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SnapTrack Wireless Tracking via Internet


SnapTrack, Inc., pioneer of Wireless Assisted GPS™ location systems, and a wholly owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated, announced today the award of a broad-based wireless location and asset-tracking patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent, No. 6,131,067, describes methods for remotely locating or tracking a wireless ...

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TomTom Personal Travel Information Software


TomTom is a unique personalised locations-based service for use while preparing a journey and while travelling. TomTom plans the users’ route for them and gives information about their location and nearby places of interest. The service will cover Western Europe, including the whole of the UK, by the summer. TomTom ...

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Samsung Electronics Releases New 512Mb Flash Memory Chip


Samsung Electronics has applied state-of-the-art 0.15-micron design rule to develop the smallest 512Mb NAND-type flash memory chip. In addition, this chip is the industry’s highest capacity monolithic die and when two 512Mb flash memory dies are stacked as a dual-die device, Samsung can provide a chip with a memory capacity ...

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Freeplay S360 Solar Powered Radio


Freeplay Energy was established to pioneer human generated electrical energy. From its origins as a simple concept to the creation of real products that benefit people worldwide, our Self Sufficient Energy system truly empowers users by enabling human mechanical effort to be stored and then delivered as electricity, upon demand ...

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MisterWeb Internet Machine


The Charisma company is presenting an exclusive new Internet device called “MisterWeb”, which allows you to connect to the ‘Net of nets without a PC. All MisterWeb needs are electrical and telephone outlets. Many Internet users are all too familiar with the difficult process of connecting a PC to the ...

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Shrinking Portable Devices


By Richard Shim ZDNET A San Francisco company has received two patents for technology that may help achieve the Holy Grail of portable devices: making something smaller while not decreasing its battery life. Novel Concepts has registered the patents for a passive cooling technology called IsoSkin. It consists of two ...

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Symplon 2.4 Ghz Wireless Web Pad


The Symplon will be available in Germany early in 2001. It will be sold as a package with an Internet Service Provider. “Our company’s roots are in Munich, yet our business is global in nature,” said Vittorio Mischi, CEO of Symplon AG. “That is why we deliberately chose the world’s ...

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mp3PRO will be half the size of MP3 with same qality


A new mp3 coding-decoding (codec) format that will provide improved sound at lower bit rates is now under development for implementation in mid 2001, Thomson Multimedia today announced. The new codec, dubbed “mp3PRO”, provides 128kbs performance at a 64kbs encoding rate, nearly doubling the digital music capacity of typical flash ...

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Industry’s First Public Demonstration of Real-time Navigation With a Mobile Phone


Televigation, a leading provider of mobile phone navigation technology, will demonstrate its mobile phone navigation product TeleNavigation™.voice, at Upside Showcase. This will mark the first time in the wireless telephone industry that real-time navigation is publicly demonstrated with a standard mobile phone. Showcase, organized by Upside, runs from January 22nd ...

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Polaroid PhotoMAX MP3 Digital Camera


Polaroid Corporation has announced the online availability of the new Polaroid PhotoMAX MP3 Digital Camera, featuring two of the hottest consumer technologies in a single product. At a suggested retail price of $249.95, the Polaroid PhotoMAX MP3 Digital Camera is a combination digital camera and MP3 audio player together in ...

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AirClic’s ONE-SCAN Technology


AirClic’s ONE-SCAN™ technology allows users of mobile and other Web-enabled devices to directly access the Web site of their choice without the laborious task of typing Internet addresses using the telephone keypad or the alternative small keyboards integrated into cellular telephones, PDAs or two-way pagers. It allows the user to ...

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The new Dodge Super8 Linux/MP3 Car


The Dodge Super8 Hemi® concept car is DaimlerChrysler’s newest execution of Passenger Priority design. Borrowing cues from Dodge trucks and sport-utilities, the Dodge Super8 Hemi is an all-American sedan – yet one reincarnated with a tall stance that enhances visibility, comfort, space and ease of entry and exit for both ...

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Dick Tracy wrist watch phone


It’s called the Watch Phone and the few lucky souls could be seen wearing early versions of it at last weekend’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Having already been released in South Korea, electronics giant Samsung says that it will unleash the unit on U.S. markets before June with ...

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Ezonics EZPhone lets you chat without typing


The EZPhone Cam is designed to make Video Chatting as EZ as phoning a friend. Simply push the One Touch Call Button on your EZPhone Cam – this automatically launches your Photo Buddy List. At a glance, see who is online, double click their buddy photo to place your video ...

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