SLRs which will be storing massive files.

Pregnancy surround sound system makes babies healthy and stress-free

Ritmo is an Advanced Pregnancy Sound System for expecting mothers to wear which will provide sensory and emotional experiences through sound and music to the baby in-utero.

Inklet turns your MacBook’s trackpad in to a tablet

From the WTF!? is that for real department comes the Inklet, a baby tablet built in to your MacBook that you never really knew you had

$1700 Edition 8 Palladium headphones, elegant and expensive

Ultrasone has released their latest special edition headphones, the Edition 8 Palladium. These luxurious black and silver headphones come equipped with Ultrasone's S-Logic Plus technology, what this does for your ears is basically give you the utmost spacious tonal perception available.

Hyundai Blue-Will Concept (HND-4) plug-in hybrid lands in Detroit for the...

Hyundai kicked off the festivities this year at the Detroit Auto Show with their Blue-WIll Concept, codenamed HND-4. The hybrid electric motor is rated at 100 kW Hyundai promises an electric-only driving distance of up to 40 miles on a single charge and a fuel economy rating of more than 100 miles per gallon.

Sony Ericsson Faith has a Green Heart, photos leaked

Some photos of the Sony Ericsson Faith phone were leaked today, although the design is nothing revolutionary, the specs and features may just push that little bit of "faith" in to a hot seller.